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Little Giants (1994) Soundboard

Little Giants (1994) Soundboard

Little Giants is a family sports comedy film released in 1994, directed by Duwayne Dunham. The movie revolves around a group of misfit kids who create their own little league football team to compete against their more skilled and popular rivals.

The main plot focuses on brothers Danny and Kevin O'Shea, played by Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neill respectively. Danny, a small-town gas station owner, decides to form a local team after his brother Kevin, a former football star, rejects his niece Becky (played by Shawna Waldron) from joining his prestigious peewee football team, the Junior Cowboys. Determined to prove her worth, Danny recruits the outcasts of the town, forming the "Little Giants" team.

Rick Moranis brings his signature humor to the character of Danny, a lovable underdog who embraces the challenge of leading a team of misfits. Ed O'Neill portrays the arrogant and competitive Kevin, who underestimates Danny's team and learns a valuable lesson about sportsmanship along the way. Shawna Waldron shines as the determined and talented Becky, proving that girls can excel in football too.

The rest of the Little Giants team is composed of a diverse group of youngsters, each with their own unique personalities and skills. Some notable characters include:

1. Junior Floyd, portrayed by Devin Sawa, is a talented quarterback with a troubled family background.
2. Rudy Zolteck, played by Sam Horrigan, is a large and gentle-hearted boy with a passion for ballet.
3. Jake Berman, portrayed by Todd Bosley, is an asthmatic team member who finds his place on the sidelines as the water boy.
4. Nubie, played by Marcus Toji, is a highly intelligent and tech-savvy member of the team.
5. Tad, embodied by Troy Simmons, is the team's fearless kicker with an unusual behavior.

As the Little Giants eagerly train and prepare for their big game against the favored Junior Cowboys, the movie delivers heartwarming moments of friendship, self-discovery, and empowerment. Through the ups and downs of their journey, the team grows close, discovering their hidden talents and proving that the underdog can triumph.

The movie's soundtrack captures the spirit of the film, featuring energizing tracks that inspire dedication and perseverance. While specific band members or singers are not credited, the music perfectly complements the on-screen action, enhancing the emotions and excitement.

To relive the nostalgia and enjoy the sounds of Little Giants, you can play and download the film's soundtrack through various platforms. Whether you want to witness the team's triumphant march onto the field or experience the heartfelt moments of camaraderie, the soundtrack will transport you back to this beloved family sports comedy.

In summary, Little Giants (1994) is a heartwarming and comedic film that showcases the power of teamwork and determination. With a talented cast led by Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neill, the movie entertains viewers of all ages, teaching valuable lessons about friendship, inclusivity, and the importance of believing in oneself. So gather your family, grab some popcorn, and embark on an unforgettable journey with the Little Giants.

All right!
All right. Come on. Let's get out there.
All right. Everything's gonna be okay.
All right. Great. Great stuff.
All right. Okay. Okay. Hold it.
And to be honest with you, your face is exactly as I remember it.
And we took a wrong turn somewhere. Look, we started out here on l 7 east.
Blow the whistle! Come on. Blow it! Blow it!
But now it's time to really dig in. They're gonna give the ball to Spike.
But one time, one time, I beat him.
Come on, gentlemen. Suck it up. Suck it up!
Come on, you're probably the only girl I've met that can beat up my dad.
Come on. Let's go. Keep moving.
Dad's got a big crush on him.
Don't mean nothing.
Everyone from here over, come with me.
Everyone from here over, go with Coach Butz.
Gee, good eye.
Give us a break. You couldn't beat Kevin O'Shea at anything.
Go ahead, Father.
Good night, you guys. Sleep tightly.
Great. You can be on our team.
Gross. Gross. Get off of me, you little dork.
Harold, you're the tenth car that's come in here today.
He pivots, fakes, chucks the big bomb halfway down the field...
He relates it to you in the huddle. Then, we try it on the field. Okay, let's do it.
He's bigger than my dad.
Hey, Dan, we're next.
Hey, Junior.
Hey, Kev. Where you going?
Hey, kid, you got a second?
Hey, you are a genius.
Hi, Danny.
Hut one! Hut two! Hut three!
I can't see with this thing on!
I don't feel a...
I got it! I got it! I got it!
I got it. I got it
I got Urbania in the Pop Warner league by telling everybody...
I hate not being picked.
I knew you'd see it my way.
I need somebody to help me coach, you know, to come up with some plays.
I still don't understand why you didn't pick Becky.
I want to pump you up.
I won't, Daddy.
I'll throw your mother out.
I'm busted up. I'm bleeding. I'm so bruised I look like a code blue.
I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.
I'm leaving the country. I'm going to New Mexico.
If that kid of yours pulls another stunt like that, you're both out of here.
If we don't get our own way, watch out.
If you treat her like a girl, she'll act like one.
If you're pissed at me, don't be. If I wasn't tough on you...
It's gonna be a landslide, and I'll say it again.
It's halftime.
Let me see your game faces.
Let's go, guys. Come on.
Let's make something happen.
Lucky to have been born an O'Shea.
Maybe it's the tie.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
Nice pass. Nice catch.
Nice pop, Icebox.
No, you don't.
No! No!
No. They're wondering if your team wants to join the Little Giants.
Now what?
O'Shea Chevrolet.
Oh, my God! My son scored a touchdown.
Oh, Rudy.
Okay, guys. Let's make this power I formation work.
Okay, guys. Wash it.
Okay, let's clean it up.
Okay? Here we go
One dollar for the wash, Butz.
One town. One team.
Pass! Pass! Pass!
Pushing a football across the floor with his head at four months old.
Put me in, coach! I wanna kick some butt!
Ready. Go!
Reverse! Reverse!
Rip their filthy ears off, Jakester!
Set! Go!
Set! Go!
Set. Go!
She didn't quit. She just found a better team.
Someone who's good, not at basketball, but like...
Stay with him. Come on.
Tad! Go! Go! Run out of bounds!
Take a shot. Just block me.
Thank you, football god.
Thanks, Mr. Madden.
Thanks. I needed that.
Thanks. Problem is we don't have a tailback.
That's right, Spike! Icebox is gonna defrost you!
The distance gained divided by the time of travel.
The Icebox.
The O'Shea brothers.
There you go.
Thirty eight toss. You understand? Thirty eight toss. Let's go.
This whole town may love you...
Use your imagination.
Wait a second, guys. Who said you had to be good to play football?
We did it! We won!
We quit. So call us if you decide to coach softball.
We won!
We won!
We're all so upset.
Well, I just...
What about him?
What am I saying?
What do you want?
What other stuff?
What's the matter with you? You gonna play or what?
When she tucked me in she'd go, "Good night, little princess
When we were kids. We used to race our bikes down Cherry Hill after school.
Where do you come off trying to put together a team?
Who am I?
Yeah, let's go.
Yeah! That's my boy!
Yeah! Touchdown!
Yes. I've done it.
You call this a team?
You don't ask for things. You take them.
You following me?
You guys belong out there with those Cowboys.
You know what this is called?
You know, there's something you guys should know.
You... You look kind of small for a football star.
You'll have to put the top up if you want us to wash it
You're a Cowboy now.
You're a football team. That's like a family, except you get to hit each other.
You're lucky my dad showed up.
You're the reason we moved to this town, you and that football league.
You've gotten into me, and I'm sick of it.
Zolteck, he's gonna need some running room.
A reverse to me? Down!
And my brother chickened out. Roger chickened out? He's a Marine.
Becky, let him go. I can't breathe.
Dad. I'll see you Tuesday, son.
Grieson. Yes!
Guess who. Who?
Have a good trip. Thanks.
Heads. Excuse me. How come he gets to call it?
Hi, Dad. Hey.
Hi, Danny. Hi.
Hi. Sure you want to do this, Becky?
I never got off. Why?
I treated you like a prince. You ignored me!
lf they don't win, I'll sweep it for a month. Good.
Moritti. Yeah.
Mouse. Yes.
No, that's not true. I did beat him once. When?
Nobody buys a Chevy from a loser! Honey, this is peewee football. Remember?
Okay, guys. On two. Ready. Break!
Personal foul, number 32, white
Pinski. Yes.
Ready! Break!
Ready. Break!
Right. Right.
Rivera. Rivera!
Set. Go! What?
Shirley. Hi, Kevin.
Steve Emtman. Emmitt Smith.
Stop! Who are we? Giants!
Thanks for coming. That was great.
Those jerseys are so cool. Dibs on Montana's number.
Try me! I will!
We won! We won!
Wrong defense! I didn't call the blitz!
Yeah! No mercy! No ball.
Yeah? I just got a phone call.
Yes, sir! Okay. Come on. Get going.
Yes! We're in! Touchdown! Yeah!
You beat Kevin down Cherry Hill? Yes, I did. He ate my dust.
You can't go to my birthday party. So what?
You forget one thing. What?
You say thank you, I say please Kevin sits down when he pees
You still mad at me for not picking you? No.
You want to play football? No.
Zolteck. What's up?
...but they can't play peewee football
...I massage his hamstrings with evaporated milk. Yeah.
...just air and pig intestines.
...on brilliant running by Johnny Vennaro.