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Little Giants (1994)

Little Giants (1994)

Little Giants is a beloved sports comedy film released in 1994. Directed by Duwayne Dunham, it follows the heartwarming journey of a group of misfit kids who form their own football team to challenge their town's elite team. The film stars Rick Moranis as Danny O'Shea, the underdog team's coach, and Ed O'Neill as his brother Kevin O'Shea, the coach of the intimidating Cowboys team. The cast also includes talented child actors like Shawna Waldron, Devon Sawa, and Alexa PenaVega, among others. Little Giants is a classic family movie that delivers both comedic moments and an inspiring message about teamwork and self-belief. To relive the nostalgic sounds of this film, you can play and download the soundtrack here.

A couple things go differently for us, we're in it.
A Peewee State Championship.
Alert the media.
All right, guys. All right. Kicking is the key to this game.
All right, Hanon!
All right, men. Let's go.
All right, Spike. We're not taking any chances.
All right.
All right. All right now. Good job.
All right. All right.
All right. All right.
All right. All right. All right. Enough of that.
All right. All right. All right. Guys, cool it.
All right. Everybody, back up. Back up. Give him room. Give him some air.
All right. Go.
All right. Let's give it up for "Rad" Tad Simpson.
All right. Let's play some football.
All right. Let's stretch it out. Come on.
All right. Maybe I went a little too far. Maybe I've been a little...
All right. Quiet down for chrissake!
All that time I knew you, I had no idea that you would be like this.
Already voted, mayor.
And even if those Cowboys are better than you guys...
And girls can run countries...
And I don't know where we are!
And I think football is just the medicine for him.
And I want you to dream of football glory...
And I want you to remember, hey, there's always next year.
And if this boy's a quarterback, he's probably gonna want some cute girl...
And last but not least...
And she's pissed.
And the quarterback isn't even there.
And we have to hit Canton, and we have to hit it hard.
And you remember that?
And you remember that?
And you, fat lineman!
Anything goes?
Anyways, I'll see you later.
Are you all right?
Are you guys kidding me?
Are you kidding, people? It's called sweat. Show me some. Move. Move.
Are you sure?
Are you wearing lipstick?
Are you...?
As we are about to embark on this journey of athletic competition...
Back in line.
Be good.
Because I didn't get picked a few times. So I started hiding under the bleachers.
Because you're slow and no one likes you.
Becky asked me to check the compression.
Becky, look, Mom's not here anymore. She left us.
Becky, wanna get that car for me, please?
Becky, what's wrong?
Believe me. It was two seconds. Now the crowd in the stadium is going nuts.
Big round of applause for the Little Giants.
Blow it!
Blow the whistle! Blow the whistle!
Blow the whistle! Come on! Blow the whistle! Blow it.
Bottom line, I took a team to a Super Bowl, and we won.
Briggs, count it off.
Bubbles and stuff.
But bottom line, you're okay, Coach O'Shea.
But I don't know about being a cute girl.
But if not her, definitely another cheerleader type, right?
But listen to me. You got a lot more to offer than football.
But we were a team, and that's what you guys are.
But what if you were forced to? Wouldn't it be good to learn with a friend?
But you have to stick together. Do that, and you'll be fine.
But you're not. You're different.
Call me Becky.
Can I have a little word with you, please?
Careful with this. Some of these are antiques.
Caught a cold yesterday, Murph. Here, have some.
Check this out. My cousin told me that her and her boyfriend use their tongues.
Coach, they're gonna do the super secret play.
Come get in the car, son.
Come here, son.
Come on down here.
Come on in, buddy.
Come on, Dad. Throw it in here.
Come on, fellas. Tomorrow's the big one. Don't let me down.
Come on, guys. Huddle up.
Come on, Mom.
Come on, Tad. Go, Tad. Come on. Dig.
Come on! Come on!
Come on. All right.
Come on. Come on. Protect the ball. Good. Good.
Come on. Make that cut.
Come on. Unload on this thing!
Come on. You can do it.
Communication is the key. I signal the quarterback with the play.
Congratulations, Danny. Looks like you're the new head coach.
Cowboys recover.
Cowboys! Cowboys! Win, win, win!
Creative plays.
Dad, don't tell jokes. You can't tell jokes. You never could tell jokes.
Damn it!
Danny catches the ball. He's at the 10, the 20, the 25.
Danny, listen to me. Listen to me.
Danny, listen, guys like you and kids like that...
Danny, look, there's gotta be some way we can work this out. What do you want?
Dead meat.
Death shrouds.
Debbie likes Junior, doesn't she?
Debbie, get your friends. I need girls with spirit.
Did his first pull up when he was 18 months. Give me 10!
Did I pass the spelling test, Mrs. Greely?
Did you see the faces of the other kids?
Dig. Dig. Dig. Dig. Come on, people. Show me something.
Do you have time to get me your brother's autograph?
Do you know what Mom used to call me? Her little princess.
Do you pee standing up?
Do you remember that championship game with Sutterville?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Does Veronica like Archie?
Don't be so hard on the old man.
Don't be talking about my mama.
Don't you understand that the people of this town expect me to win?
Down. Set. Go!
Down. Set. Go!
Drive, drive, drive!
Easy! Easy! One more!
Eight point five. Excellent, Briggs.
Einstein. Could he catch? Did anybody care? No.
Either take Junior Floyd out of the game or you donate a kidney to Aunt Ruth.
Every night, before he goes to bed...
Excuse me, boys. A little peewee business.
Excuse me, coach? Hi, Mr. O'Shea. I'm Cheryl Berman.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Maybe you can help me. I'm trying to remember what I had for lunch.
Father Kelly is kind enough to say a prayer for our victory today.
Fine, if you'd like to think about it.
First down, Giants, on their longest gain of the afternoon.
Flea flicker to Floyd. He's got room up the sideline, the 45, the 50.
Football isn't about faces. It's about speed, about talent.
Forget the moose sounds.
Four seconds.
Gasman? I don't get it.
Gentlemen, that is your opponent. You must defeat her at all costs.
Get a grip, Dad.
Get in your position.
Get ready dog breath. 'Cause when I get finished with you...
Get the fear out of your eyes! Let's go! Come on!
Get your jellyrolls out of Spike's way...
Giants kicking off. They'll defend the western goal to my right, your left.
Giants, Giants, first and 10 Giants, Giants
Giants! Giants! Giants!
Giants! Giants! Giants! Giants!
Giants! Giants! Giants! Giants!
Giants! Giants! Giants! Giants!
Giants' ball!
Giants' ball!
Give me a J Give me a U
Give me a minute to get him used to the idea of playing with a girl.
Give me the ball. I'll score a couple touchdowns for you.
Go, baby! Go!
Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
God bless family, friends...
Gonna rip your head off.
Good night, Danny.
Good night, Urbania. And a special good luck to all tomorrow's players.
Good shot.
Got you!
Got you.
Great to see you, folks. Welcome to the park.
Guys, a lot of this equipment has been used before.
Guys, cut it out. You're brothers.
Guys, I got great news.
Guys, I'll run the ball.
Guys, quiet down! Hold it.
Guys, Spike's our new tailback.
Guys, wait. I got something to show you.
Hammersmith dives on the ball in the end zone. Touchdown, Cowboys!
Hang on a second. Spike!
Hanon, nice try. All right, guys. Let's give it another shot.
Have I changed?
He doesn't wanna win.
He sneezed three times this morning and had me worried.
He sneezed three times this morning and had me worried.
He throws. It's up.
He wants to prove he's not scared of you.
He weighed only 1 pound, 11 ounces. He spent six weeks in an incubator.
He's got business and stuff. See you, coach.
He's mine, Danny! Damn it!
He's playing for the wrong team.
He's quite a boy.
He's right here.
Head up, butt down. Stick and drive.
Hell, if I was a mama hen and they was my chicks...
Here come the Cowboys!