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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Artillery incoming01
Artillery incoming02
Artillery incoming03
Artillery incoming04
Artillery incoming05
Cannon sequence hvy1 filt
Cannon sequence hvy2 filt
Cannon sequence hvy3 filt
Exp armoredcar
Exp thermite01
Explo ammo dump1
Explo ammo dump2
Explo distant01
Explo distant02
Explo distant03
Explo distant04
Explo distant05
Explo distant06
Explo distant07
Explo distant08
Explo metal01
Explo metal02
Explo mine01
Explo rock01
Explo rock02
Flak88 explod2
Grenade explo01
Grenade explo02
Grenade explo03
Metaldoor explosion
Mortar dirt01
Mortar dirt02
Mortar dirt03
Mortar dirt04
Mortar dirt05
Mortar dirt06
Mortar impact water 1c
Mortar impact water 2c
Mrk artillery fireworks
Mrk artillery fireworks B2
Mrk artillery incoming1
Mrk artillery incoming2
Mrk artillery incoming3
Mrk barrierexplosion layer1
Mrk building big explod 1b
Mrk building big explod 2b
Mrk building big explod 3b
Mrk higgins explosion 2b
Mrk incoming1
Mrk incoming2
Mrk incoming3
Mrk incoming4
Mrk radioexplod
Mrk rockexplosion layer1
Mrk rockexplosion layer2
Mrk rockexplosion layer3
Mrk rockexplosion layer4
Mrk rockexplosion layer5
Mrk tree explosion
Plane explode1 rl mono2
Plane explode2 rl mono2
Plane explode3 rl mono2