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Ah man, I love the beach.
Call when you're ready for evac.
Come on, I'll show you.
Dear Sarge, kicking ass in outer space. Wish you were here.
Hells no commando all the way battle.
Isn't that our target?
It's like a postcard, man.
It's over here, Sir.
Quick draw him away from second squad position.
Sergeant Banks, ma'am, he's up top.
Sir Corporal Perez, a company CPA's this way.
Special delivery from Commander Keys chief.
The Lieutenant got hit as soon as we dropped in.
The only thing worse than jackals or jackals with sniper rifles?
They haven't spotted us, man.
This is my last run, chief. I'm nearly out of fuel.
Watch out for more traps.
We've secured the first tower cluster, so I'll set down there.
What's he doing giving a speech?
You can say that again.