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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break him for no you understand that piece of shit up there I never like him I never trust her here for all I know he had me set up and ...
An actor and i'm tony so
Block frank dynisco home we got to expand whole operation distribution new york chicago LA
Chick chick chick at the yale love you tony
Come back and get this correct fuck you who put this thing together main that's who who do I trust maine fuck
Happy LEGO
Have clutch look many I wanted to go to high with their foreign ships only thing he's getting up come on let's do it when you feel good make you feel good to kill 'em all in a place where you feel ...
Hello this is martha martha hello
Hey listen my friend tony montana i've been telling you about the only that so much wiring and that's why the wrong sorry I got something for you yeah where we got
I like your tony there is no lying in you unfortunately I do not feel the same about the rest of your organization what do you mean
I thought it was sunday it didn't listen to me so after canceling fucking contact
It's gone now what is your problem baby I gotta call him 'cause you good looking but you have a grateful body beautiful legs beautiful christmas only sky some novel give me early gotta look in your...
Like chickens with jet lag do you like you on how do you know I know the eyes chico never lying
Man in ghana 's worth it's a cockroach
Manually connect command pelican or various
Me I want must come to me or was coming to utah the world chico and everything in it
Not by outlawing the substances but by legalizing and taxing them these voices say that will drive out the organized crime element I am not one of those voices I know that but you know why but
Nothing wrong with a capital letter gore let him go not a quaalude she gonna love me again
Shut down
So how do I know you're not about those who tony hey let's get this straight now I never fucked any
So what do you call yourself como say yama antonio montana speak the english he was for united states
That's a lot of pictures will be watched while showing yourself could you have a tire what the fuck you gonna do that now
This is paris and thumb in this town like a great big pussies waiting to get fucked ten years ago i've been a millionaire by this point
Tony Montana - Scarface Soundboard Sound
We do hereby chevere they ask brothers what about them on about casper gomez what is he going to do when you start moving two thousand keys I fucked the fucking thing as promised fucking law are bi...
Well hell romeo do your things just hang back
What barney
What I typed in this country you gotta make the money for us then we get the money you get about that we get a power then you get the woman that's why you gotta make your moves
When couples one o'clock ish
When you gone come here every I was kidding I was on it getting
Who do you think you fucking look like I told you about that you fuck with me
Yes up
You are a bunch of fucking asshole you know why you don't have the guts to be what you wanna be you need
You still got the money yeah and I got the yale who are you yeah right fuck you I take an internal past myself yeah now you may
You sure a couple of mil I go on the street for you I make a couple of moves for milyar middle there forgot OK
You tell your cash in miami your friend impression I kill a communist for fun or for green card I gotta carve him up real nice
You want to do any cash