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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ain't that just a pretty face you know? (Craft complete)
Anyways, I've got you back. (Revenge)
As if that most happens... (Oops)
Aw dang it! (Bummer)
Aw shoot! (Fire)
Aw, me! (Worm select)
Awesome! (Brillant)
Buzz off, jerk! (Crafted weapon)
Bye bye! (Rope)
C'mon... I wanna go shopping! (Come on then)
Daddy is gonna kill me... (Vehicle destroyed)
Daddy knows how to treat me! (Vehicle drop)
Did someone says: Sleep Over? (Building)
Douchebag. (Fire Punch)
Duh-uh! (Oops)
Err, later... (Rope)
Excellent, yaa! (Excellent)
Eyes on me, people! (Fire)
Free drinks? "giggles" Awesome! (Drop)
Get out of my face! (Go Away)
Hello, shopping online! (Craft Drop)
Hello, you! (Orders)
Hey there, girlfriend! (Friendly)
Hey you... You look amazing! (Friendly)
Hey! (Orders)
Hey! You just hit daddy's car! (I'll get you)
I am so, out of here! (Teleport)
I didn't mean to harm... (Mercy)
I go! (Worm select)
I got places to go... Y'knew that! (Come on then)
I have a totally equal out for this. (Craft)
I hope I don't break a nail... (Craft)
I just put this on the credit card (Craft)
I love personalised things! (Crafted weapon)
I love this stuff! (Collect)
I said I'm NOT interested. (Fire punch)
I told you can this lockon. (Vehicle kill)
I totally need a bandage! (Medic)
I would say now! "giggle" (Collect)
I'll have that, for starters. (First blood)
I'll show you "independance"! (Static gun)
I'm gonnal tell my brother you did that! (Static gun destroyed)
I'm just a girl! (Mercy)
I'm just aware of the shop in this place. (Occupied building)
I'm like, really... refreshing stuff. (Health)
I'm not as done, as I look. (Revenge)
I'm totaly ready (Worm select)
I'm trying to shop here! (Hit by vehicle)
It's called "fashion". Maybe you've heard of it? (Static gun)
It's like nerd central in here. (Occupied building)
Just do it, already! (Hurry)
Just leave, okay? (Leave me alone)
Leave me alone you loser! (Static gun kill)
Let's just like... leave. (Run Away)
Like, be careful with that one! (Enemy Proximity)
Me next. (Worm select)
My daddy has a totally cool boat. (Fatality)
No way! (Nooo)
Oh my god, what is that? (Take cover)
Oh my god. Oh my god! (Perfect)
Oh my god... you're garbage. (Miss)
Oh my gosh! (Collect)
Oh my... (Bummer)
Oh that is so... not right! (High Damage Weapon Proximity)
Okay, like... whatever... (Coward)
Okay, what did I missed? (Orders)
Ow, my hair! (Uh oh)
Pick me! (Worm select)
Retreat! (Vehicle)
Seriously, stop that! (Oi Nutter)
Shopping! (Drop)
So like... We must go to the mall. (Vehicle)
That is so... cool! (Collect)
That was like... Totally amazing... (Amazing)
That was so.. elist! (Damage)
That's like... better than yoga. (Health)
That's place is like... reserved. 'kay? (Vehicle kill)
There's next week makeup! (Craft Drop)
This is a total waste of time. (Boring)
This is like, so gonna rock. (Timed weapon)
This is like, the end or something... (Bye Bye)
This is so unholy! (High Damage Weapon Launch)
This shoes are just puke. (Kamikaze)
This, is the bomb. (Grenade)
Uh oh! Loser alert, twelve'o'clock! (Incoming)
Uh, hello? (Hello)
Watch it, loser! (Just you wait)
Watch your butt! (Enemy Proximity)
We are so... done here! (Oh dear)
We're like, totaly... kicked your butts. (Victory)
We're so not friends anymore! (Stupid)
We're winning for sure! (Domination)
What ever
Whazzup! (Orders)
Why don't you go away? (Static gun kill)
Yeah right! (Fire)
Yeah... that's like. totally gross (What the)
You got like... 5 seconds left. (Hurry)
You guys needs like... Catch-up. (Domination)
You like... totally suck. (Coward)
You mean... you don't surf or anything? (Fatality)
You might like... pick one? (Weapon choice)
You need to like... get some glasses (Miss)
You should like... do something? (Hello)
You're like, on time for once... (Timed weapon)
You're like... boring me! (Boring)
You're lousy backstabber! (Traitor)
You're really starting to creep me out! (Crafted weapon)
You're so gonna pay for that! (You'll regret that)
You're the biggest losers... OF EARTH! (Victory)
You're totally underiszed. (Weapon choice)
'm fed up how you like... touching my things. (Hijack)