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And even if i'm wrong so why
And I believe that if I didn't have that kind of a very strict education i've probably in a penitentiary right now
And I have a degree in history I have every letter written between madison and jefferson and I know what i'm talking about
And you should be ashamed of yourself
Believe me alright
But what you learn from catholic school is discipline and you learn manners you learn to respect other people in authority you learn to perform you learn that there is a higher being you are on earth
Do you have a roommate
Everything man does everything is screwed up everything alright nature nothing is screwed up everything works the way it's supposed to work
Hi how are you
I am stupid I am a stupid guy
I believe that there had to be a higher power to create this kind of a perfect system within nature food water sun moon stars it's just didn't happen
I don't know
I guess you go on dates with guys
I mean i'll get a little wild and wooly once in awhile
I save sponge bob 's reputation sponge bob is my best friend now
I save sponge bob singlehandedly
I think we all know where you're going with this
I want to marry a guy an update
I went to catholic school for grammar school and high school
I'm sorry
I'm thinking about going back to school and coming out there
If you want to disagree with me you go right ahead
It is crazy gay marriage insanity is going to lead to all kinds of things like this quarts are going to be clogged every nut in the world is going to you know somebody going to marry I want to marr...
Man could not have done anything
Marijuana is no big deal let's legalize it
Men and I know men real well being a manly man up barbarians
Of course not
OK do the math
Oral sex I thought it was sex with a tooth
President bush is a dumb F
Sixty kids in the class and nobody was worried about myself esteem they were put me in the closet and put me in the dumb RO
That is fallacious
That's correct
There's one big big fallacy in your argument with all due respect
What else you have to say
What's going on
Who is looking out for you
Would you be against me marrying the mcguire twins
You got the bourne movies you got you naked running around I mean it's going on
You're a sissy