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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
FX Coyote howl
FX Crow Caw 1
FX Crow Caw Caw Caw
-FX Animal Alligator Rumble
-FX Animal Chicken
-FX Animal Crickets
-FX Animal Dog Barking
-FX Animal Horse Pffbtt
-FX Animal Owl
-FX Animal Rattlesnake Rattle
-FX Cat Meow
-FX Cat Purr
-FX Horse Neigh
-FX Howl Wolf
-FX Nature thunder
(!) Damn
(!) Focus
(!) FX Alert
(!) FX Human clear throat
(!) Oh my god!
(!) Open the door!
(!) Open the goddamn door!
(!) Wait a minute!
(?) Was that your plan? (/s)
(?) What do you mean?
(?) What're you doin!?
(?) Who /are/ you? (sincere)
(?) why (no inflection)
(Agree) Cool Cool Cool
(Agree) Easy, last minute, crucial as hell
(Agree) Let's do this
(Agree) Noice
(Agree) Yeaah
(Bad) I will punch you
(Bad) Son of a bitch!
(Bad) That makes me wanna cry
(Bad) Well guessed wrong
(Disagree) Allegedly
(Disagree) Dick move
(Disagree) Exasperated Groan
(Disagree) I don't think I will
(Disagree) I don't understand
(Disagree) I'm not mad
(Disagree) No thank you!x3 child
(Disagree) No, No-no!
(Disagree) Oh yea everything's fine (/s)
(Disagree) This is ridiculous (defeated/exasp.)
(Disagree) Uh Not for me thanks
(Fun) Ah Fuck I can't believe you've done this
(Fun) FX Loser ba da ba-da bwaaaaah
(Fun) FX Party Noisemaker
(Fun) FX Psycho Violin Screech
(Fun) FX Sad Trombone Waah wah waaaaa
(Fun) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (/s)
(Fun) I /am/ an adult!
(Fun) I find your lack of faith disturbing
(Fun) I wanna steal
(Fun) Wow - owen wilson
(Good) Can you keep a secret? (sincere or /s)
(Good) Hi
(Good) I know!
(Good) I've been doing a lot of thinking (sincere)
(Good) Nice Execution You're Doing Terrific
(Good) Thank yooouuuu
(Good) Time to party!
(Good) Wooo!
(whisper) Come on come on
(whisper) I'm gonna go
(whisper) Over Here
(whisper) Sneak attack
*Fx Chains Rattling
*FX Coin (single)
*FX Coins (sackful)
*FX Human heart beat
*FX Nature Lightning Strike
*FX Weapon Arrow-hit-twang
*FX Weapon Draw Sword
*FX Weapon Fireball
*FX Weapon knife swish air
*FX Weapon shuriken flying star