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Franky - One Piece: Unlimited Adventure - Voices (Wii)

Franky - One Piece: Unlimited Adventure - Voices (Wii)

One Piece Unlimited Adventure is a video game for the Nintendo Wii based on the manga and anime series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. The NTSC (American) version of the game uses the FUNimation voice actors exclusively. A sequel, One Piece unlimited Cruise, was released for the Wii in 2008.
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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A record of our travels, huh?
All right.
Alright, I got one.
Alright, prepare to be caught.
Anyway, we better take care of those guys below.
Asians row omemo super hinder Chicago.
Back it up.
Because Mr. Eyebrows asked me.
But thousand years? That's a long time.
Cake is a.
Come on already long nose.
Come on.
Compared to a boat, this is easy.
Darn it, I'm not feeling so good.
Darn thing.
Darn you strong Hammer.
Darn you.
Do you have any idea where the Sunny got to? Well do ya?
Dude, I'm a genius.
Dude, that's cold.
Duh, Of course.
Edeki Shaneka.
Found it.
Fra se a2a gasin
Fra se a2a righit
Fra se c1a hosishild
Fra se c2a righit
Fra se d1a nkl
Fra se j1a left
Fra se s1a tame
Fra se s2a finish
Fra se s2a finishefx
Fra se s2a open
Fra se s2a stomp
Fra se s2a tyakuti
Fra se x1a bomb
Fra se x1a brizzard
Fra se x1a electrical
Fra se x1a ffire
Fra se x1a mnail
Gordon Sinam Janika.
Gosh darn it, I love you guys.
Got one?
Gotta change.
Guys, I wasn't worried at all. Not at all.
Hang on.
Has got to me now all they do now.
Here goes nothing.
Here it is.
Here we are.
Hey straw hat, something's following us again.
Hey what was that I saw? Super version of me.
Hey, long nose.
Hey, look.
Hey, Mother.
Hi, Heather.
Hmm, yeah.
Hot Dog. I go there.
How do you like them apples?
How many times do I have to tell you?
How? How did he get away?
How's that?
Huh. What's this light?
I can't believe what you're doing.
I can't see anything.
I got a super idea.
I got me a nice idea.
I got the perfect idea.
I gotta try this.
I know you can do it, reindeer gorilla.
I'll get this apart in no time.
I'll make you one heck of a weapon.
I'm counting on you, reindeer gorilla.
I'm Frankie.
I'm freezing here.
I'm unstoppable this week.
I'm used to taking stuff apart.
I've got.
Image is everything.
Is this?
Isn't this it?
It sure is warm.
It's a tent for changing clothes.
It's an adventure.
It's lovely.
It's pitch black.
It's reacting.
It's super perfect.
Jim Giovanni.
Joko Hakushika.
Journal time.
Jungles are awesome.
Just let me handle this.
Just who do you think I am?
Khagani Suka.
Leave it to me.
Leave the sea Kings to me.
Let's check.
Let's get supper ready.
Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
Let's see here.
Let's start some more terrible.
Let's use this thing.
Look, look, look.
Looking good.
Looks good.
Man, it's cold. What the crap?
Mato Matina.
Most of our.
Muskan Ankara Son disorder.
Mutiara. Alright, so Tuscany.
My fists are all kinds of hard.
Nanda Nandana Apana.
Nando came in your choice.
Nemos. No Siri, Still Goose.
No doubt about it.
No way.
No, ma.
No. Look at what you've done.
Not a chance.
Nothing better to do. Guess I'll sing.
Nothing. It is amazing.
Now it'll burn.
Now it'll freeze.
Now the more to say, tough guy.
Now you can change clothes.
Now you can do a burning attack.
Now you can do a cold attack.
Now you can do a paralyzing attack.
Now you can train all you want.
Now you've done it. Now I'm super angry.
Ochira Kadaja Samana.
Ohh corrette kale.
Ohh God.
Ohh I super can't read it.
Ohh it burns.
Ohh it's all puny.
Ohh man.
Ohh me. Ah.
Ohh my sirena.
Ohh somewhere. None. Nothing.
Ohh super.
Ohh sure sure.
Ohh yeah say panty.
Ohh, don't worry about it. You're super strange yourself Ranger gorilla.
Ohh, that's dangerous.
Ohh, this is pretty.
OK, it's ready.
Old Testament either.
Oreno dies not never. Don't go.
Ow, ow.
Part. They go there.
Pooja demanded.
Power up.
Pretty good.
Say what? Don't you see the courage this guy has?
Say, I don't know. So that all the way stay on there. Wow.
Scare us, You go to another tender.
She is one mean lady.
Shut up. That's how I am this week.
Shut up. You just shut it. I'm not crying.
Small fries.
Stars ideal?
Straw hat. I'm gonna go help him.
Subbanna kinoko Donna.
Sue Pardon her.
Summer is calling to me.
Super beginner.
Super huh?
Super huh?
Super size.
Super strong.
Sure. So, Araki, Dana.
Tell me, quit crying already.
Thank me y'all.
Thanks a bunch.
That's really something.
The modifications are super perfect.
They came unlike sodas.
This guy's cooking is great.
This is creeping me out.
This is gonna be the new fashion.
This is great.
This is it.
This is just for you.
This is messed up.
This is powerful.
This is where Reindeer Gorilla works.
This looks fun.
This one turned out nice.
This one's powerful.
Thoughts come my dear.
Toby, That's the character.
Tori Toyota.
Uh, super.
Was that?
We need a better environment.
We'd better check.
We're super high up.
We've super arrived.
Well, it's not that. But I can't just leave him.