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Catch Me If You Can (2002) Soundboard

Catch Me If You Can (2002) Soundboard

Catch Me If You Can is indeed a movie released in 2002, directed by Steven Spielberg. This captivating film tells the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr., a charming and cunning con artist who successfully assumes multiple identities and commits fraud at an incredibly young age. The subject matter is intriguing, as it explores themes of deception, identity, and the chase between the con artist and the FBI.

The film boasts an impressive cast, led by Hollywood superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. DiCaprio flawlessly portrays Frank Abagnale Jr., showcasing his exceptional acting abilities with his charismatic performance as the young con artist. Tom Hanks portrays the determined FBI agent, Carl Hanratty, who relentlessly pursues Abagnale. The chemistry between these two talented actors adds depth to the movie and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire film.

Additionally, the supporting cast is stellar, featuring actors such as Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, and Amy Adams. Christopher Walken plays Frank Abagnale Sr., Frank Jr.'s father, who unwittingly becomes entangled in his son's criminal activities. Walken delivers a memorable performance, capturing the complexities of a struggling father figure. Martin Sheen portrays Roger Strong, one of Frank's victims, while Amy Adams plays Brenda Strong, whom Frank falls in love with. Both actors deliver convincing performances and bring a human touch to the story.

The film is expertly directed by Steven Spielberg, known for his masterful storytelling and ability to captivate audiences. Catch Me If You Can is visually stunning, with Spielberg expertly recreating the 1960s era through costume and set design. The soundtrack, composed by John Williams, perfectly complements the movie, capturing the lively and fast-paced nature of Abagnale's life on the run.

Catch Me If You Can takes the audience on a thrilling journey as Frank Abagnale Jr. assumes various identities, including a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. His ability to convincingly play these roles not only showcases his remarkable talent but also demonstrates the flaws in the system that allowed him to commit such bold acts of fraud. Throughout the film, the audience is torn between rooting for Abagnale's audaciousness and hoping that Hanratty will ultimately catch him.

The movie successfully explores the human side of Frank Abagnale Jr., delving into his troubled childhood and strained relationship with his father. It adds a layer of complexity to his character, demonstrating that not all criminals are simply black and white. The film also raises ethical questions about the inherent flaws in the system that allowed Abagnale to exploit them.

Overall, Catch Me If You Can is a captivating movie that combines elements of a thrilling chase, a character study, and a poignant exploration of identity. With an exceptional cast, skillful direction, and a gripping story, it has stood the test of time since its release in 2002. If you are interested in experiencing this cinematic masterpiece, you can play and download the movie to enjoy the sounds and visuals that make this film truly remarkable.

A Iot Iess work for you.
AII right. There's no windows here.
And crawled out
And I have a right to know.
And make peopIe feeI weIcome on the pIane and...
And our club president, Jack Barnes.
And six weeks Iater, she was my wife
And the Attorney GeneraI of the United States you wouIdn't run.
And the first person to waIk on stage is your mother
And the men are IiteraIIy hoIding their breath.
And there's a bIank space right here.
And you're teIIing me what?
Anything through the hoIe
AtIanta, Georgia.
Because I knew she was the one.
Because they have Mickey MantIe?
Brand new, Dad
But there are Iaws. Everything in this country has to be IegaI.
But they needed the heIp of an American.
Candy Heston.
CarI Hanratty, F.B.I. These are Agents Amdursky and Fox.
CarI, I haven't been Dr. Conners for months now.
CarI, they got the best French beans here.
Come on
Come on
Dance with me, PauIa.
Darcy, pIease. Come back
Dear Dad,
Debra Jo McMillan.
Did you drop this?
Do you aIways work on Christmas Eve, CarI?
Do you have a pen in your room?
Do you reaIIy think I have to go?
Do you trust me? Do you Iove me, Brenda?
Don't make a mistake.
Engagement announcements. Name of Conners.
For a runaway juveniIe by the name of Frank AbagnaIe, Jr.
For airIine personneI, we cash personaI checks up to $1 00
For the entirety of that sentence.
For where? Spain? You want to go to Spain?
Frank, this fondue is so good!
God damn it!
Good morning.
He cashed three checks. They aII cIeared
He jumped right through the window onto the hood of my car.
He washes off their names and puts on his own
He what?
He's dabbIing in government checks
He's not here today, it'II be tomorrow.
He's running out of checks.
HeIIo, CarI.
HeIp me
Hey, Frank.
How did you know I wouIdn't Iook in your waIIet?
How Iong do I have to work here?
How wouId you feeI if you Iost your uniform first week on the job?
How's your daughter? What was her name?
I bIew it, didn't I?
I came here to give you this.
I didn't
I don't want some maid waIking through here and making the bed.
I don't want to hear your story. Two checks bounced.
I have orders to see the American prisoner, AbagnaIe
I know that.
I oversIept again
I represent the F.B.I. from the United States ofAmerica.
I studied for two weeks and I passed.
I toId you this was what was going to happen.
I want to thank you for coming in and using our institution
I'd Iike to hear it from you now.
I'm Frank BIack from Murrow High SchooI,
I'm going out for a few hours to visit some oId friends from the tennis cIub
I'm gonna figure it out sooner or Iater.
I'm Ietting aII the universities in the area know
I'm in a fix. I need a suit for my kid. This is my son, Frank
I'm not a Iawyer, or a Harvard graduate or a Lutheran.
I'm on my way to the airport. I'II meet the team in four hours
I'm reaIIy sorry.
I'm sorry I put you through aII this.
I'm sorry, how much wouId I pay for what?
I'm sorry, sir. We won't have any cash untiI the banks open in an hour
I'm sure you hear this aII the time,
I've been trying to show you aII night!
In front of the cIass and read conversation number five?
In the Iast few weeks, this unsub has developed
In two days. Two days, Brenda. Two days.
Is Frankie okay? Is he in troubIe?
Isn't it?
It started with an "M." It was "Mont" something. Mr. Fox?
It's aII right, ma'am. F.B.I
It's so damn big, I thought I was going to shoot my tits off
Just don't put yourseIf in this type of position.
L have no choice but to ignore your request to be treated as a minor,
L was considered the youngest and most daring con man in U.S. history
L'll tell Mr. Rosen you're coming
L'm sorry l ran away, but you don't have to worry.
Lance just feII into the conversation pit!
Llene Anderson.
Look at me, Frank. Nobody is fighting
Look at this photograph, Mr. Stewart.
Make yourseIf at home!
Mind if I see some identification?
More coffee, sir?
Mr. Hanratty, pick up the courtesy telephone.
My bank went out of business
My partner's waIking him to the car as we speak. Look.
My wife has been remarried for 1 1 years
No shame in that. We aII did it
No, I can't do that! You know why?
Our next item up for bid is aIso from the Jersey CentraI Bank forecIosure
Pan Am, may l help you?
Paper is doubIe bonded, much too heavy to be a bank check.
Pardon me?
Say again?
Secret Service.
She thinks he's Conners.
She was four when I Ieft. Now she's 1 5.
Tell her l'm sorry that l could not take her to the junior prom
Thank you.
Thank you.
That sounds pretty officiaI to me, but, Iike I said,
That we've ever come across on this show. You'll see what l mean
That wiII be $3.50, sir
That's right.
The airport?
The banks didn't know what was happening untiI Iast week.
The best date I have ever been on.
The entire night.
The first mouse quickIy gave up and drowned,
The kid's gone compIeteIy out of controI.
The kind of pIace where they never heard of Sara Lee.
The most trusted name in the skies
The truth is, I knew it was you. I didn't get the cuffs on you, but I knew.
The unsub is washing and aItering checks,
The Yankees win because they have Mickey MantIe.
Then passing them throughout Arizona.
There you go. Work hard in schooI.
They have a house in Long IsIand.
They're our uniform supplier
This carouseI doesn't work. It's a bad carouseI
This guy's a pen and ink man, a goddamn paperhanger.
This is a MICR encoder, a machine used to encode bank checks
This is a photograph of the defendant's signature on a canceIed check.
This is Hanratty. Merry Christmas.
This man has to be on a pIane for America. He has to see a doctor.
Those are speciaI ordered from PoIaroid.
To be a Pan American stewardess.
To the best damn piIot in the sky
UnIess I couId put the cuffs on you myseIf
We don't usuaIIy Ioan money to peopIe
We'd Iike to have a few kind words with your host, if possibIe.
WeIcome to New York.
WeII, CarI, I'm sorry, but I have to go.
WeII, it was a bicycIe accident. The boy toId us.
What are you doing here?
What do you estimate the degree and extent of the burns, KiIdare?
What does it mean when one piIot says to another piIot,
What he did was a feIony, Mrs. Barnes.
What he's doing is he's opening checking accounts at various banks,
What in the heII is wrong with you?
What kind of equipment you on, DC 8?
What shouId I do tiII Monday?
When l was a young man, l needed the money,
When your mom hands you a note to miss schooI,
Where are you going tonight? Tahiti? Hawaii?
Who have unresoIved business with the IRS
Why can't we go with you, CarI?
Why don't you caII her right now?
With two nickeIs in my pockets and hoIes in my shoes
Yeah, I got a counterfeit he drew
Yeah, put him on.
Yes. No, there is no probIem. We're coming out right now.
Yes. Question, "You met your husband during the war?"
Yes. The poIice think he's some type of criminaI
Yes. This is Frank Roberts.
You always told me that an honest man has nothing to fear.
You didn't
You don't have to cry.
You Iied to me about that! Did you Iie about that?
You mind if I come to work with you tomorrow?
You sure did.
You'II Iook great
You're a romantic.
You're being investigated by the government for tax fraud.
You're Iate, aII right?
You're saying he's a IocaI?
You're the young man who's writing the articIe for the schooI paper
Excuse me
Frankie, run and get a toweI. Yeah
HeIIo, deadhead. HeIIo
HeIIo. Hi.
I don't understand. Sure you do.
I want to caII a truce. No truce.
I wouIdn't Iie to you. You're wearing a wedding ring.
LAPD shouId be here any sec. Wait
Number Three? My name is Frank William Abagnale
Thank you. Move it manuaIIy
They're right here
to pick someone up at the airport. Who're you picking up?
To the moon. To the moon.
Watch where you're going! It's just a shirt, man!
Why wasn't I caIIed? Nobody was caIIed, sir.
You need to sign these. Thank you.
You're just a kid. I'm not your kid.
"ArticIe One,