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Created by geraintlewis268 403 2,985
Cobra Kai - Tory Nichols Soundboard

Cobra Kai - Tory Nichols Soundboard

Tory becomes a student at the newly reopened Cobra Kai Dojo. After falling victim to the merciless teachings of her sensei John Kreese, Tory becomes aggressive and vengeful, especially towards Samantha LaRusso. Following her expulsion for starting the school karate war, she forms a bond with Kreese. Through this bond, she becomes more ruthless and vengeful. She goes on to be one of Kreese's most corrupted students, with her karate skills earning her the nickname Queen Cobra.

Tory Nichols is played by Peyton List. Catch Cobra Kai Season 5 coming 9 September on Netflix!

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you freaking kidding me
Can you actually fight
Demo at Valley Fest
Did you see that coming
Health inspection rant
I can handle my own shit
I don't give a shit
I feed my family
I felt guilty about everything
I know that I should've come to see you
I like a challenge
I lost my job, okay
I saw what you did at the party
I think you should leave
I'll take them on
I'm coming for you, bitch
If one of us gets hurt we all get hurt
It's all your fault
It's not so easy looking for another one when you're on probation
Just stay out of it
No mercy
Some creepy guy at the mall
Sorry princess
Take one more step towards me
Thanks a lot
That sounds so miserable
The dragon breathed hot fire
The other princess wasn't dating that prince anymore
The prince did everything he could
This ends tonight
Throwing a party
We're doing everything we can
Where are you bitch
Will you shut the hell up
You didn't even fight back
You didn't think you could hide from me forever
You haven't fixed the leak yet
You started this now let's finish it
You think I'm crazy
You think this makes up for it