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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Air conditioning
Ambience tv studio
Applause big loop
Applause light loop
Applause medium loop
Bartender sounds
Boat bell
Boat whistle
Burst laughter applause
Button not available
Button select
Card charm tap
Card deal table a single
Card deal toss a single
Card finger tap
Card look
Card muck
Card shuffle
Card slide long
Card slide short
Card turn
Cash register ching
Casino rumble distant
Ceiling fan
Chair shift heavy plastic
Chair shift leather
Chair shift plastic
Chair shift soft cloth
Chair shift velvet
Chair shift wood
Champagne pop n froth
Chip drop 1 chip
Chip drop big stack fall
Chip drop big stack stay
Chip drop short stack stay
Chip pick up 1 chip
Chip pick up big stack
Chip pick up short stack
Chip slide shuffle
Chip stacks slide
Chip tap chip
Chip toss short stack fall
Chip vertical shuffle
Chips scatter heavy
Chips scatter light
Chips scatter medium
Clap hands
Clock chime soft
Clock chime soft hour
Cloth pat cotton
Cloth pat jeans
Cloth pat leather
Cloth pat silk
Cloth rustle cotton
Cloth rustle jeans
Cloth rustle leather
Cloth rustle silk
Corks popping
Crash drop of a coconut
Crowd disappointment
Crowd gasp
Crowd murmur loop
Crowd noise
Distant casino rumble
Distant water bird cries
Dollar wads tumble on felt
Dollars flutter down
Dripping soft
Electrical zap
Elevator chime elegant
Empty glass mug drop on wood
Fingers tapping
Foot shift carpet
Foot shift cement
Foot shift deep carpet
Foot shift marble
Foot shift sand
Foot shift wood
Footstep carpet
Footstep cement
Footstep deep carpet
Footstep marble
Footstep sand
Footstep wood
Gather chips heavy
Gather chips light
Glasses tinkling heavy
Hand tap
Hanging light creak
Hawaiian guitar slide sting
Hud elements slide in
Knuckle crack
Menu transition
Menu transition
Mouse over
Muted riverboat diesel motor
Muted rolling river on hull
Muted splashes
Neon sign buzz
Oak casket roll on cement
Out of range
Palm trees creak
Pool balls colliding
Pouring bottled drinks
Pouring fountain drinks
Sea gull cries
Sea gull cries
Shatter of bottle on cement
Skin pat
Skin slide
Skin touch
Slot clang from payouts
Slots tumbling
Soft breeze
Soft hull creaking
Soft machine wheels
Soft ticking clock
Surf crashing
Tall grass
Tea bell ring
Tinkling light glasses
Tumbling slots
Wooden doors swinging
Wooden wind chime