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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Accusing Yes You Did
Accusing Yes You Did (Louder)
Accusing You Just Called Me You Idiot
Accusing You're Calling Me You Idiot
Calling What Did You Say The Number Was You Were Calling
Calling What Number Are You Calling
Denial I Did Not
Denial I Did Not (Louder)
Denial I Don't Call Your Number
Denial I Don't Know Who, I Don't Phone You
Denial I Have Never Called That Number
Denial I Haven't Been Home All Day
Denial I'm Not Calling Your Fucking Number, Asshole
Denial I'm Not Calling Your Number
Denial Not This Number
Greetings Hello
Greetings Hello (2)
Greetings Hello (3)
I Don't Know I Don't Know Who You're Talking To
I Don't Know I Don't Know Who's Calling You
I Don't Know Pardon
Irritated Fuck Off
Irritated Not Amusing
Irritated Shut The Hell Up, Idiot
Irritated You Asshole
Irritated You're A Big Man Aren't You
Mental Are You Mental
Mental Going Round The Bend
Mental No You Have The Problem
Mental Slightly Mental
Mental You Must Be Mental
Name Betty
Numbers 3 Minutes
Numbers 465
Numbers 477
Numbers 646
Numbers 7
Numbers What's Your Number
Police I Have Just Called The Police, Watch Out
Police If You Don't Stop Calling I'll Call Police
Replies No
Replies Yes
Who Who Do You Think Is Ringing My Phone
Who Who You Talking To