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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A crude question crudely asked
Ah this will come in handy
Anything else i can do for you
Are you going to kill me
Are you trying to trick me
Aw isnt that quaint
Be cool this is a robbery
Because of the reason
Begone vile man begone from me
Better let us handle this
Big diff mostly dead and all dead
Can u tell me the password
Come with me if you want to live
Crummy wizard
Disguise ready
Do i have to
Do i look like an idiot
Do you really think you have a chance mr cowboy
Dont worry we are professionals
Double it
Drop the weapon
Get used to disappointment
Get you anything food cake champagne
Gimme that address again
Give me a plan
Gotta be around midnight
Guitar (1)
He didn't fall
Hello in there!
Hes cranky today
Hi doggie
His mind is weak
I accept ur challenge
I am spencer
I believe you
I cant feel a gdamn thing anymore
I dont know why I'm telling you this
I expect to be well paid
I feel empty inside
I got a bad feeling about this
I got bills to pay wheres the gold
I got clothes i can use for that
I just want to ask you a few questions
I kill a lot of people
I need a weapon
I need help
I owe ya one
I swear it will be done
i thought we were friends
I urge you to reconsider
I'm sorry
I'm waiting!
Ill create a diversion
Im gonna go get a drink
Im looking for evidence
It is in the bag
It smells like a trap
It wont be easy
Its a special item nothing like it in the world
Its more complicated than that
Its not time yet
Join me in glorious battle
Just get me close enough
Let me explain
Let me handle this do you mind
Lets broaden our minds
Lets share the road
Lies do not become us
Long time no see
Most compelling mystery indeed
No one of consequence
Perhaps it can be reasoned with
Sea going vessels
See 4 urself what i can do
Show me the way
Something big
Spencer gilpin
Tempting but no
That sounds fun
The entrance is heavily guarded
This is a huge misunderstanding
This is important
This is scary
Throw me the rope
Top secret
Understand i hold you in the highest respect
We are but poor lost circus performers
We can help you
We cant talk here
We dont have anymore time
We dont want any trouble
We got a problem
We need a miracle hes very important
We need a way to get inside
We need to find the missing piece
We're on a mission from god
What are we waiting for lets do it
What are you going to do
What can i do for you
What in in the world can that be
What is everyone in town talking about
What is this
What the hell were you thinking
What's you're exit strategy
Whats the dogs name
Where is she
Where were you the day before yesterday
Wheres the party
Whos behind this enterprise
Whos your boss
Will i get hurt
You can die slowly cut in 1000 pieces
You cant let your emotions get the best of you
You do it quietly no one knows about it
You know my name but who are you
You seem a decent fellow
You're obviously new at this
You're very perceptive