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Home > Kauket the Kenku (D&D)
Created by MonsterPotato 434 9,589
Kauket the Kenku (D&D)

Kauket the Kenku (D&D)

My D&D rogue.
A- answer/affirmation
B- reaction to something bad
C- crow sounds
D- Disagree/don't know
E- moment/action
G- greeting
H- happy
I- insult
K- specifically related to Kauket
M- mad
O- other
Q- question
R- rogue shit
S- sounds
T- taunt

A Can doooo
A Everythings fine
A I accept
A I agree
A I agree with evrythin stated
A I cant wait
A I havent stolen anything
A I know
A I will not kill
A Ill stay here
A Im an adult
A Im fine
A Im not mad
A In other words no
A Ive got nothing better to do
A Maybe not
A Nothing
A Of course i am
A Pleasee
A Possibly
A Thank you
A Yes
A Yes hahaha
A Yes indeed
B Ahhh guys
B bad feeling about this
B Big diff mostly dead and all dead
B Couldnt go wrong
B Don't like this
B escalated quickly i mean that really got out of hand fast
B Eww gross
B gotta hurt
B Gross error
B Help
B I cant see shit
B I need healing
B Im in danger
B Its a trap
B loosing blood
B not a good sound
B Not in control of that situation at all
B Shiny and deadly
B You got knocked the fuck out man
B You've done this
C Bird
C caw
C Cawing
C Crow
C Crow sound
D Do not open that door
D Dont ask me
D Dont ask where i got them
D I cant do that
D I disagree
D I dont know i dont care whatever
D No
D No (scared?)
D no dice
D No trust
D really cant say
D Sorry
D You lied to me
E Catch up with it quickly
E Doing thinking
E Enemy sighted
E Follow me
E Go go go go go
E Here we go
E Here you go
E Im going
E Lets get a move on
E Lets get out of here
E Look at this
E Over here whisper
E Show me the way
E Take it quiet
G Good morning
G Hello in there
G Hello there
G Hello, I think?
G Hellooo
G Nice to meet you
H I win
H Quite funny
H Thats funny
H Woohoo we did it
H wooo
I Ha ha you fool
I Hehe okay let me make this very simple for all of you
I Idiots
I Stop being stupid
K I guess i just like liking things
K I have a warrant out for a totally non violent crime
K Id like to not get involved in these matters or any matters of any nature
K Im famous
K Im just a bird
K In bird culture this is considered
K Kauket
K No one of consequence
K None who can be mimicked
K Sometimes ill start a sentence and i dont even know where its going i just hope i find it along the way
K Thats my name
K The ability to speak does not make you intelligent
K what im sying?
M But i want it now
M die!!!!!!
M Dont lie to me
M Ha ha ha shut up
M Mine
M u dare attack me
O I am here to save you
O I heard what you said about me i was eavesdropping
O Less talk y talk more solve y solve
O Let me explain no there is too much let me sum up
O Listen buddy im in a hurry here
O Locked
O No pressure
O Perhaps it can be reasoned with
O quiting is for losers and since you already lost where theres really no point in giving up now
O theres a lot more where that came form
O Using a little girl for a shield this is low even for you
O wary of what i say around you from now on
Oso thats why your here
Q am i clear
Q Any suggestions
Q Are we enemies
Q Are you sure nobodys follow us
Q buffoons can help
Q Can i help
Q Can i help you
Q Can you believe this shit
Q Dear god what is that thing
Q Do you hear that
Q Heres the party ah where the fuck have you been
Q I dont get it
Q Is there a village nearby
Q My name?
Q need a hug
Q one meal please
Q read it
Q So what happens now
Q So whats your plan for getting past those guys
Q tastes good?
Q The hell is that
Q Wait i know u
Q Want another shot i wouldnt want to leave things up in the air(1)
Q What
Q What are you doing
Q What did you say
Q What do you want
Q What do you want from me
Q What in in the world can that be
Q What is it
Q What so funny
Q What the hell
Q Whats going on
Q Where
Q Who are you
Q Who the fuck is this asshole
Q Why
Q Why are you doing that
Q Why dont you list that among our assets in the first place
Q Why not
Q You didn't read it did you
Q You doing ok
Q You got money
R But i think i speak for all men here when i say i cant wait to get that box open and feast my eyes upon it sexy contents
R Clev disgu
R Counted em so keep your mitts off
R Dont cross me
R Give me your fuckin money child voice
R go throw his cloths and let the loose change
R I cant resist
R I wanna steal
R Screw the rules i have money yugioh abriged seto ka
R Shiny
R Sneak attack whisper
S Ahhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhh
S Human sighh
S Laugh
S Pbbbt
S Roblox oof
S Wilhelm scream
T birth control
T Jackass
T Up yours
T Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberry