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Core Keeper Soundboard

Core Keeper Soundboard

Core Keeper is a survival sandbox game developed by Pugstorm. It was released to Steam in early access on 8 March 2022 and received praise for its game mechanics, art style, and tone and atmosphere. The game features mining, crafting, farming and exploration in a procedurally generated underground world.
See also: List of games using procedural generation, Indie game, Apache ZooKeeper, Corey Feldman, E3 2021, and Dublin Core.

Cavelings OST
Colossal Predators OST
Core Keeper SFX 10 Mining
Core Keeper SFX 2
Core Keeper SFX 3
Core Keeper SFX 4
Core Keeper SFX 5 Running
Core Keeper SFX 6
Core Keeper SFX 7
Core Keeper SFX 8
Core Keeper SFX 9
Curiosity Intro OST
Echoes Of The Past Main Menu Soundtrack
Light From Above OST
Living Walls OST
Mysteries Uncovered OST
Notes From The Underground OST
Simple Lives OST
Uncanny OST