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The Mighty Boosh - Season 3

The Mighty Boosh - Season 3

The Mighty Boosh - Season 3 is a British television show created by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. This iconic comedy series aired from 2007 to 2008, dazzling audiences with its surrealist humor and colorful characters.

The show follows the adventures of Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Howard Moon (Julian Barratt), two eccentric friends working at the dilapidated "Nabootique" shop. Season 3 takes the duo to even stranger places than before, as they encounter bizarre creatures, explore alternate dimensions, and confront their own insecurities.

Joining Vince and Howard are a delightful ensemble of eccentric characters. The cast includes Dave Brown as Bollo, a wise and towering gorilla; Michael Fielding as Naboo, the mystical shaman with a penchant for partying; and Rich Fulcher as Bob Fossil, the deranged zoo manager with an obsession for jazz fusion.

In Season 3, Vince and Howard find themselves transported to the Arctic tundra, where they encounter the Yeti and embark on a quest to find Bollo's missing birthday present. They also travel to the desert, where they confront the Spirit of Jazz and become entangled in an epic battle between good and evil. Along the way, they meet a host of bizarre characters, including a talking cocktail stick, a giant thumb, and even the Hitcher (played by Anthony Stewart Head), a menacing character from their past.

The Mighty Boosh - Season 3 is renowned for its vibrant and fantastical visual style. Each episode is filled with imaginative costumes, psychedelic animations, and catchy musical numbers. The series showcases the creative talents of its creators, Barratt and Fielding, who wrote and performed all the songs featured in the show. From the electro-pop anthem "Eels" to the melancholic ballad "The Nightmare of Milky Joe," the music of The Mighty Boosh perfectly complements its wacky and whimsical world.

Fans of The Mighty Boosh can enjoy the sounds of Season 3 by playing and downloading its delightful tunes. Whether you're humming along to the infectious melodies or laughing at the show's absurd humor, the music instantly transports you back to the zany world of Vince and Howard.

So, grab your jazz hands and prepare for a wild and surreal journey with The Mighty Boosh - Season 3. With its oddball characters, outlandish adventures, and unforgettable songs, this cult-classic British comedy series continues to captivate audiences and leave them longing for more.

To play and download the sounds of Season 3, visit [insert website] and immerse yourself in the quirky and hilarious universe of The Mighty Boosh. Get ready to experience a rollercoaster ride of laughter and wonder as Vince, Howard, and their eccentric friends take you on one hilarious and surreal trip after another.

A 12 disc box set of Charlie Mingus just came in there's some pretty raw outtakes on there.
A big shot director was gonna be there, but I can't act. I just...
A cheese plant can send you into a panic.
A complex process which a civilian would have no way of knowing.
A couple of hours later, you've got yourself a fire. Hm?
A couple of those on the arms, a bit of kindling...
A fox came in? What is this? Beatrix Potter?
A long time ago, before people had webbed knees,
A lot of bad things can happen to a boy like you.
A lot of bad types, a lot of mean people... a lot of nutters.
A minor setback? They destroyed us.
A pencil? No, no, no! Look, it's Niagara Falls. It's a seagull.
A proper gesture.
A situation. You've lost your ladder. Look for your ladder.
A thousand euros by midnight or I'll set me eels on you again.
A whole new kingdom of gaydom!
Aarghl I am the angry crab of trapped windl
About safety precautions and fire exits and stuf.
Absolutely everyone was asking for him today.
Actually, it's gonna be all right.
Ah, here we are once more in my acting dojo.
Ah, Howard, we do remember you. Shall we take you to the brain?
Ah, swordplay!
Ah, that's told him.
Ah, the chokes. Old chokey. Chokus pocus.
Ah, there you are, you prancing kingfisher. Prepare to die!
Ah, we were amazing. We are the kings of crimp.
Ah! There you are!
All change, please. Paperclip Castle.
All day I've been getting into the mind set of the executioner.
All he needs now is a tall, Northern, jazzy freak with a moustache and no dress sense.
All I want is just some coppers.
All my mates were there last night. They're well shallow. I'm out of the loop now.
All right, come in for five minutes...
All right, Gary?
All right, girls? Check me out. I'm a multicoloured sex machine.
All right, I got an idea. Check this out.
All right, I gotta go, Naboo, yeah?
All right, let's not panic, OK? Let's ring Naboo.
All right, Naboo. You got the money?
All right, that was the first go.
All right. Check this out. This, my friend, is the celebrity radar.
All right. Do it, Bollo.
All right. Keep your hair on. I'll do it.
All right. Uh oh.
All right. Without further ado, let's welcome to the stage
All shrunk. And they were all tight to his head.
All the little 'uns would gather here, and Ray would lie down there like a seal pup.
All those hours spent weeping by the window. Bring Uncle back for me.
All we need now is the light of the full moon.
All we need to do is find something that only we do, something that no one else does.
And 2 goes, "I've locked the door!"
And 9 goes, "I can't! I gotta get out of here!"
And a peanut that can make me see into the future
And accidentally Photoshopped my own head over your dead singer's face.
And Dante, the racist badger.
And destroy the one thing you love? The one thing you hold dear to yourself?
And glued the feathers onto himself with Pritt Stick.
And he had the light, sunny, simpleton feel.
And he had them, uh, dry cleaned,
And he liked to eat rattlesnakes on toast and use crocodiles as taxi cabs.
And he read an article about London life.
And he set off to the town.
And he'll try and rip your heart out through your kneecaps.
And here you are, a stranger, giving me a wondrous cape.
And his hands became see through and he knew he was gonna die.
And how did you come by that money,
And I said, "I'm the Moon, I'm made of cheese."
And I swear to God I'll fill your face in, pal.
And I took that emotion and I used it in the scene.
And I was ringing him to find out where it was.
And I'd play a song that goes a little bit like this...
And if you don't like that transaction I jab you in the gums with me screwdriver?
And if you're going to branch out into kinky sidelines, don't advertise it on the shop.
And in the designated refuse area.
And it was all fine.
And listen, we got a big shot director coming down to see Sammy the Crab.
And my room's out of bounds.
And number 2 goes, "No! I'm going to slice you and learn how to slice others!"
And number 9 goes, "I want cofee."
And one of those things where you go backwards and land on your feet. Cool.
And over and over again and over,
And pills for levitation, all that shit?"
And played those first few chords, people must have thought he was mental!
And quickly became the toast of Camden.
And quickly became the toast of Camden.
And sax... down, up, down
And sit under Mr. Willow, the tree.
And so the moral of the story is that...
And stick a French banger of acting up Sammy's arse, the little pink shit.
And that makes your hair more dificult to straighten?
And that's why I can't go for that.
And the final sword, please, Bollo.
And the impostor, he got munched down like a KitKat.
And the magpie shaved the peacock with some clippers
And the other half go, "Ugh, he's a vanilla rapist! Get him away from my kids!"
And the penalty is very clear. A turban full of tequila, in one.
And then decided he was gonna go to London.
And then it's just down there, on the right. Ha ha!
And then there's Lester, who is basically an invalid, and I need to walk him home, don't I?
And they did. And it tasted of baby sick.
And this is the number 9. The 9 is a customer, right?
And torn of at the shoulders
And up, down... Feel it burn. Feel that bebop burn.
And Uranus, he knocked up a spaghetti Bolognese.
And what exactly is it that you sell, boy?
And when they come back they'd all shrunk down.
And whose fault was that?
And yesterday I saw him do a shit on a salad.
And you will change your mind.
Anyone for volleyball?
Anyway, I've had deeper relationships in my mind, at a distance, than you'll ever have.
Anyway, that is so out of the blue, you've creeped me out.
Apart from a brief stint playing bass for The Style Council, I've not worked since.
Apparently he's in Marks & Spencer in the dads' section buying a jacket.
Are you blind, you nonce?
Are you fucking getting it, you dickhead?
Are you going to be all right here?
Are you insane? There's at most one track I could get away with, of maybe Rumours.
Are you out of your mind? You've walked right into his trap.
Are you the new face of trapped wind? Nice work, Howard.
Are you training to be a football manager? Are you Terry Venables? No, no, no, no, no.
Argh! Argh! Ooh!
Argh! Whoo!
As if they exist. They're the stuf of legends, like unicorns.
As long as she doesn't find out what goes on here
At night in our room when no one's looking but we have been doing it.
Bad area around here, boy.
Bad things can happen to sunshine people.
Bad things can happen to sunshine people.
Be careful, that's a lethal toxic tipped harpoon loaded with anti jazz.
Be quiet, please. I can't hear my internal TomTom. We appear to be lost
Beauteous. You get into the band, you get me in as a manager.
Because I used to be a bin man.
Because I'm your father!
Because these guys welcomed me back with open arms.
Because we had the same pencil cases, he'd put his pencils in my pencil case.
Because you're rolling with the boys?
Being as you're the worst shopkeeper I've ever laid me solo peeper on?
Best of five?
Best out of three?
Big pieces of shit.
Big time avant garde director coming through.
Bin men are real men, tall as they are wide, with big hands, big necks, big dreams.
Black Tubes? That's just men in tight trousers howling.
Blast away the pain of trapped wind with these.
Blimey, I'm not dead! Something seemed to stop the bullet.
Blu Tack lives in the Blu Tack garden, Sellotape upon the Sellotape tree.
Bollipop man.
Bollo under strict instructions no Bob Fossil.
Bollo, can you stop pretending to be Mark King and make my legs thin?
Bollo, get the big cauldron out of the loft. I feel a punch coming on
Bollo, get the magic carpet. We need to sort this out.
Bollo, I'm having a panic attack. The shop's going to be all right, innit?
Bollo, what you doing?
Bollo, where are they?
Bollywood lollipop man, huh?
Boots does a late opening on Thursdays. I could nip down there.
Boring. Hey, are you still trying to sell these jazz records?
But don't forget to glitter up those flippers cos aqua bling is so far in.
But first I'm gonna to cut you slags up.
But he decided he was gonna cos he was a wilful little fox,
But he was on digital telly late at night and got poor viewing figures.
But he worked hard and eventually he got his own show.
But he's asked me to put phat beats down on his new shapes. I'm tempted, you know
But he's given that up now to pursue his dream of becoming a folk legend.
But I followed those dreams and that passion, and they took me to Doncaster...
But I thought, "Do I need this?" And I realised I've got everything I need right here
But inside I've got a rich and fertile inner life.
But it's forbidden for a peasant to touch a shaman's garments.
But now here's an act that's going to save the day.
But of course. I shouldn't really do this, but perhaps there is a way, Naboo.
But that's our angle!
But the gig starts in an hour, so I'm going to take you to level 42.
But the party lifestyle took its toll.
But what happened was there wasn't any Parmesan,
But what if I went for a finer gauge corduroy... up against a mufin?
But when I see these chiquitas... drives me insane.
But, last try, this one I call the "survival patch".
But, um, it's coming on in leaps and bounds around here
By this time, his face was really close to mine
Bye. Nice to meet you.
Called Tiny Robert.
Calm down, all right? Listen to some words of wisdom from Naboo.
Calm down, all right? Listen to some words of wisdom from Naboo.
Can I come in your house? You've been in my house.
Can it, Harrison.
Can you get of me, please? Listen, you're in imminent danger from...
Can you just get downstairs, please?
Can you not mention Van Morrison?
Can you really? Can you? Oh, well, can you do this?
Can you shut up?! Listen, I'm gonna say this once and only once.