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Superstore - Season 1

Superstore - Season 1

Superstore - Season 1: A Hilarious Workplace Comedy

Step into the chaotic world of "Superstore," a workplace comedy that revolves around the daily happenings of the employees at Cloud 9, a fictional big-box store. With its debut in 2015, the show quickly garnered popularity for its stellar cast and relatable humor.

America Ferrera leads the ensemble cast as Amy Dubanowski, the hardworking and responsible floor supervisor. Her character effortlessly balances the demands of her job with the challenges of managing a diverse group of co-workers. Joining her is Ben Feldman as Jonah Simms, an optimistic newcomer who quickly learns the ropes of the retail world. Together, Ferrera and Feldman create a delightful on-screen chemistry that keeps the audience engaged throughout the season.

The show's supporting cast shines just as brightly. Colton Dunn portrays Garrett McNeil, a witty and sarcastic employee who provides hilariously deadpan commentary on the absurdity of office life. Nico Santos portrays the fashionable and sassy sales associate, Mateo Fernando Aquino Liwanag, who is often at the center of amusing workplace hijinks. Mark McKinney delivers a standout performance as Glenn Sturgis, the quirky and devout store manager, while Lauren Ash brings her comedic brilliance to the role of Dina Fox, the intense and by-the-book assistant manager.

"Superstore" perfectly captures the trials and tribulations faced by retail workers, and Season 1 introduces us to the show's unique brand of comedy. From store-wide initiatives gone awry to customer antics that defy logic, each episode is filled with hilarious moments that will have viewers laughing out loud.

The show's writing, a delightful and clever combination of situational comedy and witty dialogue, keeps the humor fresh and engaging. The writers beautifully craft storylines that explore relatable workplace issues, including unionization efforts, employee-employer power dynamics, and the ever-present fear of corporate micromanagement. By tackling these topics with humor and heart, "Superstore" creates a world that feels both absurd and authentic.

In addition to its well-rounded cast and humorous writing, "Superstore" also excels in its portrayal of diversity. The ensemble cast represents a wide range of ethnicities, sexual orientations, and identities, making the show a refreshing and genuine reflection of society. Furthermore, the series regularly touches on political and social issues, seamlessly weaving them into the fabric of the store's daily operations.

Fans of the show, or those looking to experience the comedy for the first time, will be pleased to know that they can watch Superstore Season 1 on various streaming platforms. Additionally, the catchy and vibrant soundtrack of the show, featuring music from various artists, is available for download and play from the official website.

So, whether you are looking for a good laugh, relatable workplace anecdotes, or simply wanting to enjoy the talent of an incredible ensemble cast, "Superstore" - Season 1 is a fantastic choice. Step into the world of Cloud 9 and experience the joys and challenges of big-box retail like never before.

A beige Toyota Camry driven by a white guy named Matthew?
A big, swinging wiener.
A bunch of people sweating in a field
A DIY element does add a certain personal touch to it.
A DIY element does add a certain personal touch to it.
A few other things for me, please?
A good one...
A Guide to Injuries on the Job."
A huge after market for used sex dolls.
A little bit better.
A little bit.
A little more along the lines of my grandmother's.
A little rap on the knuckles from a big, swinging wiener.
A little too seriously all of a sudden.
A lot of fun stuff in there...
A lot of people have been suggesting it should be me.
A man died here today.
A pizza party.
A psychopath doesn't have a conscience.
A reporter doesn't care about how you look.
A series of curveballs.
A sociopath knows what he's doing is wrong
A suggestion for my replacement,
Aah, parents.
Abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion!
Abortion! Abortion!
About all that mannequin stuff, sorry.
About before...
About how expensive and scary it is to have a baby.
About not doing something that I might regret,
About that walkout.
About the hydrochlorothiazide?
About the ******* bird? You know what? Never mind.
About the way I handled everything.
About what happened.
Absolutely not.
Accentuate your silhouette.
Access to a company car...
According to his license, he was 87.
Actually, I think it's the opposite of selfish.
Actually, it just says, "watching kids."
Actually, let's go with the Vilano.
Actually, the lights are controlled by corporate.
Actually, the lights are controlled by corporate.
Actually, those aren't points.
Against them if they're not white.
Ageism is just as racist as racism.
Ah, no thanks, Sal.
Ah, no. Yes.
Ah, thanks.
Ah, these are all Juan S's.
Ah, yeah.
Ah, you... whatever you think is fair.
Ah! Ah, what'd I tell you?
Alas, it is discouraged.
All aboard! Next stop, Ellis Island.
All associates working the morning shift,
All electronics are supposed to be 25% off,
All in service of the bottom line.
All kinds of great ideas just like that one.
All of his brilliant ideas were inside his mouth,
All over the sign.
All right, calm down.
All right, campers, listen up.
All right, Cheyenne.
All right, everybody, up on your feet.
All right, I guess I'll spend the difference on lotto tickets,
All right, I'll help you with the stupid party.
All right, ma'am. I cannot stress this enough.
All right, now, when you check out,
All right, peace out, St. Louis.
All right, uh, just, uh, you know, breathe.
All right, um, why don't we just all.
All right, yeah.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. I got to get going.
All right. Punctuality.
All right. That's nice.
All right. Um, hi.
All the college classes in the world.
All the colors of the cloud.
All the doors lock?
All the proceeds go to the La Benevolencia Orphanage
All: Oh!
All: Whoa!
Almost forgot my taser.
Also cover Makeup.
Also from the lower yogurts.
Also, I do modeling,
Also, my truck has a rather unique odor,
Although, realistically, what are my chances of winning twice?
Always show up on time, don't steal,
Am I the only one that thinks it's weird
American citizen. Nice.
Amped up, sorry.
Amy is busy.
Amy, but I'm just trying to sell salsa.
Amy, can I see you for a minute?
Amy, come have a look out the window with me.
Amy, come look out this window with me.
Amy, could you stick around for a second?
Amy, forget it, okay? This clearly isn't working.
Amy, wait!
Amy, what are you doing here?
Amy, you're a leader,
Amy, you've got a good butt.
Amy! Are you leaving or just peeing?
An amazing person, and your friendship means so much.
An assistant manager someday.
And a boxer primed brass jacket.
And a boxer primed brass jacket.
And a Minions night light
And a quote saying how great it is to work here.
And accidentally, you kick the baby in the face.
And an enthusiastic "Howdy do!"
And architects.
And being annoyed.
And blamed it on a Chinese.
And decide tomorrow?
And demeaning yourself.
And didn't go for what I wanted.
And drive and drive, drive.
And early meeting this morning?
And Fourth of July,
And get the other employees to donate?
And God grants us another miracle.
And have a baller ass life.
And he told me to tell you to tell your mom
And here's Myrtle, carrying a bicycle tire.
And I already clocked out for you,
And I already lactate as a side effect
And I am one of those people.
And I am... I am excited to be here.
And I can't stress enough, money is no object.
And I don't know if you...
And I had to go work and I had all these responsibilities?
And I hate Regional Manager Dicky Larson,
And I have "Hoosiers" on Blu ray.
And I haven't seen you in a couple hours,
And I just hope you and I can...
And I know that
And I know the job might be tough,
And I organized it by style, color, size,
And I put up the Halloween inventory,
And I really love the world of this rap.
And I still look really cute?
And I think being with him is a way of me punishing myself.
And I think each and every one of us has regrets.
And I told her that I wasn't comfortable
And I want to hear about them.
And I was wondering if maybe we could get her
And I won't watch him give up who he is,
And I would like to play it...
And I'd hate to keep people late
And I'd say, "I think so."
And I'll be like, "Nah, I was here the whole time."
And I'm almost positive that was written down wrong.
And I'm gonna bring this stuff out to you.
And I'm here to make something of myself.
And I'm in the men's room.
And I'm locked out of Candy Crush.
And I'm not getting any younger.
And I'm not gonna make up fake charities.
And I've been having a tough time saying it,
And I've roped in your manager, Glenn, here to help me out.
And if you do decide that adoption
And if you saw the charts that he showed me...
And in pharmacy, get yourself a flu shot,
And it could be false labor.
And it just keeps coming.
And it looked like real Jonah
And it was good...
And it would've sucked to just sit there and watch.
And it's about that time.
And it's all held together by a mucus plug,
And it's half the price.
And it's making me uncomfortable.
And it's not just me, it's for my baby!
And it's starting to get a little weird.
And keep in a safe place."
And leave the job at the door.
And let them cook for almost two hours.
And let's get you one of these fancy racer helmets too.
And look for the lock override code.
And make them fire her.
And making it really hard for me to just take a full breath.
And medical science was all the rage.
And Nelson Mandela all have in common?
And nobody knows this store better than you.
And nobody's going on strike.
And now you've brought your child to work.
And put this whole darn thing behind us.
And quite frankly, I have nothing left to lose.
And really absorbing the culture.
And relevance of designer.
And Rene wasn't even that hot.
And right on to the zip line.
And see that recording.
And she can just pay us back later?
And she has both kinds.
And she was cool with it.
And she's gonna try to get me to sign this union card.
And skrilla.
And smile a lot.
And some Minions candy
And somebody had to pay the bills,
And somebody very annoying mentioned the word "union."