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A bounce pad. Sweet.
A little hard work, a little reward. I can live with that.
All right, Tails and I will handle this one.
And perfect as usual.
Benoit looks breakable.
Bounce pads are fun. Let's try this one out.
Brought those crates on his head.
Could this shaft of light trigger the exit door?
Depends what's on the way to the crystal, but it's both, Quincy. Good job.
Did you see this back here?
Doing great. Keep going.
Don't look back.
Fire away.
Got the crystal?
Guys, check out the lights, they're not facing the right direction.
He sure looks miffed.
He's back.
He's getting away.
Hey Blue, how about you drain the pipes?
Hey, we can bounce off these clam shells.
Hopefully that's the last we see of him.
I forgot you live here.
I found something under the ship.
I get it. We need to drop crates on him.
I gotta activate that button.
I never get tired of the sound of sparking robots.
I see a bounce pad.
I think I can break that wall down.
I think I can make it up there.
I think I know where we're going next.
I think I'd rather be up there.
I think it's safe to say that entering the tomb was probably a bad idea.
I think that button will help us out.
I think these pits will come in handy.
I think we can give him this one win.
I think we can shoot these cannons at those walls. They should break.
I think we're going towards the broken down robots.
I wonder if these lights can unlock the door.
I'm gonna try and throw a robot at him, see if that does some damage.
I'm the only one who can handle this area. Thanks though.
In here.
Is he gone? I mean gone, gone.
It worked.
It's on the ceiling.
It's on the walls.
It's right there. So close.
It's too heavy.
Keep up with him.
Knuckles, you me. Let's go.
Let's get to that crystal first. Lyric gets to it, and this place will flood.
Looks like we have a fight, Knuckles.
My hammer should break this without any problem.
No way. I leave them all for you.
Not great for the complexion.
OK, Sonic, it's you and me.
OK, who's first?
Remember, this entire place was built by the lowest bidder.
Road Rd.
Run Sonic run.
See all that hard work paid off.
See if we can use this sludge pipe to help us.
Sonic Rangers. Let's finish em.
Sonic tentacles.
Sonic, how did he know you?
Sonic, the cannons, we have to use them to get to the anchor.
Sonic, toss these buckets of bolts back at that thing.
Sonic, we're close. Just up this tower.
Sonic, what are you waiting for? Drain the pipes.
Stay alert. This snake has some firepower.
Stay with him.
Thanks. Now let's get out of this fishbowl.
That looks weak.
That should stop him.
That takes care of the other. We should be good now.
The crystal has to be up there.
The crystal is next. Let's bungee this and get out of here.
The door is opening. Let's get out of here.
The parasites are taking over these old robots.
The power of the crystal is.
The wall looks weakened. Try throwing some robots at it.
The walls along the sides look weak enough to be destroyed.
Then we go that way.
They never learned, do they?
They're taking over their husks. Oh, this is going to be interesting.
This place is amazing. The water is held back by the crystal.
This place is unbelievable.
This should do it.
This should Get Me Out of here.
Those look like things we want to avoid.
Unbelievable. Have you ever seen anything like it?
Wait, it worked nice. We can get out of here.
Watch out guys, these bots can shoot.
Watch out, he's destroying the road.
Way to go exit stage right?
We know where we gotta go.
We miss these jumps. We end up in the ooze and I hate ooze.
We miss these jumps. We end up in the ooze.
We need to detach the crystal. That switch should do the trick.
We need to stop these switches.
We need to unblock the anchor. These cannons should do the trick.
What do you think that is?
Wow, this is cool.
Yeah, I gotta lift this anchor.
Yes, the map worked. Let's grab the crystal.
You never know what you'll find.