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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Soundboard

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Soundboard

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a highly acclaimed film that was released in 2004. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, this installment in the Harry Potter movie series captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and stunning visual effects.

The movie follows the journey of young wizard Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe, as he confronts new challenges in his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this installment, a dangerous prisoner named Sirius Black, portrayed by Gary Oldman, escapes from the infamous wizarding prison, Azkaban. As Black is believed to be a supporter of the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, this escape sends shockwaves throughout the wizarding world, leaving Harry and his friends in constant vigilance.

The main cast is joined by returning actors Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, who provide unwavering support to Harry throughout his quest. Additionally, notable performances by Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore, the wise and enigmatic headmaster of Hogwarts, and Alan Rickman as Severus Snape, the ever-mysterious potions professor, add depth to the film.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban stands out from its predecessors due to both its darker tone and the introduction of new magical elements. The film showcases the Time-Turner, a mysterious device that allows the user to travel backward in time, which plays a crucial role in the plot. The movie explores themes of trust, friendship, and the true nature of good and evil. As the film delves deeper into the wizarding world, it reveals surprising connections and complex character developments.

With its masterful storytelling and impeccable visuals, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban leaves a lasting impact on viewers. The film's incredible score, composed by John Williams, perfectly complements the magical atmosphere. From the whimsical melodies that accompany the Quidditch matches to the haunting deep tones during climactic moments, the soundtrack enhances the movie experience. You can play and download these enchanting sounds here, immersing yourself in the mesmerizing world of Harry Potter's third adventure.

Overall, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban showcases the growth of the main characters as they face new threats and discover hidden truths. The film's outstanding performances, combined with its rich storytelling and captivating visual effects, make it a must-watch for both Harry Potter fans and fantasy movie enthusiasts alike.

A Patronus is a positive force. For the wizard who conjures one...
After you.
Allow it to fill you up
Allow me, minister
And now we wait
And you can always find them..
And your father, James, on the other hand..
Any theories on how he managed it?
Before I fainted..
Black was vicious. He didn't kill Pettigrew.
Bloody hell, Harry. That was not funny.
Brilliant, Snape
Buckbeak didn't mean no harm
But know this:
Can you do that?
Clearly, something happened he wants us to change
Collect your books from the back
Come on now.
Did it never occur to you that this, in the hands of Sirius Black..
Did you ever hear of it?
Does it hurt terribly, Draco?
Don't pull out any of his feathers, because he won't thank you for that.
Don't say yes in that ungrateful way.
Don't worry. Don't fuss, Petunia. I have a very firm grip.
Excellent nosh, Petunia
Except no one's ever broken out of Azkaban before..
Expecto Patronum!
Expecto Patronum!
Explore your past.
Go, Harry! Go, Harry!
Hang on
Harry, Hermione, run!
He was a big supporter of...
Honestly, Ron, it's not funny. Harry was lucky not to be expelled
How did you get there?
How is it she knows everything?
I can't. Only a parent or a guardian can sign.
I did think of Voldemort at first.
I reckon you've heard of him.
I saw my dad.
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
I thought it'd be obvious
I was sleepwalking.
I'll be forever grateful for this...
I'm gonna get that jumped up mudblood! Mark my words.
If you want to kill Harry, you have to kill us too!
In time, you'll come to see just how much
Is that my Dudders? Is that my little neffy pooh?
Isn't he beautiful?
It's all right. I didn't expect you to do it the first time
It's fine. I'll stay.
It's going to be a bumpy ride
It's just what I saw
Last call for Hogsmeade! Come on, now!
Like I'd never be cheerful again
Lumos Maxima
Malfoy! Wait! Wait!
Many. Each as unlikely as the next
Marvelous! Absolutely, very, very enjoyable! Parvati! Next!
More than once, James suggested that I make the change permanent
Mr. Weasley...
Nice and low.
No one blames you, Harry
No one?
Not just any memory, a very happy memory, a very powerful memory.
Nothing. He didn't work. He was unemployed.
Now, I'd like to say a few words..
Now, what do we have here?
Oh, for goodness' sake!
Oh, my dear boy
Only then can you see. Try again
Page 394.
Quick. Quick.
Really? I meant the match
Remarkable feat, don't you think?
Remus, my old friend. Have you taken your potion tonight?
Resigned? Why?
Right there. You'll see.
Right! You gonna move that bus or what?
Says he wants to be with me when they...
Sorry, Ron, but seeing as you can't walk...
Stand back, I said! Or I'll take it upstairs if you don't settle
That was wicked, Harry!
That's the rule, Potter.
The Grim, possibly.
The Grin? What's the Grin?
The werewolf only responds to the call of its own kind.
There's no need for ghosts, professor
They're getting closer, Ernie.
This came with it
Turn out your pockets.
Wand at the ready, Ron
Well, everything's prepared.
What really finishes a boggart is laughter.
What the bloody hell was that all about?
When you fell, your broom sort of blew into the Whomping Willow, and...
When you stopped You Know Who..
Why aren't we leaving?
You'll find no small glasses in this house, professor
Your father never set much store by the rules either
And then he transformed into a rat! Show me
Aren't you? Sure. Along with his Invisibility Cloak.
At least someone's enjoying himself. Yeah
Dear, dear... Now, now, Hagrid. Now, come on.
Does that make sense? No
Egyptians used to worship cats. Along with the dung beetle.
Every minute. Every day.
First year. There are seven secret passageways..
Go on, Harry! Yeah, let's see
He has to be taken to the hospital. I'm the teacher. I'll do it.
How are you feeling? Oh, brilliant.
How disappointing. Please, sir.
It's a Firebolt. It's the fastest broom in the world.
It's him. I understand.
Keep away from me. You can't do magic outside school
Oh, don't try one of them. Oh, no
Riddikulus! Very good
That felt good. Not good, brilliant.
The headmaster's here. Come on, move
What happened? Peter tried to warn the Potters...
You put her right! No. She deserved what she got
...a little south of Sheffield, circling a chimney stack.
...a word of caution.
...but when you were born, James and Lily made me your godfather
...Harry Potter's godfather!
...if one only remembers to turn on the light. order to spend more time with his remaining limbs. saying something.
...of death
...out of the castle. We'd recommend this one attend to. Give me a reason. I beg you! become killers.
...until a person is left with absolutely nothing but his worst experiences.
...until such a time as Sirius Black is captured.
...well, I had already done it.
"Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs..
"Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs...