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Bill Wurtz  Soundboard

Bill Wurtz Soundboard

Bill Wurtz is an American musician, singer-songwriter, animator, video editor, and internet personality based in New York City.
See also: Bill (given name), History of the world, List of indie pop artists, Money (disambiguation), Wurz, and Outside.

And if you're recording yourself, you feel a little bit more legitimate when you're doing it.
As much as I hated the fact that you couldn't overdub, you can't overdub. You probably can now.
Because that's not the kind of thing you want to be wrong about.
Electricity makes things turn.
Hello I'm a piece of garbage.
Hi, bye.
I tried to design my own questions page, but I wasn't like smart enough to do it, so I just used askfm.
I'm a loser.
I'm not sure if I am or not. I'm scared to check.
I'm on my.
Is to just pretend you have exactly the audience you want.
La La La La La La La La.
Let's get home. Up.
No, I don't think Max would give up that.
Perfect grammar and perfect spelling about how I'm the worst person.
Pretend you're a legend already.
Pretty intense. Pretty scary. You know, you have to train myself in new ways, you know, because I'd be, you know, refreshing the YouTube comments every 10 seconds.
Raindrops are poisonous.
Shut up.
Sing me a song.
Started to just get really serious about songwriting.
The good thing about Vine was was that no one will get mad at you for making short videos.
There is no schedule right now.
There was for Vine. I was doing dailies on Vine, and then I finally dropped the dailies on Vine right about when I started the scoring process for history of Japan.
They didn't let you overdub MIDI. You literally have to do this trade where you duplicate a track, record the thing, and then join it again.
We are humans, we are humans, and we've come to take you away.
What's worse is it's this is MIDI we're talking about. How could you not overdub MIDI?
When I wanted to do it, the technology wasn't there, at least for a normal. Kid like me to have access to it.
Why would anyone make a piece of software especially for like one of the major graphic operating systems like Mac OS or Windows? Why would anyone make a piece of software without making every possi...