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A space cracking? Well, that came out of nowhere. What's it even doing here? The Galactic Sea is home to all sorts of nasty creatures, so it's not affiliated at all with the Underworld army. Either...
A switch, huh? That's what it looks like. Probably does something they usually do.
Are you all right? That pirate ship wasn't messing around. OK, let's get you to the surface.
Attacking from a distance and getting in close both have their pros and cons. Try to find the range that works well with the weapon you're using now. Got it? You can always trust an Angel to find t...
Calamari. What a sucker.
Found one. Get ready to go in.
Hey look, check it out. The three sacred treasures must be inside. Hmm. The box is really held up well. It is less pixelated than I remember.
Hope there's room for one more. There's always room for one more.
I guess that was it. It's moving pretty fast. Stay on its tail.
I have no idea what he's saying. He's like, yeah, I'll make you walk the space plank, scurvy dog. That's just a loose translation. Ohh man, not the space plank.
I set up a grind rail for you outside the ship, thank you very much. I'm pretty limited in where I can put grind rails. Luckily the underworld forces cleared out a lot of clutter.
I think I see the ship. It's under attack by underworld forces. Good. That means the treasures are still on board. So the plan now is to defend the ship's focus pit. To get the treasures you need t...
I'm looking for an entrance. Hold tight.
Let's go.
Man, what a sight. You've arrived at the Galactic Sea.
Not that I'm complaining. Could you be a little gentler next time? Sorry about that. Are you OK?
Oh, I see. See what? This must be? A storage vault for the stolen constellations. They've all been compressed for easy transport. And what about the three secret treasures? Unfortunately, they don'...
Only one left.
So the three sacred treasures are pretty old now. Do they still work? They've grown more brittle with age, but they'll likely last a few more battles. You're not exactly inspiring confidence here. ...
So those are the space pirates. I get the feeling they won't just hand over the three sacred treasures. They might even be tougher than the underworld forces. Be careful.
Space Pirate Hots spring. It looks like somebody beat you to it.
That was the last tentacle. Now go for the head.
The pirate ship should be around here somewhere. Where?
This elevator will take you to the pirate captain. I am so swabbing the deck with that jerk.
This is the generator room. Once that's shining in the glass, that's where energy from the galactic Sea is converted into propulsive power. As long as the ship remains in the Galactic Sea, it can r...
This place is crawling with underworld enemies too. Just keep pushing forward.
Two left.
Watch out, whoa.
What? Hit what?
Where's this thing? Go to the ship's control room. I think that's where we'll find the three sacred treasures. Good. I want my stuff back.
Whoa. This is the side of the ship's hull. The view is like a postcard.
With Medusa's commanders out of the way, we're getting to the Battle of battles. But this isn't the way to the underworld. Where are we going? I'm a little embarrassed to say. What is it? Remember ...
Woah, ablanca, the Underworld army really wants in on this fight.
You can destroy the doors the enemies are coming out of. I'll stop the baddies at the source.
You might recognize this type of underworld enemy from your past adventures. Here's a tip, don't attack the big monster straight on. Instead, use melee attacks to launch the little bugs back at it.
You've got 3 tentacles to go.