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Revenge (2011) - Season 1

Revenge (2011) - Season 1

"Revenge" is a captivating television series that first aired in 2011 and managed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats for four seasons. Filled with suspense, drama, and unexpected twists, this show combines elements of mystery and justice as its characters navigate a world consumed by vengeance.

The lead character, Emily Thorne, is brought to life by the talented actress Emily VanCamp. Driven by a burning desire to avenge her father's wrongful conviction and subsequent death, Emily takes on a new identity and infiltrates the wealthy and powerful Grayson family. Madeleine Stowe portrays Victoria Grayson, the matriarch of the family and the main target of Emily's plan. Stowe skillfully portrays Victoria's cunning and manipulative nature as she tries to outsmart her mysterious adversary.

The cast is further enriched by Gabriel Mann, who plays the enigmatic tech genius Nolan Ross. Equipped with a vast knowledge of the Grayson family's secrets, Nolan becomes an indispensable ally to Emily on her quest for revenge. The charming Josh Bowman takes on the role of Daniel Grayson, Victoria's son and Emily's love interest, adding an intricate layer to the story.

The atmospheric soundtrack of "Revenge" is a crucial element that elevates the viewing experience and intensifies the emotions evoked by the storyline. From haunting piano melodies to intense orchestral compositions, the music in this series perfectly matches the mood and tone of each scene. Fans can now relive these powerful moments by playing and downloading these captivating sounds here.

The soundtrack of "Revenge" has become a fan favorite, with its diverse range of genres and emotionally charged tracks. Whether listeners want to revisit a romantic moment or indulge in the complex web of deception, the soundtrack offers a variety of options to relive the characters' journeys.

One standout piece from the "Revenge" soundtrack is the main theme, composed by Fil Eisler. This evocative and haunting melody captures the essence of the show, drawing viewers deeper into the world of secrets and revenge as the opening credits roll. Other notable tracks include "The Truth" by Kris Allen, which perfectly encapsulates the feelings of betrayal and uncertainty that color the characters' lives.

Furthermore, the soundtrack showcases the diverse talents of artists such as Susie Suh, The Neighbourhood, and Birdy, who contribute emotionally charged songs that further enhance the viewing experience. From heart-wrenching ballads to pulsating electronic music, the soundtrack of "Revenge" offers something for all music enthusiasts.

Overall, "Revenge" delivers a potent mix of relentless revenge, hidden secrets, and intricate character dynamics. The exceptional performances by the cast and the gripping storyline make it an unforgettable television series. Pair this with the captivating soundtrack, and audiences are in for an immersive experience that will leave them craving more.

Fans of "Revenge" can now immerse themselves in the world of the show once again by playing and downloading the sensational soundtrack. Each track offers a unique glimpse into the characters' complex emotions, further enhancing the thrill and intrigue that defines "Revenge." So, get ready to embark on a journey filled with secrets, manipulation, and, above all, revenge.

A are you sure the courtyard
A better reason than the Stowaway?
A compromise I'm reminded of every day.
A courtesy you can also expect should you decide to come aboard.
A good magician never reveals his secrets.
A little bird may have whispered something.
A really good reason to stick around.
A unique charity benefiting
A unique charity benefiting mental health care...
A very long story.
A woman with unlimited resources.
A young man shouldn't have to give up on his dreams
Aah. The art of the deal.
About a young woman named Emily Thorne.
About Conrad and Lydia.
About the bar, I mean.
About the future of Nolcorp, but someone somewhere has a big mouth.
About your pretty little neighbor?
Absolute forgiveness...
Actually, as of this email,
Actually, I broke her spine.
Actually, I'd rather leave the whole "captain" thing to you.
Actually, I'm exhausted, but you guys go.
Actually, I'm, uh,
Actually, now that you mention it, what can you tell me about Allcom Cellular?
Actually, one of those offers is mine.
Actually, she does.
Acute abdominal dyspepsia.
Adam Connor?
Adam something.
Adam, go. Go.
Adam, put that back.
Adam, these are the sacrifices you make
After a financially fatal move in the market today,
After a while, you can't feel anything.
After his recent track record.
After I turned him in, I found out he'd been laundering money as well.
After one too many.
After over a year of treatment,
After what happened to your father.
After you left I went over to find out why she cancelled,
Against disgraced hedge fund executive David Clarke.
Against disgraced hedge fund executive David Clarke.
Ah, accept defeat, Tyler.
Ah, hey, sporty.
Ah, I kinda got another adventure in mind.
Ah, lucky round.
Ah, so you're Mr. Grayson? No.
Ah. Business or pleasure?
Ah. I was hoping you wouldn't be here to see this.
Ah. I'm sorry to disappoint.
Ah. Trouble with the majority leader?
Ahoy! Captain Porter.
All 246 Americans onboard that flight were killed.
All afternoon.
All I know is that Victoria thought
All of our assets are right here in this room.
All right, darling. Bye.
All right, so the first thing you do is enter the code.
All right, you miss this, we lose...
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right. I'll send for your bags. And here.
All right. I'll tell you what.
All right. See you then.
All right. That could be worth something.
All right. Well, in that case,
All righty, then.
All set.
All the effort and wisdom that went into building my company.
All these people drinking here to honor him.
All this talk of politics.
All those boys of summer wondering who the new girl is.
All those e mails came from.
Allcom is dead to me and will not be receiving a contract.
Allow me.
Almost two, actually, but who's counting?
Along with his family.
Already collected nearly $50,000,
Amanda Clarke no longer exists.
Amanda Clarke no longer exists.
Amanda Clarke no longer exists.
Amanda Clarke no longer exists.
Amanda Clarke.
Amanda Clarke.
Amanda must be some special girl.
Amanda, are very, very dangerous.
Amanda! Amanda!
Amanda! Let her go!
Americon Initiative.
An airtight case against the most hated man in America
An anonymous tip to the action news crime line
An emerging specialty of mine.
An exceptionally good bottle of Pinot.
And "Two wrongs don't make a right."
And a magic hat.
And access.
And after the way you came at me for that check,
And as anyone can tell you,
And blah, blah, blah, whenever it's convenient.
And building yourself something like that.
And come watch me play volleyball.
And conservative.
And don't say it was priceless, because that was bought and paid for, baby.
And Emily bought your beach house.
And every summer after that.
And for a while, at least,
And for those of you who bet big on Allcom Cellular,
And for what it's worth, she wasn't exactly forgiving,
And founder has promised...
And get them to me by the end of the day,
And get this...
And happy Memorial Day.
And have you hit bottom?
And he already has a boat.
And he didn't want a funeral.
And he loved you, Declan.
And he missed it. It's way wide.
And how do you know Michelle?
And I chalked it up to a moment of absentmindedness.
And I could use that money to get a place in town,
And I did not do the things they say I did."
And I don't have a steak knife.
And I have no problem taking you down, too,
And I intend to prove it tonight at the fund raiser.
And I know that all of you are, too.
And I need you here by my side right now.
And I never carry cash, by the way.
And I never carry cash, by the way.
And I took off with Sara, drunk.
And I'd get up
And I'd like some, uh, pepper in my bisque.
And I'll be your designated driver.
And I'll know.
And I'll make it so you can run whatever program you want.
And I'll take back the five points you're already down.
And I'm gonna go see how much it's worth.
And I'm officially worried.
And I'm sorry that I scared you.
And I'm your guardian, so, no, you don't.
And if me and you last a week, a year, ten years,
And if Victoria says "don't worry,"
And if we are open and honest...
And if you were man enough
And if, for any special reason, you want to go big on a particular stock,
And in keeping with your husband's image,
And in related news,
And in return, I had to swear I'd never see her again.
And it seems we have struck gold
And it seems we have struck gold
And it'd be nice if you would put on
And it's no secret how many people
And its immediate effect on your portfolio.
And major personal losses for Harmon...
And moves on to the next in line.
And my Dad's very... special.
And neither is the hottie that he came with.
And never come back.
And Nolcorp and Ross continue to push the boundaries in cellular technology.
And now he's not answering his phone.
And now I've lost the bloody DVD.
And now please enjoy this very special video presentation,
And now you're telling me, you committed perjury?
And now you're unattached again.
And perennial pain in the ass.
And posted a few clones
And pretending to be someone I'm not.
And provocative, so...
And reminding you, you should still be into me.
And Sammy.
And saved the day.
And secondly, and more importantly,
And set her up so she wouldn't have to worry,
And she had to cancel dinner.
And she's given me no reason to believe
And sliding your own therapy session into the mix
And somehow ended up in the back of a limo
And stay out of your hair for a while.
And thank you, Victoria,
And that happens to be
And that is all the time
And that this terrible man has been held accountable
And that... is Queen Victoria.
And that's because he believed in me.
And that's Grayson manor.
And that's so much more important.
And the "regrets" web site's
And the break in at Dr. Banks' office.
And the certainty
And the first half comes to a close.
And the love between a man and a woman.
And the next moment he's inflicting it.
And the passage of the Kingsly finance bill.
And the plot thickens.
And the smaller ones go on the table.
And the stakes are life and death.
And the woman she's talking to,
And the young attorney.
And then big brother breaks your car?
And then the one after that's gonna feel warmer still.
And then yesterday at the Southfork Inn.
And then?
And then...