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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Are you habitually using drugs, stimulants, alcohol?
Are you menstruating right now?
Are you seeing anyone?
Back off then I'm a scientist
Because you did not use the magic word
But we came we saw we kicked it's ass
Chelsea amonkhet wildly fucked by some teenage girls
Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual
Do you think i'm acting like this because i'm egocentric
Doctor albert schweitzer
Eight o'clock
For a moment
Give me angry we give me angry you had a bad day you're cranky
Good gas but wrong
Good morning
His doctor venkman
I am madly in love with you
I demand an explanation
I feel so funky
I gotta put the mayor wants to rap with me about some things
I have a great body
I have been stabbed shot poisoned frozen hung electrocuted and burned
I have problems
I know I gotta straighten out this is ridiculous
I think there's just been a slight misunderstanding and I want to cooperate in any way that I can
I will miss her
I'm a man i'm sensitive I need to feel loved I need to be desired
I'm a qualified psychologist I have a degree
I'm going to ask you a couple of standard questions OK
I'm not at liberty to say
I'm peter
I'm peter venkman
I'm sorry
I'm studying the effect of negative reinforcement an ESP ability
I'm the chairman of the largest paranormal removal company in america
I'm truly sorry your honor
I'm warning you
If you had brain one in that huge melon on top of your neck
If you or any member of your family ever been diagnosed schizophrenic mentally incompetent
Is this a fake hang up
Is this a trick question
It's miller time
It's technical it's one of our little toys
Janine melnitz from my staff
Kid and I think what i'm saying is that sometimes shit happens someone has to deal with it and who are you going to call
Let me tell you something about myself I come home from work to my place at all I have is my work there's nothing else in my life
Life PH DS in parapsychology an psychology
My friend don't be a jerk
New hampshire
Now sue your ass for wrongful prosecution
One of the long distance line is going to be repaired
Only occur pathian would come back to life now and choose new york
See ya
Shut a sonofabitch faster douche bag twat
So be good for goodness sake low
So the basic problem is that i'm still around
Thanks so much
There are some things in this world that go way beyond human understanding
This chick is toast
This is what you do with your spare time
This man has no dick
Those words mean so much to a man who scrubs garbage can
Tito puente is going to be dead and you're going to say i've been listening to him for years
Well can we just talk
Well I just feel so much better if I knew where you were
Well that's what I heard
Well they may be my theory is correct
Well what if there is no tomorrow there wasn't one
What a crime
What a lovely singing voice you must have
What about the twinkie
What high school did you go to
What's your name
Where are you from originally
Who's your twelfth grade english teacher
Winter slumbering in the open air where is on his smiling face a dream of spring
Yeah you could say that
Yes i'm doctor venkman
You have been a bad monkey
You know I have met some tom blinds in my life but you take the taco pal
You know I have to laugh
You know I should have been your father
You know you have been better off marrying me
You only have seventy five more to go
You volunteer didn't you
You're a sexual dynamo most guys couldn't even handle you i've been reading books on the outside just so I can keep up with you
You're afraid your plan it will explode
You've never had anybody give you the engine light treatment