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Besides drugs, name something you can buy in a drugstore.
Name a disease that medical advances have almost eliminated.
Name a fictional character you associate with a special car.
Name a food. Even a new bride is sure to know how to cook.
Name a good place for pickpockets to work.
Name a kind of business that really treats customers badly.
Name a kind of net.
Name a kind of sauce that people add to Chinese food.
Name a kind of seed that people eat.
Name a letter of the alphabet other than C that sounds like a word.
Name a memento a woman saves from her first love.
Name a place in a big city where people fight over taxis.
Name a place of business where armored trucks make pickups.
Name a place where you often see a band performing.
Name a place where you talk to someone through a glass window.
Name a president who fought in a war.
Name a public place where you see parents disciplining their children.
Name a reason why people neglect going to the doctor regularly.
Name an appropriate occupation for a Good Samaritan.
Name an ingredient you put in an omelette.
Name an occupation in which a man would meet a lot of women.
Name an occupation in which you get your picture taken a lot.
Name someone to whom kids tell little white lies.
Name something an obnoxious driver does.
Name something children by for the first day of school.
Name something from home that people take with them on long trips.
Name something kids love to ride on.
Name something men have their initials on.
Name something men try to impress women.
Name something newlyweds go into debt to buy.
Name something of yours that costs a lot of money to keep looking good.
Name something parents buy that gets their kids all excited.
Name something people fall out of.
Name something people ride for a thrill.
Name something people run out of.
Name something specific on a car that can be adjusted.
Name something that decays.
Name something that has roots.
Name something that might be ruined if it had a scratch on it.
Name something that people get on and off.
Name something that people get wiser about as they get old.
Name something that people want their food to be low in.
Name something that truly is better late than never.
Name something that you can now buy unsalted.
Name something you always carry in your car, but rarely use.
Name something you might find in the pocket of a coat not recently worn.
Name something you should not leave in your car on a hot day.
Name something you'd find inside a haunted house.
Name the first sign that you're getting a cold.
Name the household appliance that people need most.
Past or present, real or fictional, name someone famous with the initials D.
What do you think most of the water mankind uses is for?
Which world country do you think is last alphabetical?