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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Boo, yeah.
Bring down that damn phantom.
Brute Trumpers too, so stay sharp.
Brutes were gonna gut us, Sir.
But before we went down, we spotted a good LZ.
But we won't be able to get our birds out.
Chief, follow me.
Chief, head through this door to reach the OPS center.
Circle around, shoot him in the back.
Come on, we need to head downstairs for evac.
Do not stop firing.
Drones dropping in.
Dropped off my tracker for a SEC.
E51 please respond.
E51 this is Crowsnest.
Fed them in bound.
Fleck got our Pelican too, Sir.
Focus 51 is down. Divert for emergency evac over.
Follow me, Sir.
Follow us there all the way down this Canyon.
Get some rounds in there.
Getting close, chief, for that sucker.
Gotta get around behind him, chief.
Harry, turn that thing off.
Hey Chief, you good?
Hey, you wanna bleed out?
Hey, your vitals just pink CIA.
Hey. You hear that?
Hit the right from behind, Sir. It's got too much armor in front.
Hornet coming in.
I guess we're gonna find out. Hey, take cover.
I lost your transponder.
I'm acting up as a chef.
If those brutes secure the hanger.
If we can get to our vehicles, we'll lead you to it.
Is the dawn rated for atmosphere?
It's getting closer.
Kill a target first, then deal with the driver.
Let's hit that hostile armor.
Line them up, line them up.
Look at the size of that thing. I wonder how old it is.
Look for the gaps in the armor.
Look up high, here she comes.
Look, the breach it opens every time it fires.
Master Chief, what happened?
Mount up. Let's find that LZ.
Ohh, this can't be good man.
Open the door.
Race Master Chief circling that hill.
Sergeant Major went this way, chief through The Cave.
Sir hugs all yours.
Sir Pelicans gonna land one level down.
Sir, you OK?
Squad got in the hang is real short handed, chief.
Still away it's gonna blow.
The doors jammed, Sir.
Then I gotta keep pressure on the wound.
This ain't funny, chief. Come on.
This thing has to have a weak spot, chief.
We don't get there quick. They're gonna get rolled.
We got a phantom overhead.
We're with you, chief.
What's that sound?
Yeah, get some.
Yeah. And I don't like it.
You can't get a freaking break.
You come when static.
You got a.
You just stopped moving.
You'll have to head the other way to the hanger.
You're right, Sir.
030ma 010 ma1