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Grimm (2011) - Season 6

Grimm (2011) - Season 6

Grimm is a captivating supernatural television series that aired from 2011 to 2017. Created by Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt, and Jim Kouf, this thrilling show explores a world where folklore creatures, known as Wesen, coexist with humanity, unbeknownst to most people.

Season 6 of Grimm, released in 2017, marks the final chapter of this gripping series. Starring David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, the protagonist and a Grimm, the show takes viewers on a thrilling journey as Nick continues to balance his life as a detective with his newfound responsibility to protect humanity from the Wesen. Giuntoli delivers a remarkable performance, seamlessly portraying Nick's transformation from a regular cop to a defender of the supernatural world.

Joining Giuntoli is an exceptional ensemble cast, including Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, Nick's loyal partner; Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton/Eve, Nick's love interest and skilled warrior; and Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, a Blutbad and Nick's trusted friend. Together, they bring depth and charisma to their characters, making Grimm a delight to watch.

As the final season unfolds, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride, filled with intense battles, shocking revelations, and emotional moments. The lines between good and evil blur as Nick and his friends face their greatest adversaries yet. From an ancient and powerful Wesen uprising to the dark secrets of the mysterious stick known as the "Grimm book," every episode of Season 6 will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One of the standout aspects of Grimm is its exceptional sound design and score, which further enhances the suspense and mystery of each episode. The haunting melodies and atmospheric sounds perfectly capture the eerie atmosphere of the show, immersing viewers in its supernatural world. These sounds can be played and downloaded here, allowing fans to relive the thrilling moments of Season 6 anytime they desire.

Grimm not only offers captivating storytelling and stellar performances but also explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the struggle between the darkness and light within us all. It masterfully blends elements of mythology, folklore, and crime procedural, creating a unique and addictive viewing experience.

With its engaging plotlines, enchanting characters, and stellar production quality, it's no wonder that Grimm gained a devoted fan base during its six-season run. As Season 6 concludes this extraordinary journey, fans will find themselves yearning for more, grateful for the opportunity to experience such a remarkable series.

So, if you're in search of a thrilling supernatural experience, dive into the world of Grimm. Get ready to uncover secrets, battle sinister creatures, and ultimately become captivated by the extraordinary tale of Nick Burkhardt and his fight to protect humanity from the Wesen lurking in the shadows.

A body was buried, unless they knew the body
A cheap thank you and drifted off into whatever awaits me.
A complete coincidence or the killer was the digger.
A couple years.
A few blocks on the other side.
A little further out?
A lot of them are the same.
A lot of times last night.
A pile of rags and a catcher's mitt...
A spirit vacuum.
About 15 minutes.
Above ground for one day every seven years?
Adalind just found out. I gotta get home
After everything that happened.
After seven, there should be far less skin present
Ah! Uh!
Ah. Ahh!
Ahh, ahh!
Ahh! Ah! Ah!
All right, all right, all right.
All right.
All right.
Although in those 24 hours, it needs to find a food source
Am I even here?
An explanation we can understand.
An unembalmed adult normally takes
And a DUI three years ago.
And by food source, you mean...
And deal with this. I'll drop you off
And had a mild freak out when he realized this guy was done.
And hardened into a waxy shell.
And he only comes above ground for 24 hours?
And he was distracted by that
And his father's before him.
And I wanna know what's written
And I'll head back to the precinct.
And if he really comes up out of the ground
And one of the bodies got out.
And run the vic's prints.
And she's in pretty bad shape.
And something about her having a pretty face
And the book said it was an immortal Wesen.
And then I wasn't.
And there wasn't a trace of organ tissue left inside.
And there's this guy on the ground and he's filthy.
And this is the thanks I get.
And this time make it rare.
And was killed for no personal gain.
And was robbed of everything he had,
And we'll be having a real good time and you're not.
And what if we found out and wish we hadn't?
And when you don't have it, you feel like you're missing
Any idea how long she was buried?
Anybody you know?
Anywhere from eight to twelve years to skeletonize.
Are you all right?
Are you okay?
Are you ready for lunch?
Are you?
As he thought she was.
Aspirateur d'Esprits.
At mile three, he stopped for a closer look
Ataktos Fuse, or Bestia Festiva,
Bartender said the victim was with a woman at the bar.
Bartender. Round of drinks for everyone who thinks
Because I don't do sorry very well.
Because I would really like to be done with this,
Because if we don't find him tonight,
Been a while.
Before she died or right after.
Before, you know, that betrayal thing.
Brown hair. Maybe six foot tall.
Burkhardt. Yeah.
But besides a kid's dirty t shirt,
But Donald Simpson here has his clothes.
But he's got just enough of a past.
But I think she's got a fever.
But I'm going outside for a smoke,
But I'm not following you.
But it's like...
But it's not working out so well.
But maybe it was something else.
But she left with another guy who bought her a drink.
But some of her skin was somehow preserved
But something like
But then he said that she wasn't as big
But this last one...
But we have a license for that.
But why would somebody start digging right where
But you were so small.
Can you draw what you're seeing?
Can you hear me?
Check to see if there were any reports
Co workers said he always walked through the park
Definitely been down there a while.
Despite skin covering much of the corpse,
Diana knew you were down there.
Diana? Diana?
Did everything go okay last night?
Did I leave anybody out?
Did you carve all that stuff in the tunnel?
Digestive. But that's not all.
Dionysus principium ducit.
Do you feel it? Do you feel it all?
Do you know Meisner?
Do you think you can give a description
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Don't you think you should put it someplace
Down here.
Eh, pretty close.
Eve has been living in the tunnels.
Eve? Oh, my God! Eve!
Eve's here. She's been living
Every bone in her body.
Every seven years, I'd be a party animal.
Everything that you've done for all of us.
Evidence of clothing, pretty rotted.
Except for what he said.
Find out where my drink is.
For Diana and me.
For Diana, for Adalind, and me.
For future generations.
For two very different crimes.
For what I did to you.
From the gentleman down the bar.
Get the party started, huh?
Good boy.
Good old Dionysus. God of wine and orgies.
Good times together and I really appreciate
Got a hit on Tauberg's credit card.
Gotta live for the moment.
Ground collapses, kid falls in the hole.
Had a feeling.
Had drinks at Flannigan's with a few friends after work.
Have you ever dealt with a...
He got into a very bad fight with some very bad men.
He may not have a future,
He was just playing in the dirt.
He's a person of interest in a murder investigation.
He's gone another seven years.
He's in the bedroom.
He's the guy from the park.
Helen, could you listen?
Her organs were removed.
Hey, Adalind?
Hey, Adalind. Everything okay?
Hey, call me later.
Hey, we believe in a lot of things but not coincidence.
Hey, what are you gonna do?
Hey. How long you been here?
Hi, look, I'm in Stillman Park right now
Hi. Brought you a drink.
His address is on Sycamore.
His foot's stuck on something.
Honey, I'm gonna go down there.
How about one of Bud's friends?
How are you feeling?
How bad?
How did the dirt get dug up before the kid fell in?
How long have you lived here?
How long were you down there?
How many bodies are buried in this park.
However, there are marks on the bones
I am the King!
I can't explain anything that's been going on.
I can't get him out.
I can't wait.
I did just meet him.
I didn't know she was here. Diana sensed her.
I do not like dead bodies on an empty stomach.
I do not. But I do see some dirt from the hole
I do remember. He was in a helicopter with me.
I don't even know how long that's been.
I don't know him personally.
I don't know what you think you're doing,
I don't know, I mean, the way it sounded
I don't know, I, um...
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't remember his exact words,
I don't see any dirt in this park.
I don't think he did.
I don't think he was too happy about you buying me a drink.
I don't think so.
I don't think you'd remember that.
I don't think you're in any condition
I drew the beard on him. It's the same guy!
I felt the bullets, Hank.
I got you.
I gotta get you out of here.
I hear those crickets.
I hope not.
I hope so.
I just wanna know if it's real or if I'm losing my mind.
I keep thinking I need to be carrying that stick.
I knew I was dying. I could feel it.
I know Meisner
I know.
I know. But I'd like to see him anyway.
I like your new place, Sean.
I love you and we can do this.
I mean, come on.
I mean, you saw what happened with Eve.
I mean, you wouldn't respect me if I were to take
I mean, you're right.
I might have to narrow that down.
I might have to narrow that down.
I need your help. Well, I didn't think
I put it back in the tunnel.