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The Joe Biden Soundboard

The Joe Biden Soundboard

With the web filled with many Donald Trump Soundboards, it only makes sense to create one President Joe Biden! However, the sounds found on this board are not any regular sound, they are popular gaffes and blunders Biden is known for.
As he defeated Trump in the 2020 election and is now president for at least 4 years, there will be many more sounds and gaffes coming up.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
B O O Oh Ay Way
Barack America
Beat Joe Biden
Best I Dont
Blafrican American
Boom Boom Boom
Capital Gains Tax
China Eat Our Lunch
China Not Competition
Clap You Stupid Bastards
Cmon Man
Donald Hump
Eight More Years
For Ask A Favor
Go To Joe Three O Three Three O
Havent Taken Test
Hillary Clinton Better Pick
Hundred Fifty Million Killed
I Am Forward To Debates
I Got Hairy Legs
I Propose And Digress Slightly
Judge My Mental Fitness
Kids Jumping On My Lap
Latinos Diverse Unlike Blacks
Lets Do Pushups
Look Fat Look
Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Massachusetts Mayor
Million Billion Trillion
My Boss
No Clips
Nonviolent Crime
Not Blue Or Red States But Red States
Not Going Nuts
Not Sophisticated
O Biden Bama Democrat
Permission To Touch Him
Poor Kids Just As Bright As White Kids
President Has Big Stick
President Has No Intercourse Whatsoever
Prison Not Jail
Prostitute Myself
Punching At It
Rapidly Rising
Record Player
Reelect Trump
Rejoin Ttp
Seven Twenty Million Women
Sick And Tired Of Smart Guys
Slight Indian Accent
Super Thursday
Switched On Me
Ten Fifteen Percent Not Good People
That Way
Three Letter Word Jobs
Truth Over Facts
Trying Your Breast
Tump And Democrogues
Two Fifty Miles
Uhh Anyway
United States Senate
Vote For Other Person
Wake Up
We Cant Do It
When You Think About It
Why Why Why
Wife Left Ya
Will You Shut Up Man
You Aint Black
You Know The Thing