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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Artillery incoming01
Artillery incoming02
Artillery incoming03
Artillery incoming04
Artillery incoming05
Cannon sequence hvy1 filt
Cannon sequence hvy2 filt
Cannon sequence hvy3 filt
Elm artillery incoming01
Elm artillery incoming02
Elm artillery incoming03
Elm artillery incoming04
Elm artillery incoming05
Elm artillery incoming06
Elm artillery incoming07
Elm artillery incoming08
Elm artillery incoming09
Elm artillery incoming10
Elm artillery incoming11
Elm artillery incoming12
Elm artillery incoming13
Elm mortar incoming01
Elm mortar incoming02
Elm mortar incoming03
Elm mortar incoming04
Elm mortar incoming05
Elm mortar incoming06
Elm mortar incoming07
Elm mortar incoming08
Elm mortar incoming09
Elm mortar incoming10
Elm mortar incoming11
Elm mortar incoming12
Exp armoredcar
Exp bell crash big01
Exp bog aagun destroy1
Exp building dist stereo01
Exp building dist01
Exp car dist01
Exp car dist02
Exp car dist03
Exp detpack cement1
Exp detpack cement2
Exp detpack cement3
Exp door metal breach01
Exp door metal breach02
Exp door metal breach03
Exp door metal breach04
Exp door wood breach01
Exp door wood breach02
Exp door wood breach03
Exp heli flameup med01
Exp metal armor dist05
Exp metal armor dist06
Exp metal armor dist08
Exp stone med dist07
Exp suitcase bomb stereo sweet1
Exp tanker truck flame1
Exp tanker truck flame1 short
Exp television sparks1
Exp television sparks2
Exp thermite01
Expl dist01
Expl dist02
Expl dist03
Expl dist04
Expl dist05
Expl dist06
Expl dist07
Expl dist08
Expl dist09
Expl dist10
Expl dist11
Expl dist12
Expl dist13
Expl dist14
Expl dist15
Expl dist16
Expl dist17
Expl dist18
Expl dist19
Expl heli crash layer1
Expl med01
Expl med02
Expl med03
Expl med04
Expl med05
Expl med06
Expl med07
Expl med08
Expl med09
Expl med10
Expl med11
Expl med12
Expl med13
Expl med14
Expl med15
Expl mtl tank turret1v2
Expl pipe burst dcy1
Expl pipe burst dcy2
Expl pipe burst dcy3
Expl pipe burst dcy4
Explo ammo dump1
Explo ammo dump2
Explo distant01
Explo distant02
Explo distant03
Explo distant04
Explo distant05
Explo distant06
Explo distant07
Explo distant08
Explo metal01
Explo metal02
Explo mine01
Fire big loop02
Fire house close01
Fire med loop01
Fire med loop02
Fire metal lrg1v2
Fire metal med1v2
Fire metal small1v2
Fire woodtrash large1v2
Fire woodtrash medium1v2
Flak88 explod2
Glass window break med1
Glass window break med2
Glass window break med3
Heli blackhawk mono crash v2
Heli blackhawk stereo rattles v5
Helicopter spindown stream1
Mortar dirt01
Mortar dirt02
Mortar dirt03
Mortar dirt04
Mortar dirt05
Mortar dirt06
Mortar impact water 1c
Mortar impact water 2c
Mrk artillery incoming1
Mrk artillery incoming2
Mrk artillery incoming3
Mrk barrierexplosion layer1
Mrk building big explod 1b
Mrk building big explod 2b
Mrk building big explod 3b
Mrk incoming1
Mrk incoming2
Mrk incoming3
Mrk incoming4
Mrk radioexplod
Mrk tree explosion
Plane explode1 rl mono2
Plane explode2 rl mono2
Plane explode3 rl mono2
Steam pipe burst str1
Steam pipe burst str2
Steam pipe burst str3
Veh tire air hiss1
Veh tire air hiss2
Veh tire air hiss3
Wtr pipe burst dcy1
Wtr pipe burst dcy2
Wtr pipe burst dcy3
Wtr pipe burst dcy4