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Come on Down! (The Price is Right)
Ending: Happy Trails to You
Ending: Warner Bros Cartoons
Game: $25K Pyramid
Game: Family Feud
Game: Let's Make a Deal
Game: Match Game
Game: Wheel of Fortune
Happy Birthday Song
Intro: 20th Century Fox
Intro: Baseball Let's Go
Intro: Drumroll
Intro: Good Morning
Intro: Horse Race And They're Off
Intro: Royal Pronouncement
Intro: Showcase Showdown 02 Long TPIR
Intro: Showcase Showdown 01 Short TPIR
Intro: Star Wars
Intro: William Tell Overture
Laugh: Sitcom Laughter
No: Aladdin
No: Car Horn TPIR
No: Careful
No: Doh! 01
No: Doh! 02
No: Dum Dee Dum Dum Dummm
No: Family Feud Buzzer
No: Frozen
No: Homer No
No: Horn TPIR
No: Judge Judy 01
No: Judge Judy 02
No: Judge Judy 03
No: Not a Jedi Yet (Darth Vader)
No: PacMan
No: Sad Trombone
No: Sad Violin
No: Sorry You Were Having Trouble (Phone)
No: Super Mario
No: Super Mario 02
No: Super Mario 03
No: Super Mario 04
No: The Price Is Right
No: Wheel of Fortune
Thank You Very Much: Judge Judy
Thank You: Bart 01
Thank You: Bart 02
Thank You: Sebastian
Thinking: Bumblebee
Thinking: Cliffclimber's Yodel / Crash
Thinking: Dance of Sugar Plum Fairies
Thinking: Happy Go Lively
Thinking: Jeopardy Final Round
Thinking: Minute Waltz
Thinking: Old Timey Piano
Thinking: Sneaky Background (Long)
Thinking: Spanish Flea
Thinking: Spindlelegs
Thinking: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Thinking: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
TV: Alfred Hitchcock
TV: Bonanza
TV: Carol Burnett Show
TV: Charlie Brown
TV: Dallas
TV: Hawaii Five-0
TV: I Love Lucy
TV: Knight Rider
TV: Laugh In
TV: Leave It to Beaver
TV: Little Rascals
TV: Mission Impossible
TV: Murder She Wrote
TV: Rocky Theme
TV: Seinfeld
TV: Star Trek
TV: The Munsters
Yes: All Right OK (Bart)
Yes: Brilliant (Bart)
Yes: Clapping Big 01
Yes: Clapping Big 02
Yes: Clapping Big 03
Yes: Correct Darth Vader
Yes: Correct Ding
Yes: Ding Ding Ding Ding
Yes: Harp
Yes: Rimshot 01
Yes: Very Good Answer (Judge Judy)
Yes: Yeah (Aladdin)
Yes: You Are Our Winner!
Yes: You're Right (Aladdin)
10 Second Timer
10 Second Timer: Oh Fortuna
15 Second Timer (I Dream of Jeannie)
30 Second Timer
30 Second Timer (Ariel)
60 Second Timer 01
60 Second Timer 02
**Homer: Mmm...Chocolate
**Marge: Answer the Questions Honestly
**Phone: Are You Still There?
**Shrek: Where Is Everybody?
*Answer My Question (Judge Judy)
*Beauty and the Beast: Books
*Come On! (Aladdin)
*Come On! Tell Me! (Aladdin)
*Hello (Bart)
*Hello (Belle)
*Hello (Bonjour)
*Hello (Dorothy)
*Hello (Homer 01)
*Hello (Homer 02)
*Hello (Homer 03)
*Hello (Judge Judy)
*Hello (Lisa)
*Hello (Marge 01)
*Hello (Marge 02)
*Hello (Marge 03)
*Hello (Ned)
*I'm Listening (Aladdin)
*Maybe You Can Help Us (Aladdin)
*No More Talking Singing Zip (Ursula)
*No Really I Promise (Aladdin)
*Nothing Is Happening (Little Mermaid)
*Please 01 (Dorothy)
*Please 02 (Dorothy)
*Song: It's Friday
*Song: Let It Go
*Song: See the USA
*Wait a Minute (Aladdin)
*Why Not? (Aladdin)