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A cannon ball is the best ice breaker
Abandoned gunner never turns tail unless it's to taunt
Any landing you can walk away from
Anyone ever tell you you're a little clingy
Back to base
Back to the action
Blast him
Blunstone pie intense time so bad oh god oh shoarma
Bombs away
Boomer says hi
Bring on the bad guys
Bringing down the house
Calling back
Can't touch this
Can't wait to tell the recruits about that one
Can't wait to try this out
Check the kick on this sucker
Clean sweep
Clocks ticking
Didn't see that coming did you
Direct hit
Does this make me royalty
Don't let up
Full house
Get in my way i dare ya
Gotta get back out there
Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Hey where'd you go
Hold this
How awesome you want some come on
How's that for a bandle city beat down
I bravely volunteered to charge in recklessly
I don't take cover i take cover out
I just need a point in the right direction
I might just drop in
I'm going in
If it's worth shooting once it's probably worth shootin
If there's a sword for making things explode this is it
Infinity anything is pretty awesome
Is that a rocket in your pocket
Is this blast proof
It won't be so much a whisper as a deafening explosion
Just passing through
Keep em coming
Leave it to me
Let's get in range
Let's see if this makes it through the first explosion
Let's snares vines meet your worst nightmare
Like all frontline
Lookout below
More where that came from
My nephews
Need a breather
No boy
No slowing me down now
Not loaded and ready to rock it
Nothing a little gunpowder won't fix
Nothing like overkill
Now we're cooking
Oh look i'm a shock trooper
Oh veigar tell me all about your diabolical plan
On lookout
Once a bandel gunner always a bandel gunner
Ooh aah
Ooh i like to look at this baby
Or veigar you're cute when you're angry
Orders are more like guidelines really
Over there buster
Perfect for cutting loose
Pilot to bomba dear
Pirate will
Point blank is the only blank i like
Puff puff boom
Ready aim fire
Sandal gunners what you see sir just smoke in victory
See ya
Shannons versus armor cannons win
Stuck am
Sweet kind of gross but suites
Target freaking anaya lated
Thanks for breaking my fall
Thanks for coming
They can keep the blood i'm thirsty for action
This is my three hundred and fifty seven caliber handgu
This will put a little zing on things
Time for some re arm and redeploy
Time to fill up my dance card
Timo are these mushrooms your rations or your ammo
Tristana League of Legends Sound
Tristana League of Legends Sound
Tristana League of Legends Sound
Try to keep up old timer
Up and adam
Walking tall
War stories don't write themselves
Watch the brush
We've got this
When you find the right gun you only need one
Where is the action
Who needs a fort
Who wears a helmet
Winners don't duck
Xbox what's cooking
You look yeah
You make it easy to be unimpressed
You want to see the fireworks
You're gonna need a bigger castle
You're in trouble now
You're not the only yordle who knows how to fly corky