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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Artillery launch
Big gun01
Big gun02
Big gun03
Blow metal doors
Boat Exp01
Boat exp02
Bomber explode01
Bomber hit01
Building explode02
Distant barrage long01
Distant barrage short01
Distant flak loop01
Explo bridge
Explo distant01
Explo distant02
Explo distant03
Explo distant04
Explo distant05
Explo distant06
Explo distant07
Explo distant08
Explo distant09
Explo distant10
Explo metal01
Explo metal02
Explo mine01
Explo radio01
Explo radio02
Explo rock01
Explo rock02
Explo V2 Rocket01
Fighter explode01
Fighter explode02
Flak burst near01
Flak burst near02
Flak burst near03
Flak burst near04
Flak burst near05
Flak hit01
Glass building explode
Grenade explo01
Grenade explo02
Grenade explo03
Incoming01 muffled
Incoming02 muffled
Incoming03 muffled
Incoming05 muffled
Incoming06 muffled
Incoming07 muffled
Incoming08 muffled
Incoming09 muffled
Incoming11 muffled
Mortar dirt01
Mortar dirt01 muffled
Mortar dirt02
Mortar dirt02 muffled
Mortar dirt03
Mortar dirt03 muffled
Mortar dirt04
Mortar dirt04 muffled
Mortar dirt05
Mortar dirt05 muffled
Mortar dirt06
Mortar dirt06 muffled
Mortar launch
Mortar load
Mortar water01
Mortar water02
Mortar water03
Mortar water04
Mortar Water05
Mortar Water06
Prop die01
Prop die02
Radio explode01
Radio explode02
Shell flyover01
Shell flyover02
Shell flyover03
Shell flyover04
Tail section explode
Turret die