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Come over ladies wrestling except when they do it in pudding that's just the meaning to the human beings who make pudding
Hi I had some friends you are
I got myself a wedgy too
I twisted my ankle
I'm glad i'm glad i'm not the only one who is disgusted by pornography
I'm just brainstorming here
It creates a standard of idealized beauty that your average man can't compete with
It's offensive it's demeaning
Not maine
Oh we can make it a house pancakes
Right you know with colonial valley you can get forty thousand dollars and stroke coverage just for signing up
Shame on you hank hill what you do in the privacy of your own home is disgusting enough but to let it spill out into our streets where my future children will someday play
Uh no
Used to make me wear dresses
When my wife left me 'cause I was lazy independence did even wanna you find me a new one
Where are you
Who won't cold when you want cold when got some cold ones here there called
Yeah and you can never be denied coverage based on what you eat
You know it's damnedest thing
You need a good vacation with your new best friend khan who you love so much
You're my dad used to punish me by telling me I was a girl