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Home > Frank Garrett (Duncan Megaboard)
NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A stupid cocksucker like you don't have any reason
Actually you're old enough to know better than this shit
Ahh you call me.
And I don't think you have the authority to get them down to my house.
And this number is at my house, buddy.
And we got the insurance premium SB on first name basis.
And you know my name. You know where I live and you ain't gonna scare me with the telephone big over.
And you're calling my home number and calling me names so you just call whenever you want to.
Are you calling me for?
Are you going to get on the phone now when your fat ass dirty hippie birdie?
Are you in today? I have a boot stick up your ass what you have.
Are you leaving?
Are you looking for me for?
Are you retarded mother fucker? Get off the phone with you.
Are you stupid? Bitch? You probably couldn't even find the way.
Are you trying to get this? I love you 'cause you got 14.
But that's not what I wanna be building a building for you in Tokyo for.
But you don't even know me. Why do you wanna give me a custom board?
But you got it found out. If I don't want more healthy you, motherfucker.
Calculate the son of a bitch.
Call Macy's please or piss on you. Ain't got nothing on me.
Call shit you son of a bitch. You ain't longer to read a book with only a lawyer.
Can Take Me Out the apartment if you lie.
Can you call me?
Can you can come if you like her but I gotta surprise for you.
Can you get the block steered but you ain't got me scared, big boy.
Can't get enough money to buy what I feel, so quit calling.
Cell phone is rain and I answered it and it was. You explain that one to me.
Did you do?
Didn't do anything. You probably cripple you. Be out on the job.
Do you anymore scare me if you come down here?
Do you have that she had done this Samsung 3?
Do you know how to calculate camera telephone? I don't think much.
Do you like an 800 and they don't see you little counterfeit son of a bitch?
Do you like tomato under number discount external bitch?
Do you need Roy doesn't?
Do you think I give a shit?
Do you wanna call you hit your pastor duties?
Do you want Daddy?
Does not apply.
Doesn't like you get him now so shit I can't understand you.
Down the Police Department you exchanges for years behind bars looking out.
Drive you ain't got nothing else to do. You are nobody to talk to.
E great don't you?
Eating dinner.
English like you don't remember it really should be scared of you and I don't think I have that problem.
Even going for that 68 * 49.
Even my shit, you think you are Jesus Christ or something?
Fine if you wanna know.
Fuck you think you're kidding you stupid son of a bitch you
Get a psychiatrist?
Get the shiny keyboard.
Getting on the two motherfucker YouTube deals here.
Ha ha ha ha.
He's saying like I had told me.
Hello my darling do.
Hello stupid son of a bitch again prank calling me for six months.
Hello there, I don't have respect you call me.
Here about one stupid bitch.
Here in New York, you don't scare me too fucking much.
Here in the wrong is done calling you stupid mother fucker.
Hey there would be great if I gotta surprise for you when you do.
Hey you little pimple faced mother fucker you you ain't old enough to be online.
Hey you retarded son of a bitch. You can't even find me.
Hey you, you're losing your voice and I supposed to be scared.
Hey, they let you out of your fucking page again.
Hey, why don't you do that?
Hi, what are you doing now?
His resume.
How are you doing today? Mate, you stupid son of a bitch? You ain't getting no space to be bothered.
How are you going to get on this unavailable number and call and act? If you ain't up you bitch.
How do you hide behind the unknown #4?
How do you want now?
How do you want to eat your son of a bitches about the 4th call you've made today?
How would you like to kiss my ass?
How would you like to take a blood sucking my mystery.
I bet you ain't got one that'll run.
I bet you're tough at 82 aren't ya
I bet your grandmother one line.
I don't even like you, fuck you.
I don't know how do you think you are my mother.
I don't think you can shut me up. I'm talking about 1/2.
I don't want you talking. This can't do a damn thing for me.
I have you down there.
I knew where you lived I could tell you if I could work for you or not.
I said you're running in an evil or something.
I thought I thought you wanted in traffic.
I thought you said you like that.
I won't get my stuff, doesn't fit, maybe had heart attack. Damn it.
I won't know that you use under bitch once. Come down here with me. You found my phone number, everything want to come visit me?
I wouldn't be calling you if I need it now.
I'm scared to death, yeah you got him scared to death but you ain't gonna scare me you little cocksucker.
If I could, that have you had in jail?
If you took a little good looking for shipping, Mary, your aggravation of it, you know.
Ile I'll kind of cops ever you and grabbable with man and everybody.
Internet fucking type work overall.
Is that stupid Horgen and what you want?
Like my line, please see once you get some year old.
Little dumb shit.
Little pimple faced cock sucker. Do you want to go find somebody else to bother?
Lori and where do you live?
Lupita yeah yeah.
Mobile phone.
MU hear me to death.
Next email.
Next Sunday.
No, but you got your God damn recorder, which bleeding back over on the telephone line.
No, fuck you you not that he had not had a telephone. You ain't very tough.
No, my birthday.
Now you got another one, they said, right?
Oakland County don't like it.
Oh my comma.
Oh you stupid son of a bitch you don't even know what you're talking about'
Oh, we're getting a little bit of rain right now, but it's pretty. It's drive.
Oh, you ain't got the fucking clap.
OK, talk to you. Must haven't got there my coding so fuck y'all. Just hang up on you.
Or do you live now?
Or we can take his game.
Please bring the phone with idiots.
Please call me 8 times today.
Please send the bitch I thought you died.
Please take it.
Please what?
Probably a little bit old to do prank calling aren't you asshole?
Say you want to find it boring.
Select solid bitch you.
She called me yesterday you son of a bitch.
She could die and I'd be happy.
She said that the 4th call you've made today.
So do you want to see his son of a biscuit?
So does that make me a forward alligator?
So tell him to come on down.
So the hell you got benignant motherfucker you.
So we don't know shit.
So you did doubted me.
So you need them.
So you won't get dinner.
So your momma won't worry on the computer making obscene calls.
Stupid cops ever. You didn't go very far to steal. You got them so don't have a job.
Sure, never use.
Take another wild ass guess.
Take it out of the air?
Tell me your name. Can you come down but?
Thank you and have a good day.
Thank you rocket scientist.
Thank you shithead.
Thank you, Jackie.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks taking.
That smell like calling on my own table number on the nine 9900 number and all that shit.
That that view mall.
That was the first time they ever had some medical and ask for a job. They want to kick my ass. Then what do you want now?
That's exactly right.
That's how I'm doing.
That's me goddammit what do you want?
That's me.
That's me.
That's my line buddy. Get you on your own.
That's my line too leave it alone
That's my line you leave it alone goddammit
That's my line.
That's my line. Goddamnit, leave it alone.
That's my line. You leave it alone.
That's none of your fuckin' business.
That's right.
That's the way I'd answer.
That's what I do at home.
That's what I said, yeah?
That's what I said.
That's what I said.
That's what I said.
That's what I think.
That's what I thought you'd say.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's what I'm wondering.
That's where I come in.
That's your problem.
The area code.
The blood of Jesus is on your fuckin' head
The hell do you want?
The hell you're just a baby, I'm 72.
The man with the mouth full of shit again.
Then how did you call?
There you go again, back into that Japanese ship. I don't understand it.
There you go with that shit in your mouth again.
They can do a lot of things.
They let you out of that nut house again you stupid motherfucker?
They let your ass out again you stupid son of a bitch?
Things pretty dry around your house?
This call was initiated from. Sorry also piss on you.
This is a business phone and piss on you people. I don't know where you where you're coming from. Sound like a little punk prankster to me.
This is a business phone and you sound a little bit over here making prank caller.
This is a business phone. Get out of it.
This is FBI buddy
This is Frank Garrett
This is Frank Garrett.
This is Frank Garrett.
This is Friday night.
This is home.
This is me.
This is my bad 30s.
This is Stillwell, Oklahoma. Used and shit.
This is the 3rd time you called me today.
This must be Homer Scott.
This right here.
Thomas Wilson
Too damn small.
Trouble with your voice?
Turn that little skinny looking forward that she knows where I live.
Turn that sonofabitch. I get tired of you.
Turn the God damn paper quarter off you son of a bitch.
Ugly bitch like you could be my daughter. I'm pretty good looking guy.
Uh huh that's what I thought.
We got the wrong guy buddy. I don't even have a daughter.
We got there and you can't even talk, right?
We're here.