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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Again, motherfucker Rang. It's usually what happens when you all grades and pick it up.
Bring your telephone with you and you had that. Well, I beat your God family itself.
Choke on it yet then.
Do little pimple faced Cop Shepherd would he did call me on Sunday afternoon for.
Do you Jackass? Don't you know anything master say?
Do you want to meet your asset? Use the Home Sexy Mama Kitty or you need to do?
Does your Mama know you talk that way?
Frank Garrett (New Quotes) Sound
Frank Garrett (New Quotes) Sound
From the picture you gotta talk over the past four million more anger.
Fuck you bitch.
Fuck you you did down.
God damn crazy fucking idiot.
Great job you stupid mother fucker.
Ha ha ha.
He should be.
Help anyway I want asshole.
Help, like you sample price.
Hey Becca dance, have a good day.
Hey bitch.
Hey Chris, how you California catalog?
Hey proceed.
Hey thank you paper planes.
Hey you fucking mouth son of a bitch.
Hope you had a heart attack.
How about that?
How old are you, big boy?
How you gonna hide behind telephone? You can't go fucking find a man.
I didn't make the girls.
I don't even have a Dodge. I drive through it so I don't want to hear you get that through.
I don't give a fuck if you're calling from the moon. You tell me who you are.
I don't have a dog stupid motherfucker, can't you understand?
I don't have a dog.
I don’t give a shit if you’re King Kong
I have to launch it.
I know what you're doing. You little simple minded sonofabitch here.
I think you are pretty quiet.
I think you're old and fat and ugly, aren't you?
I wouldn't go. Do you hate your mother fucker? Couldn't commit suicide.
I'd like for you drive down here 'cause I'm feeling about it today, but I would like for you.
I'm tired of you sucking.
In your name's asshole.
It's bring your black ass down here and see what it's saying.
It's in my blood hip pocket, why?
Let let let let let.
Let me tell you something. You thermal mouse sonofabitch you quit going here OK?
Little shortcut concern, but you need to be fucking somebody.
Love you God damn stupid son of a bitch listen.
Median math sonofabitch
My name is Frank Gore and I live in Oklahoma.
No shit.
No shut up goddamnit. How did you answer?
No, thank you. I'm better than you are.
Oh fuck you bitch.
Oh fuck you in the horse you rode in on.
Oh kiss my fat ass would you?
Oh, you're the prick, you got them ugly son of a bitch you.
Parking understand what you saying.
Read it here. She more than God damn dumb smart Alec Server visit too old to do anything here. She gotta bother me. Hell fuck you.
So my help.
Speaker please meeting now. Mother fucker you.
Stuck in construction.
Thank you to every Spanish 7 bitch material.
That's probably your mother fucking business. You got damn, she hold you.
This is the number 6 call you make today. You got damn little shithead.
Use it pitch.
Welcome then mother fucker. I've got a little surprise for you.
Well, you won't you stupid bastard.
What do you want for it?
What fucking difference? It makes a huge you're not coming down, are you?
Why don't you let me stick a boot up your ass down here won't see you.
Yeah, damn foolish which you wanna go?
Yeah, hello retard.
Yeah, I heard you wish it did.
Yeah, thank you bitch.
Yo, my nickel you God damn fucking idiot.
You better stupid motherfucker.
You big lip, bitch, you I miss you can't do shit.
You calling me for yourself, bitch. I don't even like you.
You didn't finish yet.
You dumb bitch.
You gonna have to get your God damn seven would fix this.
You got damn little ignorant pimple faced sonofabitch you.
You think I give a shit?
You're not as funny as a part time.
Your ensemble bitch. Where do you live?
Your phone is shit. I never called you never this afternoon so before you.