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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alright darling I was doing
But only by the fucking hurt you I approach william so we had a few differences i'm not big deer I can be your stock I was told he believed in you I stayed loyal to you
Expensive ever alive dress if the other half undressed got together in between
Frank Lopez - Scarface Soundboard Sound
Hey frank your piece of shit done with talking about you know what i'm talking about you fucking cock a roach we're talking about
It wasn't a fucking hit squad up here that's why there's gonna be a water dist relax take it easy I mean type of source
Like your friend so sad I tell you something about the greaseball cock sucker he is a snake that's what he is it turned back on him
Or are you giving me orders
Remember I told you when you started the guys will last in this business but the guys will fly straight low key quiet and the guys will want at all
We do hereby chevere they ask brothers what about them on about casper gomez what is he going to do when you start moving two thousand keys I fucked the fucking thing as promised fucking law are bi...
What do you think i'm here I think he's a fucking peasant
You start your deal with social starling