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Scarface (1983) Soundboard

Scarface (1983) Soundboard

Scarface is a gripping and iconic crime drama film released in 1983, directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone. The film delves into the dark and violent world of drugs, power, and ambition, taking us on a wild ride through the rise and fall of a Cuban immigrant turned ruthless drug lord.

The film stars Al Pacino in one of his most memorable and acclaimed roles as the protagonist, Tony Montana. Pacino delivers a tour de force performance, fully immersing himself in the character's journey from a lowly refugee to a feared and respected figure in Miami's criminal underworld. It is an electrifying portrayal that showcases Pacino's immense talent and solidifies his status as one of the greatest actors of all time.

Joining Pacino in the cast is a stellar ensemble of actors, each delivering exceptional performances. Michelle Pfeiffer portrays Elvira Hancock, Tony's love interest and a key player in the drug trade. Pfeiffer brings a complex mix of vulnerability and toughness to the role, capturing the allure and danger that is inherent in Elvira's character. Steven Bauer plays Manny Ribera, Tony's loyal friend and right-hand man. Bauer's charismatic and nuanced performance adds depth to Manny's character, providing a strong contrast to Tony's explosive nature.

Scarface also features memorable performances by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Tony's sister, Gina Montana, and Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez, a powerful drug lord who becomes Tony's mentor. The film's supporting cast includes F. Murray Abraham, Paul Shenar, and Harris Yulin, each adding their own layers of intrigue and intensity to the narrative.

With its gritty and realistic portrayal of the drug trade, Scarface stands out as a film that pushes boundaries and doesn't hold back. It is a stylized and action-packed exploration of the consequences of excess and the ultimate price of power. The film delves into themes of violence, obsession, and the corrupting influence of wealth, delivering a cautionary tale that continues to resonate with audiences even decades after its release.

Moreover, Scarface's impact goes beyond its cinematic prowess. The film's soundtrack, composed by Giorgio Moroder, has become iconic in its own right. It features a mix of '80s synth-pop and Latin-infused tracks, perfectly complementing the film's setting and atmosphere. The soundtrack includes the unforgettable "Push It to the Limit" by Paul Engemann and the popular "She's on Fire" by Amy Holland. The music adds an additional layer of intensity and emotion to the already gripping story, enhancing the overall experience for the audience.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Scarface, you can play and download these sounds here. Whether it's the pulsating beats of the soundtrack or the chilling dialogue that has become a part of pop culture, these sounds will transport you back to the neon-lit streets of Miami and the dangerous world of Tony Montana.

In conclusion, Scarface is a legendary film that has left an indelible mark on popular culture. With its powerhouse performances, intense story, and unforgettable soundtrack, it continues to captivate and enthrall audiences. Whether you're a fan of crime dramas or simply appreciate the art of filmmaking, Scarface is a must-watch that has stood the test of time.

A gun sticking in somebody's face is how
A guy who wants more than he needs he don't fly straight no more
A little bit of hope i'm sure yes
A lot of bullshit that's what happened politics
Act normal...
Again again
Ah is that it
Alberto is an expert in the disposal business he's going to help us fix our problem
Alex how you doing
Alex you there hey! he's not there
All I have in this world is my balls and my word I don't break them for no one you understand
All right benny kill it
All right ernie let's go we'll take care of the house
All right i'll be there
All right tony I was the one
All your enemies are gone
Also we'll be cutting out the colombians you know what that means that means we have to go to war with them
Always it's beautiful tony!
And a little coke money doesn't hurt nobody no
And a radio with scanners to pick up flying saucers stuff like that
And general cucombre just a couple months ago bought a 12 million dollars villa on lake lucerne in switzerland
And he's connected
And here is our friend charles goodson from washington
And here is our friend Charles Goodson from Washington.
And I am tony
And I got the yeyo
And I got to run
And if I want to fuck them then i'll fuck them!
And just take it easy.
And listen you go out yourself go ahead go out do some things have some fun you gotta get some fun out of life
And listen, you go out yourself.
And my father he was from the united states just like you you know he was a yankee
And say, That's the bad guy.
And take this lousy money with you it stinks
And the guys who want it all chicas champagne flash they don't last
And then we step in for you
And they're getting away with it
And this
And what would frank say
And you take a taxi meet me at the track okay
And you tell him we fucked up he got away
And you what you call yourself
And you'll find out your biggest problem is not bringing in the stuff but what to do with all the fucking cash!
Another great night here at the babylon right okay all right!
Antonio mira!
Any family in the states cousins brother in law anybody
Anything beats lying around all day waiting for me to fuck you i'll tell you that!
Anything goes
Anyway I want you to marry me I want you to be the mother of my children
Anyway i'm glad you made it tony
Anyway what I got to tell you is this I like you
Are you afraid of tony huh
Are you all right no i'm not all right! i'm pissed!
Are you crazy
Are you crazy montana are you crazy
Are you even gonna be alive by the time the kid goes to school
Are you even gonna be alive by the time the kid goes to school?
Are you negotiating for frank lopez
Are you ready for some good news
Are you ready for some good news?
Are you serious
Aren't you part of the cuban crime wave
Arrested for vagrancy marijuana never man heroin cocaine no
Assassinate me who the hell would want to kill me I got nothing but friends!
Asshole fuck called me an asshole
At 10 5 a key it's puro
At the same time we are doing business with the very same government that is flooding our streets with cocaine
Back then I worked in pictures down in colombia
Baltimore where's that
Banana boat hold it you got the wrong guy I don't come off no banana boat okay
Basically what i'm looking for is somebody in the states who can share the risk with me
Basically, what I'm looking for is somebody in the States...
Be at hector's bodega at noon friday
Been in a mental hospital oh yeah on the boat coming over
Before I kill you?
Bernstein mel bernstein right
Better than your front let me tell you that's easier to watch
Big number yeah! that's on a monthly basis same thing every month
Bitch! lesbian! what I try to tell you
Bring it here
Building a more prosperous Miami.
Bulletproof this okay and this here and here okay and the windows
Bullshit man
Bunch of cowboys somebody fucked up
Business is business come on
But as soon as I get back to miami I will talk to frank personally
But he doesn't speak english he doesn't know his way around the states too well he needs a little help
But I say to myself this lopez your boss he had chivatos like that working for him
But my favorite cuban of all time has to be ricky ricardo
But that's history i'm here he's not
But the dregs of his jails.
But the women in this country when you do that they know they know what they understand they go crazy
But then we got to take the risk of moving it
But they're gonna come back at us on a tax evasion and they'll get it
But this man is the business brain and drug overlord of an empire that stretches across the andes
But we got a problem I can't pay more
But when you got 1 3 million undeclared dollars staring into a videotape camera honey baby it's hard to convince a jury you found it in a taxicab
But while he was on top he tortured a few guys to death
But you a man who ain't got his word is a cockroach
But you get a guy like that on your side he breaks his back for you
But you get a guy like that on your side...
By the way I got a vacation coming up
By this time i'd have had my own boat my own car my own golf course
Call him at his office at 3 00 sharp
Call your dog off me seidelbaum
Calmate man
Can't be that bad you know it's not like cuba you know
Can't you see what we're becoming tony we're losers we're not winners we're losers
Can't you stop saying fuck all the time
Can't you stop talking about money it's boring tony
Carter should see this human right he's really good
Castro felt he couldn't trust him and threw him in jail
Causing trouble like that come on
Causing trouble like that, come on.
Check it out manny okay and pay the guy
Chi chi! get the yeyo
Chief detective narcotics
Close that fucker down
Close the shop!
Close your mouth
Come here
Come here give me a kiss come here
Come here man I gotta talk to you
Come I want you to meet some of my friends
Come on
Come on come on
Come on get your clothes on and meet me in front of lopez motors in 45 minutes
Come on get your stuff you're coming with me
Come on gina
Come on gina put yourself in his place okay
Come on go ahead get him! let's go come on!
Come on I like scotch
Come on I want you to take this no I gotta go back in
Come on i'll bury these cocksuckers
Come on it's not so bad it could be worse
Come on look at your face it's all dirty
Come on make way for the bad guy there's a bad guy coming through! better get out of his way!
Come on man come on I gotta talk to you
Come on man it's important
Come on man she's just dancing come on take it easy
Come on this cocksucker's gonna run all over you
Come on tony don't be a schmuck
Come on we're not the only dopers living on the block okay remember that
Come on you like the ladies more than you like the money that's your problem
Come on! I take your fucking bullet! you think you kill me with bullets I take your fucking bullets! go ahead!
Cono take it easy cono my ass!
Construction business
Count on us being here tomorrow
Course not everybody follows the rules
Crazy guy know what he's been doing dragging me to the zoo to look at tigers he says he's gonna buy one now
Damn you!
Did you hear that guy you got to listen to him you'll learn something
Did you mug him first get him out of here! come on!
Did you mug him first? Get him out of here!
Did you sweep the house this month the cars
Die! die!
Dig a hole in the garden bury it and forget about it
Do another gram you'll all be babbling on
Do something be a nurse work with blind kids lepers that kind of thing
Do that you got 5 grand
Do we ever go anywhere without having 600 thugs hanging around all the time
Do we're going to war that's what we're gonna do
Do you even know about the trial
Do you even know that sheffield said he can get you a postponement
Do you know benny alvarez in tucson benny alvarez
Do you know what that's like these days
Do you remember hiram gonzalez
Do you want a chivato on every corner watching everything you do everything you say man
Do you want to be like a sheep like all those other people
Don't be mad at me please gina come on
Don't be mad at me.
Don't call me baby! i'm not your baby not yet but you gotta give me some time
Don't call me no fucking dishwasher or i'll kick your monkey ass
Don't foam into the donnie p
Don't forget the fog lights oh in case I get caught in a swamp that's a good idea
Don't fucking go crazy on me okay
Don't get confused tony
Don't get high on your own supply.
Don't give me that shit! let's talk talk to me! i'm talking
Don't go too far tony i'm not mel you are
Don't he know we could've got any space cadet to hit rebenga cheaper 50 bucks!
Don't push me baby
Don't push me! get the fuck outta here! come on go outside
Don't stay too fucking long we've got a lot of work to do
Don't talk to me about trust I don't like it
Don't tell her I gave it to you but give her some from time to time
Don't think I don't appreciate the gesture
Don't toot your horn honey you're not that good
Don't worry about it
Don't worry about it take it easy
Don't you ever try to fuck me
Dragging me to the zoo to look at tigers.
Elvie call no
Elvira when you gonna learn huh
Elvira where the hell you been it's 10 00 i'm starving
Elvira you want elvira
Ernie what time do you got ten two
Even if I were blind desperate starved and begging for it on a desert island you'd be the last thing i'd ever fuck
Ever since you came back she's been getting this way
Every day above ground is a good day
Every dog has his day huh mel
Every month of the year.
Excuse me one moment
Fernando wait!
Figures you wouldn't understand
Figures you wouldn't understand.
First you gotta work your way up to 500
Five years you'll be out in three maybe less if I can make a deal
For all I know he had me set up and had my friend angel fernandez killed
For all I know, he had me set up...
For you, maybe
Forget about $13,500.