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Steve Baker Soundboard

Steve Baker Soundboard

He was chair of the ERG, a pro-Brexit group of Conservative MPs, from 20 November 2016 until his promotion to ministerial office at the Department for Exiting the European Union on 13 June 2017. He resigned from his office on 9 July 2018 following the resignation of David Davis.
See also: Steven Baker, Chris Jones (American musician), Steve Baker (ice hockey), Steve Baker (motorcyclist), Steve, and Burnley Savings and Loans.

And I entirely endorse the idea that our liberties should be constrained by the harm that we do.
And I started to tell him a story that I didn't have to comply.
And this, though, goes to the heart of the nature of the society that we are created.
Even loneliness shortens life.
I have faith in the British public.
I have to say I'm sorry.
I was in a pub last night with Laurence Fox. That's a matter of public record because we tweeted out a picture.
If he was a chief executive of a private company or a board director, he would be long gone.
It falls upon ministers to provide the lead and the breadth of thinking and the vision and the values to set out what broad kind of society we are trying to.
It's a technocratic government. It's a technocratic centrist.
Removing a sitting Prime Minister is an extremely grave matter and goodness knows people will know I've had something to do with that too.
Some of us today have got to take a decision to vote no to everything because I, for one intend to chart a course towards heaven and I hope honourable Members will come.
That justice is about how individuals are true.
The Prime Minister now should be long gone.
The Prime Minister should just know the gigs up.
The public are not fools.
This is a fundamental choice, I would say, between heading towards heaven and heading towards hell.
We are taking away the public's right to choose what they do based on flimsy and uncertain evil.
We're not here to govern idiots.