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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Africa is the cesspool of the world
After thirteen years of marriage I found myself to be fully domesticated softap and helpless
And your mother was begging barak to stop
Angels me by the way I don't see you doing any better in the booty department
Asian bashing
At a local why kiki bar
Black folks are savages and any contact with them breeds infection
But it might help if you stopped eating all them prize you week megan you look six months pregnant
Can you define more sharply what you think would be a legitimate or fair
Christopher columbus clark
Damn it bear you can't just sit around like some good time charlie waiting for luck to see you through
Didn't self-esteem finally depend on just this
Dirty yankee
Do you want to tell the story you're going to let me finish
Don't make someone else clean up your mess
Don't mean to interrupt you but I just want to sharpen the question so that 'cause I think you're getting right at my point here
Elder ada
Everybody knows that it makes no sense
Fair enough
Help me understand what it is that makes white people so afraid
How am I going to open an account at the black owned bank if it charges me extra for checking and won't even give me a business loan because it says it can't afford the risk
How are you
I agree that immigrants should learn english
I agree with that
I discovered that it didn't make any difference whether you smoked reefer in the white classmate sparkling new van or in the dorm room with some brother had met down at the gym or on the beach with...
I don't know
I drank beer heavily and tried drugs enthusia stickley
I have i've been able to do it
I say there's a struggle going on it's happening in ocean away but it's a struggle that touches each and every one of us whether we know it or not whether we want it or not a struggle the demands w...
I spent the last two years of high school in today's
I think democrats are wrong
I'm barack obama
I'm sorry would you say you were
I'm telling you man this stuff will poison your mind
I've been chewing on this nicorette which tastes like you're chewing on ground pepper
Is the university being fair by taking the history of racial discrimination and exclusion into account when filling a limited number of slots and it's medical school
It's just not so hard anyway
Jefferson davis
******* doctors were injecting black babies with the aids virus
Just talk
Leaving dishes in the sink and not making my bed
Look at you know I when I was a kid i
Look at yourself before you pass judgement
Man what do you think those folks say about us behind our backs
Maybe they will look into that big butt of yours
Mercy beaucoup
My grand father was a muslim
Now you know that guy in ship
Race baiting could make up for host of limitations
Remember what that's like
Rid them from your mind and find your true power liberated
Rise up ye mighty race
Should we let teachers lead our children in prayer and leave open the possibility that the minority faiths of some children are diminished
Shut up
So if we all believe in individual liberty and we all believe in these rules of democracy what is our modern argument about
So what are you saying
So what happens when we go out to a party with some sisters huh what happens I tell you what happens bland they almost like there's no tomorrow high school chicks university checks it don't matter ...
Sorry 's mother but got nothing on me right
Sorry go ahead
Such a pleasant surprise to find a well mannered young black men
Sure you can have my number baby
Talk to this brother will you I think he can still be saved
Tell me we want to be treated different if we was white or japanese or hawaiian or fucking eskimo
That's just how white folks will do you
The koreans were funding the clan
The self loathing you feel what keeps you drinking or thieving is planted by them
The white man who had tried to purchase my father 's forgiveness
There are white folks and their ignorant mother fuckers like you
These asians worse than the whites
These girls are a one USDA certified racists
Trying to get laid
We should have every child speaking more than one language
Well what
Well why not
What are the core values that we as americans hold in common
What do you mean
Whenever I try to talk to you about it you act like i'm just this great big bother
White folks I work with ain't so bad
Whites are responsible for your sorry state
Whites are so heartless and devious that we can no longer expect anything from them
Who told you that being honest was white thing
Who's going to pay my rent tomorrow or feed my children today
Why are you worrying about such talk
Why did an omnipotent god let a snake caused such grief
Yeah I hear you had a question for me uh we wanted to to call up and and answer it personally
Yeah that's what you said the last time
Yeah yeah i'm still here i'm here
Yes who is this
You ain't my bitch ****a
You don't understand
You have some good ideas maybe if you join the church you could help us start a community program why don't you come by on sunday
You know exactly what I mean
You need to make sure your child can speak spanish