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All right.
And my mom and dad.
But I'm just one person.
But what about what you promised? You said it was going to be just you and me.
But you haven't been in school since forever.
But you still saved him.
Can't I come with you?
Can't I just hold it?
Come on, we gotta go.
Did you find a battery?
Do you think the dead people saw us come back here? Are they going to find us?
Don't leave us here, please.
Find a place to hide and stay there.
He's sick if he doesn't get better. And you know. He might try to hurt me.
Hide it good, right?
How do you know they're good if you've never met them?
I can help. I've been helpful lots of times before.
I don't know, but he really seems nice. I think he wants to help us.
I don't know. I can't see.
I don't think breed likes you very much.
I don't want anyone else to die.
I guess you don't want my help, huh?
I heard him asking you to let him go. Why would he say something like that?
I hope I can be like that. I hope if it ever happens I could do the same.
I hope she's OK.
I hope so.
I knew you didn't really mean it.
I know it won't happen again.
I know, I know. Stay close to you. But you weren't here.
I liked her.
I remember.
I think so too. I'm standing guard in case they show up.
I told him that we were looking for my mom and dad and that they were in Savannah. He said he thinks he might know where to look for them.
I understand.
I used to have a pet hamster. One night he figured out how to open the door to his cage, and when we woke up he'd eaten half a box of cookies.
I want to know what happened. Ben was my friend. I liked him.
I'll feel safer when we're inside the house.
Is it going to be dangerous?
Isn't there another way back to the house?
It must have been bad if you don't want to talk about it.
It's just a friend. I don't think he wants to hurt us.
It's nice. He's my friend. We don't leave friends behind. That's my vote.
Just for a little while, we're getting real close to where my mom and dad are. And maybe I can.
Kenny's working on the boat.
Lee. I'm sorry.
No, I liked.
No, me.
Ohh OK.
One of those things tried to get upstairs. I stopped it, but what about my?
Please don't hurt him.
Shut up.
So why aren't there any kids in Crawford?
So you don't know either.
That's like the promise you made to me after Duck died. But you can't really promise that, can you?
This desk is just like the ones we have in my school. I know it's weird, but I kinda miss it being in school.
Wait, can't I come? My mom and dad can't be far now. Maybe we can look for them on the way to the river.
We are not from Crawford. Promise.
We can't you help him. His leg looks really bad.
We come on.
We did. Why can't they?
Well, can we are not.
Well, what if something happens to him while you're gone?
What about me? What can I do?
What does that mean? Pull their own weight?
What happened to Ben? Why didn't he come back?
What should I do if something happens while you're gone?
What? What happened?
Where's Molly?
Where's Molly?
Who meet started getting really sick. Christian Ben had to take him upstairs. I didn't just want to sit around there, I wanted to come help.
Will there be homework?
Yeah, he thought about other people before he thought about himself. My mom always told me that's what makes a good person.
Yeah, I guess that is pretty dumb, huh?
You don't know that you didn't even try.
You don't know what they look like.
You don't think I should go, do you?
You made it back.
You're back.
You're back.
ええええええええええ。 ああ。