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Future Man (2017) - Season 1

Future Man (2017) - Season 1

Future Man is a hilariously entertaining television series that aired its first season in 2017. Created by Howard Overman, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir, Future Man is a unique blend of sci-fi, comedy, and action. This time-traveling adventure follows the life of Josh Futturman, played by Josh Hutcherson, a janitor by day and an unbeatable gamer by night.

The storyline embarks on an extraordinary journey when Josh is selected by mysterious visitors from the future to save humanity. Directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, this action-packed comedy takes the audience on an unforgettable ride through time.

Josh Hutcherson delivers a charismatic performance as the main protagonist, showcasing his range as an actor. Hutcherson's Josh Futturman is an awkward and unassuming character who discovers that his skills in a video game named "Biotic Wars" are crucial to fighting off the impending invasion of mutant beings. The unexpected adventures that follow will test his abilities and redefine his purpose in life.

Alongside Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe portrays the fierce and courageous Tiger, an elite warrior from the apocalypse-ridden future. Coupe's character brings a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability, creating a compelling dynamic between the trio. Completing the unlikely trio is Derek Wilson as Wolf, a grizzled time-traveling soldier who embraces his wild side. Wilson's impeccable comedic timing and enthusiastic portrayal add an extra layer of absurdity to the series.

Future Man explores a plethora of pop culture and sci-fi references, making it a nostalgic treat for fans of the genre. With its witty dialogue and clever writing, the show pays homage to iconic films such as Back to the Future and The Terminator. This blend of homage and humor creates a unique and enjoyable viewing experience that captivates audiences from start to finish.

The show's first season features thirteen episodes, each filled with laughter, heart, and unexpected twists. As Josh, Tiger, and Wolf jump from one era to another, they encounter historical figures, face double-crosses, and ultimately attempt to alter the course of history itself. The show's plot serves as a perfect foundation for the talented cast to shine, showcasing their comedic chops and remarkable chemistry.

Future Man not only amuses viewers with its clever writing and engaging storyline but also boasts impressive production values. The show skillfully blends practical effects and CGI, creating vibrant and visually stunning sequences. Each time period Josh visits feels meticulously crafted, transporting the audience from a dystopian future to ancient Greece, all while maintaining a consistent level of quality.

Fans of the series can now enjoy the incredible sounds of Future Man by accessing the play and download feature provided here. Immerse yourself in the show's finely tuned soundtrack, which combines an enticing blend of retro synthesizers, epic orchestral arrangements, and thrilling action cues.

In conclusion, Future Man's first season is a remarkable blend of comedy, sci-fi, and adventure. With its talented cast, clever writing, and nostalgic nods, the show delivers a unique and enjoyable experience for viewers. Dive into the world of time travel, gaming, and unlikely heroes with Future Man, and prepare to be entertained.

A better job about acting normal here, okay?
A great last meal.
A savior.
All right, are you ready?
All right, I'm gonna go play video games.
All right, Santiago, you ready for this?
All right, Siegfried, you and me, pal.
All right, we tried it your away,
All the shits I have to plunge for a while.
All we know is that tonight, on July 20th, 1969,
Although, technically, male cats don't
Altitude velocity lights.
And awe.
And bikers are assholes.
And broke all my samples.
And broke my own heart
And every time I die.
And everything, but you need to do
And I didn't set my mind to that.
And I instantly forgive you,
And I live here.
And I still live at home with my parents,
And if you want to keep working for me,
And leave, please?
And more urethra swabbing.
And more weapons, however...
And neutralized.
And not tell you how much that emotionally winded me.
And one day, God willing, you'll conceive your own
And saved humanity
And science fiction, and are using it against me
And stop Dr. Kronish from ever getting herpes,
And that happens tonight.
And the one thing he didn't see coming
And then maybe give us a little dance.
And there's nothing weird about living
And we can stop this whole cycle before it even begins.
And we have to do this.
And we're kind of, like, becoming friends
And what?
And you look good with a cold sore.
And you're Wolf, and you're time travelers
And your costumes are impeccable,
And, by the way, think about Super Mario Bros. as a whole.
Another one, what happened?
Anyway, what level are you on?
Are characters from my video game?
Are we really gonna waste a leap on this fucking guy?
Aren't people who play video games supposed
Arms that chained us, eyes that lied
As to go you can
As to live you can
At Caltech.
At the Christmas party.
Bam, you like that?
Barbarella had an HSV 1 outbreak.
Because he spanks it to this one Tiger!
Because it's my job, which is actually
Because it's unbeatable.
Behind the dumpster, quick!
Better fucking men than you.
Bowser builds a castle, he knows there's little
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through, break on through
Break their bodies!
Break their skulls!
But I don't know how to ride one of these
But I swab them all the same
But I'm not buying it, okay?
But if you're from the future,
But that is just...
But the clock is ticking
But there's nothing simple about it.
But we don't want you to leave
But yet he makes these giant green pipes
But you aren't.
But you might have an unhealthy obsession
But you're cleaning up after the people who are.
Can I please see a dinosaur?
Can I see a dinosaur?
Can we just take their clothes
Can...can I have it?
Can't be a coincidence.
Can't say the same for the rest of humanity.
Clearly it's not working
Come fight.
Come on, come on, come on, yes!
Come on, now, those are fucking good.
Come on, you little buddy boo.
Come take a walk with me.
Cops, cops, cops.
Cops, cops, cops.
Couldn't see it.
Country in your eyes
Cum on my leg
Cumming on my leg.
Dad, you don't have to wake me up, okay?
Day to day, hour to hour
Deep and wide
Defended by a small army known as the Resistance.
Did you guys ever think that I'd be doing
Do a threat assessment and fight back.
Do what?
Do you have any useful skills?
Do you know how many soldiers we lost stealing this?
Do you mean Dr. Elias Kronish?
Do you think I like swabbing urethras?
Do your goddamn drugs somewhere else,
Doesn't fucking matter.
Doesn't that make you feel special?
Don't fucking touch it!
Don't look like you're from the future.
Don't touch my gobulator.
Don't, they are bikers
Dr. Benson.
Dr. Camillo, please, just give me a break.
Dude, you spank it to Tiger so much,
Earth 2162.
Eat a rat asshole, then say fucking "ew."
Enemy vehicle approaching.
Every day
Every day you walk into work,
Every time I go in there guns blazing,
Everybody get down!
Everything that happens in the Biotic Wars is real
Expecting a different result."
Expecting different results.
Filled with your piss so you don't have to stop playing?
Five and a half down.
For this hideous blemish.
Fuck it, it doesn't matter.
Fuck this place up!
Fuck, it's over.
Fucking hippie
Future Man.
Future Man.
Get beaten to death by his own family?
Get down, shh, shh.
Get him, Dad!
Get him, Mom!
Get ready to witness history.
Getting familiar.
Go as long
Go on, get a good look.
Go, go, go on.
Go, go, go!
God dammit, it's all over me!
Going back in time to 1969
Good men!
Got a good thing
Got a good thing
Got a good thing going, got a good thing going
Grandma, Grandma, it's me, Joshy.
Gross, Dad, come on.
Guess it depends on the urethra.
Guess what I did?
Have released a deadly virus
He has a dragon that shits eggs
He'll never become a scientist,
He's actually not a motherfucker
He's like this really sweet old man,
Head shot.
Heads on tables.
Heh, well then you're in the right place
Here we are, again
Here we go, time to see his moves.
Here's some water for you.
Hey Carl.
Hey kid, I think you dropped this.
Hey, guys, check it out!
Hey, guys, check it out!
Hey, guys!
Hey, Josh, how are you?
Hey, just leave it!
Hey, Tiger.
Hey, what the fuck are you guys wearing?
Hey, what the fuck are you guys wearing?
Hey, you know what they say, keep your friends close,
His way around a herpes culture.
Holy shit
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Homp, homp, homp.
Hoo, how long have you been in here, buddy?
How do you know that motherfucker's name?
How many people have beaten Call of Duty
How many people have beaten Halo?
I am moving around, getting familiar,
I am so glad you said that
I bet Luigi's dick, the whole dick is hairy.
I call fucking bullshit on that.
I can't keep doing the same thing again and again
I don't I don't understand.
I don't think that's a coincidence.
I found an island in your arms
I gotta try something different.
I have an alarm clock.
I have been studying this virus for over 40 years
I have been studying this virus for over 40 years
I have never made it this far with this many
I have risked way too much to get here.
I have to get to the lab.
I just got here, I've wanted this my entire life.
I know that you're upset
I know this is a lot for you to digest,
I know why.
I know, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
I lost everyone to get here.
I lost everyone to get here.
I love Italian dick.
I mean, actually, it's like some people
I mean, considering that I have a shitty job,
I mean, I think it goes without saying,
I mean, I'm not curing disease.