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NewsRadio - Season 4

NewsRadio - Season 4

NewsRadio is an underrated gem of a television show that aired from 1995 to 1999, and its fourth and final season is no exception. This satirical sitcom follows the absurd and often hilarious dynamics of the staff at WNYX, a fictional AM news radio station in New York City. With a talented ensemble cast and smart writing, season 4 of NewsRadio continues to deliver sharp comedy and memorable moments.

The cast of NewsRadio is led by the effortlessly funny Dave Foley, who plays Dave Nelson, the station's mild-mannered news director. Joining him is the brilliant and captivating Phil Hartman as Bill McNeal, the egotistical yet charming on-air talent. Maura Tierney shines as Lisa Miller, the ambitious and often exasperated reporter, while Stephen Root brings his unique comedic talents as eccentric billionaire Jimmy James. Joe Rogan portrays Joe Garrelli, the street-smart and outspoken electrician, and Vicki Lewis steals scenes as eccentric secretary Beth.

Season 4 of NewsRadio kicks off with a bang as the beloved Bill McNeal returns from his summer vacation with a surprise - his new wife, Catherine Duke (portrayed by Khandi Alexander), a former news anchor. This unexpected twist sets the stage for hilarious situations, as Bill and Catherine's marriage becomes a source of constant amusement for the rest of the office.

One of the standout episodes of this season is titled "The Public Domain," where Dave and Lisa find an old obscure song by a deceased musician and claim they wrote it. This episode showcases the clever writing and comedic timing that makes NewsRadio so memorable. Another fan-favorite episode from season 4 is "Super Karate Monkey Death Car," where Dave offers Jimmy James a book deal for his autobiography, leading to an outrageous title that becomes a hit sensation. The hilarious fallout from the book's success is both absurd and oddly endearing.

Music plays a significant role in Season 4 of NewsRadio. The show tastefully incorporates various songs and jingles throughout the episodes, enhancing the comedic moments and creating a unique atmosphere. From the catchy station jingle to quirky background music, the soundtrack of NewsRadio adds another layer of enjoyment for the viewers.

If you want to relive the witty banter, comedic mishaps, and memorable moments of NewsRadio Season 4, fret not! You can easily access and enjoy these fantastic sounds by playing and downloading them here. The nostalgia-inducing themes, hilarious one-liners, and unforgettable scenes are just a click away, granting you a joyful trip down memory lane.

NewsRadio's continued success in Season 4 is a testament to the talented cast who bring their characters to life. Phil Hartman's portrayal of Bill McNeal is especially noteworthy, as he effortlessly balances the character's ego and vulnerability, leaving a lasting impression on every scene he appears in. Similarly, Dave Foley's deadpan comedic timing and Maura Tierney's sharp delivery make Dave and Lisa a dynamic duo that viewers can't help but root for.

The final season of NewsRadio showcases the unique blend of workplace humor, intelligent writing, and lovable characters that made the show a cult classic. It tackles relatable workplace scenarios with a satirical touch, using humor to deconstruct the absurdity of corporate culture and media. NewsRadio Season 4 is a nostalgic trip for those who followed the show during its original run and a delightful discovery for new viewers.

In conclusion, NewsRadio Season 4 is a comedic masterpiece that deserves recognition. With its talented cast, smart writing, and memorable moments, this sitcom continues to entertain audiences even years after its original airing. So, sit back, relax, and relish in the hilarity of WNYX's quirky staff by indulging in the sounds of NewsRadio Season 4 - available for your listening pleasure here!

A baby?
A blimp? No!
A boss maybe you even hate a little bit? No! Why
A bottle of wine and thou.
A buddy of mine died in '87. You could use his I.D.,
A buddy of mine works at adult video conventions.
A certain Jimmy James"
A Dave who, for lack of a better phrase, is...
A desire to to live life to its fullest.
A fact I only learned moments ago.
A favorite song or book, movie, anything?
A few months ago I translated it into Japanese, and guess what.
A figment of your imagination.
A full investigation followed by a report.
A good, scary boss who yells at people who are trying to be nice to her.
A great group, for the most part. So where's Bill?
A hundred dollars says You don't have $100.
A hundred if you guys wind up doing it.
A hundred percent. Everything's fine. Don't come down here.
A leotard? Oh, man!
A little bird just flew into the glass and died.
A little creative role playing might help us all learn more about ourselves.
A little place I like to call "Crap House Central." Come on.
A little song and dance, but without the dance, of course. Uh huh.
A lot more.
A lot of people don't know that about me, but it's true.
A man who could not take it anymore.
A message that I think we all hear loud and clear.
A miniature prototype of which my flight technician, Joe, is bringin' right in.
A party, yeah, but I don't know about the surprise part.
A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Cheryl. Good afternoon. Walter.
A pleasure, Mr. Nelson. Ah.
A polygraph test? Why?
A priest, rabbi and an astronaut are all on a life raft, and they only got one sandwich.
A professional masseuse can do for us all
A prostate can swell up to the size of a g****fruit?
A really bad batch of ye old fashioned radio fudge?
A remarkably harmonious, post romantic friendship.
A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous,
A super effort, but I've seen this in every office.
A tad overdone. [ Grunts ]
A thief has entered. We are all in danger.
A thousand and one actually. Oh, you have something right there.
A thousand thank yous for filling in on such short notice.
A virgin? I knew it. It's a trick.
A wizard casts a spell on us while we are
A world of enchantment awaits. Where we going first?
Abandoned the car in a junkyard.
Abdul is a Bedouin. He found me, he revived me.
About 45 minutes. But
About how love affects job performance
About imaginary love triangles that you're not even a part of?
About Matthew. Oh.
About me.
About the fact that somebody's gettin' a little...
About this little arson thing, 'cause it's kind of embarrassing.
About two years. Three years.
About what you said about chewing tobacco and the dangers it poses.
Absolutely. We're just like rats in a Habitrail to them.
According to this, this station is losing...
Actually reminds me of the time that you said in the Madison Gazette,
Actually, he's kind of got a point though.
Actually, I never really listened to Dave.
Actually, I think Bill just might make a terrific father.
Actually, I was making a move on him.
Actually, I'm not quite sure Matthew, would you like to take me to dinner tonight?
Actually, is there any way it can wait? I'm really busy right now.
Actually, no. Say no more.
Actually, nothing goes on here without his go ahead. Really?
Actually, on second thought Yeah, it's gonna be good.
Actually, we're an all news format. Mostly A.M.
Actually, you can't do that. I promised him I wouldn't tell anybody.
Actually, you know what? There is. Yeah?
Ad Sales is on line three, the F.C.C. is on line five
Advocated pulling foreign diplomats from their cars and beating them.
After I got fired, I got kicked out of my apartment.
After me? I'm touched.
After our final performance at... Badger Jam '88.
After that incident in Grand Rapids,
After we did it.
After which we made the pact.
Again, I would like to say I accept full responsibility
Again, thank you.
Ah da da da da. I can answer the question.
Ah, a clean desk for a clean boss.
Ah, come on. He's not even here.
Ah, excuse me, guys. Excuse me. I'm sorry.
Ah, excuse me, I'm looking for Bill McNeal.
Ah, I see. I see.
Ah, just didn't have the heart to tell the poor son of a bitch.
Ah, keep it.
Ah, Lisa, this is radio.
Ah, screw the talk! Let's sing!
Ah, that's better.
Ah, there are things in this living world far sweeter...
Ah, there, that's much better.
Ah, to be young again.
Ah, well, Danny and I were looking for you.
Ah, well, it's not another story about a courageous cat, is it?
Ah, well.
Ah, well. This is my office, and he's not here.
Ah, well. Yes, but if you recall, that was ultimately a mutual decision.
Ah, who am I kidding? I love the little guy.
Ah, you know, actually he's kinda cute.
Ah! Oh, doggone it! What am I thinkin'?
Ah! Oh, you do, do you?
Ah. "Have you ever lied to a coworker?
Ah. I don't know what you're talkin' about, because I'm not involved,
Ah. Making any progress there, sir? Second base.
Ah. Okay.
Ah. Then good. That's the stuff.
Ah. Well, Bill, we're not living in 19th century England.
Ah. Well, no rush on that. No rush.
Ah. Yes.
Aha! So, the truth comes out at last again.
Aha. And that's the Secret of Management?
Ahoy, mates.
Ahoy. Welcome to Petey the Pirate's Funtime Pizza Palace.
Ain't he the cutest thing? Yeah.
All I can think of is is radio, radio, radio!
All I'm doing is getting on the air...
All I'm saying is he belongs down in steerage,
All right then, everyone. If no one else has anything to add, um
All right, all right, all right.
All right, all right. Bill, sit down.
All right, Bill.
All right, Bill.
All right, Bill. It's time to end this farce, all right?
All right, Bill. Now you get to see parenting in action.
All right, Dave. I don't want you to panic,
All right, dude. So here's the deal.
All right, dude. That's it. Yeah, it is it. Tickle, tickle, tickle.
All right, dude. Well, whatever happens tonight,
All right, everyone. The excitement's over.
All right, fair enough. Folks, we're in a crisis situation here.
All right, fine. I just wanna go on record saying...
All right, fine. I'll leave you to your pirate nerd radio.
All right, here we go. All righty.
All right, your varmint! Get a ready to draw!
All right! Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it.
All right! Then I want you to sign right there. Look at that.
All right?
All right? Fine.
All right? I I applaud your misguided efforts to make me jealous,
All right? No. That's all right.
All right? What is he talking about?
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. All right.
All right. All right. But who do you think wrote those clichés?
All right. All right. How many times have I told you?
All right. All right. Uh Time for what?
All right. All right. You know, why do you keep treating me like I'm the enemy?
All right. Any other dead weight? Just the microphone.
All right. Can I ask a question?
All right. Come on! Come on!
All right. Come on. On the day in question, she made three calls...
All right. Exactly what kind of career do you have lined up anyway?
All right. Except for Dave. Sorry, big guy. [ Mouthing Words ]
All right. First order of business.
All right. First, you have got to clean up after him. I'm not gonna do that for you.
All right. For the last time, I'm up in the air in a balloon!
All right. Here goes nothing.
All right. Here we go.
All right. Hold on. Would you excuse me, please?
All right. I just hope you two know what you're doing.
All right. I obviously didn't watch as much Zoom as you, but
All right. I spray painted graffiti on the gymnasium by [ Buzzes ]
All right. I'll tell ya what. Give me a little time to figure out a graceful exit, all right?
All right. I'm right here when you need me. All right.
All right. I'm screwed. That's it.
All right. It's a date. Oh, okay. Excellent!
All right. Just humor an old billionaire, would you?
All right. Keep on going. Keep on going.
All right. Knock it off. This has gone too far.
All right. Let's go get loaded. Okay?
All right. Matthew.
All right. No holds barred, all out Ultimate Fighting.
All right. Okay.
All right. Quit the screwin' around. Where's the birthday boy?
All right. So we got a deal?
All right. Stand right there.
All right. That gives us components "A" through "B."
All right. The next time you guys see me,
All right. Turn around.
All right. Uh
All right. Uh, look, uh,
All right. Uh, where are you going, sir?
All right. We're almost ready to go live. Let me just prep you a little.
All right. Well, fine. But just don't let it interfere with your work, okay?
All right. Well, here's my union's list of demands
All right. Well, I have to go talk to him
All right. Well, then I'm I'm missin' somethin' here.
All right. Well, who who's Joe gonna be fighting?
All right. What do you say we just hit "copy"?
All right. Whoa, hold on. What's going on here?
All right. Wow.
All right. You get some rest, pal, and put this whole sordid affair out of your mind.
All right. You got it.
All right. You killed Ted. Big deal. Am I right?
All right. You ready?
All right. You tell me what happened. Okay.
All right. You've caught me. Yes, there is somebody in this office...
All right. You've got my vote.
All systems All systems are go.
All the top companies are hazing new employees nowadays.
Allow me to see if the master is in.
Almost more of an automaton than a human being.
Almost, almost. I still got a little sand in my shorts.
Alone? Okay.
Already he almost makes as much as I do
Also represent the F.C.C.?
Also, I love you.