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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Season 2

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Season 2

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is not a movie or a song, but rather an American television series that aired from 2015 to 2019. Specifically, this article focuses on Season 2, which premiered in October 2016 and consists of 13 episodes packed with musical performances and comedic storytelling.

The lead character of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is Rebecca Bunch, portrayed by the talented Rachel Bloom. Rebecca is a highly ambitious but deeply troubled lawyer who unexpectedly leaves her prestigious New York job to follow her high school ex-boyfriend, Josh Chan, to the small town of West Covina, California. Throughout Season 2, Rebecca continues to navigate her quest for love while also facing the consequences of her past actions.

The cast of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is filled with incredible actors and actresses who bring the show's hilarious and heartfelt moments to life. Alongside Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, the main cast includes Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan, Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula Proctor (Rebecca's best friend and confidante), Pete Gardner as Darryl Whitefeather (Rebecca's eccentric boss), and Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia Perez (Josh's ex-girlfriend and Rebecca's frenemy).

One of the unique aspects of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is its integration of original musical numbers into each episode. The show employs a team of talented songwriters and composers including Rachel Bloom herself, Adam Schlesinger, and Jack Dolgen. The songs cover a wide range of genres and styles, from Broadway-inspired showstoppers to clever parodies and emotionally charged ballads. The Season 2 soundtrack includes catchy tunes like "Love Kernels," "Maybe This Dream," and "The Math of Love Triangles." Fans of the show can enjoy these songs and many more by playing and downloading them from various online platforms.

Season 2 of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" delves deeper into the complexities of Rebecca's character and her relationships. As the season kicks off, Rebecca must deal with the aftermath of her impulsive decision to declare her love for Josh in Season 1. Her actions have unintended consequences, not only for herself but for those around her. Throughout the season, Rebecca continues to confront her mental health issues while trying to find true happiness.

The writing of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is sharp, witty, and takes on complex issues like mental health, relationships, and societal expectations with a lighthearted yet sensitive approach. The show skillfully combines humor with poignant moments, offering viewers a relatable and often hilarious portrayal of love and relatability.

Season 2 of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" received critical acclaim and several award nominations, including multiple wins at the 2017 Critics' Choice Television Awards and the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The show's ability to seamlessly weave together comedy, drama, and music was widely praised, as was its portrayal of mental health issues and the exploration of flawed yet compelling characters.

In conclusion, Season 2 of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" builds upon the success of the show's debut season, delivering hilarious and heartfelt storytelling through original songs and a talented ensemble cast. Rachel Bloom's portrayal of Rebecca Bunch is captivating, and the show's ability to handle sensitive subjects with humor and authenticity is commendable. Whether you're a fan of musicals, comedy, or simply enjoy a well-crafted television series, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Season 2 is definitely worth diving into. Don't forget to check out the soundtrack and download the sounds that make this show an unforgettable experience.

A ♪1 Dad mug.
A a night that you'll remember forever.
A And upset. Greg, I'm sorry.
A bonnet.
A certain bro friend group.
A choreographer, and I have some songs in mind. I... Maybe,
A cover charge? (scoffs)
A few months, a few years.
A good long break.
A karate outfit.
A lion?
A little bit early on Friday.
A little bit more about her than me...
A little bit of a name dropper.
A little nauseous, so...
A little to the right.
A lot like... uh, almost like...
A lot of questions about baking bread.
A lot of things going on. Got a big test coming up,
A love triangle.
A man who is strong
A man with a face that perfectly symmetrical...
A mouse with throat cancer
A nap?
A new house. We really need
A partnership.
A permanent flower crown filter face. What? How do you get that?
A pineapple?!
A pirate? A pirate hit my cat? That's insane.
A plus one for Rebecca for Friday?
A priest?
A priest?
A priest?!
A real wholesome meal.
A really sweet note. Stuck on a remote construction site
A retirement community... But not that retired.
A road company, aka a national tour,
A serial monogamist.
A simple contract, laying out the terms of our friendship.
A spicy, friend y stew.
A super fly entrepreneur
A Triceratops tolerance?
A two headed love monster.
A wedding is great.
A weird uncle.
A whiskey bottle.
A whole loop Dee loop there.
A year's worth supply of toilet paper for us.
A'ight. Yeah.
Aah, this is so hard.
About abandoning our friendship.
About all the crazy stuff you just said, wow.
About arm wrestling for sex.
About going to Raging Waters with you
About how people felt, about how I felt,
About how plural possessive works,
About Karen, everything, but the fire department is on its way.
About me and Josh and get his unconditional blessing,
About my boss. Okay?
About socks? (chuckles)
About that bully that destroyed our volcano.
About that.
About the model one or the lip one, those are Jenners.
About the Whitefeather culture...
About what I'm gonna pick up for dinner on my way home.
About what other people think. Who cares?
About what was going on with my mom and dad.
Absolutely, Broheemius Maximus.
Absolutely. Freshness is so important to me.
Ach! Sorry. Their names are not...
Across the center line as the defense settles in...
Actually, can you take me home?
Actually, I feel a lot better. It's amazing what a nap can do.
Actually, I lied to you.
Actually, I think he might be on the spectrum,
Actually, I'm not a boss.
Actually, I'm really glad you're here.
Actually, I've just been sitting here thinking
Actually, that's a common misconception
Actually, you know what? Don't say "Chan," just "Josh."
Adios, Josh.
Admit it, our relationship has always been one sided.
Adult sexual behavior.
After a lifetime of treating her like a dog with scurvy?
After all the Rebecca stuff,
After everything she's done for me.
After seeing your friend's terrible band,
After the deadline.
After today. After today, no cancelling.
After you guys broke up like a real gentleman.
Again, don't worry about her.
Again, not about you.
Again, one does, um...
Ah, all yours. Done.
Ah, how you've grown.
Ah, I hear that. Nothing I like better
Ah, it's nothing. I...
Ah, look, if it isn't the ingenue
Ah, nothing!
Ah, that's what it is.
Ah, the West Brovinas.
Ah, well, you could've burned down the whole complex.
Ah! She's British. Um...
Ah. No.
Ah. Okay, fine.
Ah. So. I guess we know who that is.
Ah. This must be such a romantic time
Ah... (yelling)
Ah... Oh! (laughs)
Air. Hey, hey, Josh, wait.
AKA 3Tops?
AKOPIAN: He asked you for money for his son's braces?
Alcohol became my shield.
All couples fight. No,
All day long because with me, every time you mention Josh,
All day long.
All day, "erryday," it's sexy sexy time.
All different types of girls.
All I got to do is keep you alive for 48 hours.
All I know is it's awesome he's not around
All I need is one thing.
All I need to do is just find Greg.
All of Greg's comings and goings for the last month.
All of your devices. We got
All over the Internet.
All really great girls, except Uzo is...
All right, come on,
All right, I can do that.
All right, I should get back to work, I, um...
All right, just, if you want any of this stuff, take it.
All right, let's get the show on the road.
All right, look.
All right, now, for the note, grab a pen. All right.
All right, Paula, Paula, just go...
All right, show's over.
All right, so your name's Manuel and you're 27?
All right, there is the app
All right, Tommy,
All right, vamanos, Boots.
All right, what do you think of this house?
All right, you know, then I realized that was...
All right? Now stop being such a whiner,
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Bye.
All right. Hope to hear from you soon.
All right. Let's take a quick break
All right. Uh... Ooh, she's about to say something. Okay, uh...
All right. Yay.
All that's in the past now.
All the time. A lot.
All they have are branded cocktails.
All those different "like" options,
All we need is some random guy who went to Harvard
All you have to do is show up
ALL: ♪ So maternal ♪
ALL: ♪ So maternal ♪
ALL: Oh!
All... sir.
Almost a good lie.
Also take out the "N."
Also, do you know what you've made me do?
Also, I am so sorry for the glitter metaphor.
Also, I don't want to spend this entire wedding
Also, I like the neighborhood.
Also, I've saved so much money,
Also, it's not coming over, it's coming home, so...
Also, Paula, why
Also, they kind of treated me like ass.
Also, you no longer have to serve alcoholic beverages.
Also, you want to talk Fiddler sisters, bro?
Also, you're not wearing any underwear.
Also, your equipment smells delicious.
Although they do have that cooking class.
Although, you just scooped me up like I was a basket of muffins.
Always forget which Kardashian is which. (chuckles)
Always, in friendship,
Am I an EMT?
Am I just talking to myself?
Am re branding.
Amen. Okay, break.
An acoustic guitar version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
An arrow pointed straight down
An elderly, a weakling?
An exorbitant amount of money to move your wedding date.
An exorbitant amount of money to move your wedding date.
An insecurity.
An Ivy League education, a full time career, and yet,
An urge to dip chips in frosting?
And (clacks tongue) curtains.
And a Blizzard.
And a drainage hose?
And a glass, and ice.
And a light cough.
And a spot opened up!
And a topless massage, but I feel a lot better.
And abandoned her by blacking out.
And all of Josh's really old boyfriends.
And all of the other wonderful things in my life and just
And all the fun slides and the unlimited churros.
And also I got rejected by Josh.
And also, I don't know
And and I had too much,
And and I never think about you, so let me think about you now.
And and one eye and a parrot here.
And and she was gonna drive me home and then
And and started a lip balm company.
And and tell him what's happened.