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A dont understand
A that but sounds bad
A Buzz inga
A can doooo
A f it bleeds i can kill it
A I wanna steal
A i'm gonna go
A let them unfold
A Mine
A no thanks were not interested
A not what know, can prove
A oh yea everythings fine
A rescue team not assasins
A somerhing quite funny
A swear i will not kill anyone
A this is ridiculous
A yes indeed
A youve done this
Aa Negative
AA No now i think theres a misunderstanding
C Come with me if you want to live
C dick move birdperson
C dont bullshit me
C dont lie to me
C Fcking embarrassing
C Game over man game over
C go go go
C I gotta practice my stabbin
C i'm in danger
C i'm the kind of guy who drink a gallon of gasoline so i could on your campfire
C Im getting too old for this
C im in trouble
C its all part of the plan
C kill him
C never surrender
C open the door
C over here
C reveal your secrets
C take it easy
C wait a minute
CA Here we ... go
CC Ever notice how you come across somebody once in awhile yes should not with thats me
E im ready
E woohoo
G Good morning
G Goodbye
G Howdy stranger
G nice to meet you
Q Are you gonna do something or just stand there and bleed
Q make myself clear
Q what do you want
Q where are we going
Q who are you
Q why not
Q why wont you die
Q you dare attack me
Q you doing ok
Question would you mind identifying what you are picard
Sass surprise motherfucker meme
Say my name
Show me
Stop whining
T dont cross me
T say what again
T stewie kick your ass
T up yours
The more immediate problem
The stuff that dreams are made of
Threat kick your ass duke nukem
Threat you wanna dance duke nukem
Trap sorry it was an accident men in black
Trap thats gotta hurt duke nukem
Trust me
Violence is a beautiful thing isnt it
What we do in life echoes in eternity heres your eternity you alien
You son of a bitch
Your punishment must be more severe
1 crow sound
1birdy birdy kung pow
1birdy kung pow