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First time. Was.
I am hungry. What? What if we starve before we hit the ground? Right? I can see how you lost a few pixels there. Why, oh why couldn't you be a chicken wings bucket? Why? Why? Why? Bye.
I found all this senseless screaming rather pointless. Exactly. Why don't you spare some breath for the pounce? There is a bounce. Do I look like I Abyss dive regularly?
I, I, I I I I I I I I I pull it together. Bucket. I'm actually trying to pull up.
If I put my fist down like this and my other hand to the side, I should be able to landing style. OK, I got this. You're actually working on your landing? Yeah, I don't plan on tumbling like you lo...
My teacher says that if one day you find yourself falling from a rather ridiculously high Cliff, you should be thankful for being a 3 dimensional creature. My teacher says because it won't last lon...
Ohh great, these rookies can't balance a simple scale. I tried my best honest not talking about you bucket.
OK. Can you do something about this? Gravity. It's really annoying. Sure, boss, it'll cost you a million up front, but I'll throw in a freebie. OK. OK, no problem. I'll write you a check. There you...
Old age are bottom and wonder which will come first. I'll keep you company, boss. Please violate the rules of physics and fall faster.
Pops. You think there's life offscreen? Did you feel anything the last time the battery ran out?