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Dick (1999) Soundboard

Dick (1999) Soundboard

"Dick" is a hilarious comedy film released in 1999, directed by Andrew Fleming. Set in the early 1970s, the movie revolves around two teenage girls who accidentally stumble into the infamous Watergate scandal, ultimately becoming the iconic "Deep Throat" informants. With an incredible ensemble cast and a knack for blending history with laughter, "Dick" quickly became a fan favorite.

Taking on the lead roles of the mischievous duo are Kirsten Dunst as Betsy Jobs and Michelle Williams as Arlene Lorenzo. Dunst and Williams deliver impeccable performances, expertly capturing the innocence, curiosity, and rebellious spirit of two young girls inadvertently straying into the chaos of political scandal.

Joining them on this wild adventure are two key characters who find themselves hilariously entangled in the Watergate debacle. First is Betsy and Arlene's iconic boss, Woodward, brilliantly portrayed by Will Ferrell. With his distinct comedic timing and effortlessly funny persona, Ferrell adds a touch of hilarity to every scene he is in.

The second essential character is H.R. Haldeman, former Chief of Staff to President Richard Nixon, amusingly portrayed by Bruce McCulloch. McCulloch's impeccable comedic delivery and unique portrayal of H.R. Haldeman becomes one of the highlights of the film, capturing the absurdity of the Watergate scandal.

"Dick" also features strong supporting performances from famous faces including Dan Hedaya as President Richard Nixon, who brings a mix of menace and humor to the role. Dave Foley portrays Bob Haldeman (H.R. Haldeman's son) with aplomb, adding a layer of complexity to the story. Teri Garr and Harry Shearer also make appearances, adding to the star-studded cast.

The film's soundtrack perfectly complements the story and time period it portrays, with catchy tunes from the '70s transporting the audience back to that era. While the exact list of songs and artists included in the film is unavailable here, you can play and download the delightful sounds of the '70s from various platforms to truly immerse yourself in the movie's vibrant atmosphere.

"Dick" expertly blends historical events with comedic storytelling, making it a must-watch for fans of history and comedy alike. The movie creatively intertwines reality and fiction, presenting an alternate perspective on the Watergate scandal while injecting humor into the mix. The result is a film brimming with laughter, unexpected twists, and amusing social commentary.

Throughout "Dick," director Andrew Fleming skillfully balances the comedy with the historical context. By juxtaposing the innocence and youthful curiosity of Betsy and Arlene with the corruption of the Nixon administration, the film cleverly draws parallel lines between the two worlds. This approach both entertains and allows for biting satirical commentary on the political landscape of the time.

"Dick" transports viewers into a world of adventure, mischief, and political intrigue through the eyes of two endearing teenage girls. The film serves as a reminder that even the most bizarre and unlikely circumstances can bring unexpected heroes to the forefront. Betsy and Arlene's unintentional journey into the political realm not only uncovers the truth behind Watergate but also empowers them to take a stand and challenge authority.

In conclusion, "Dick" is a sensational comedy released in 1999 that uses humor and a historical backdrop to tell the captivating story of two teenagers who find themselves at the center of one of America's most significant political scandals. With an exceptional cast, clever storytelling, and a catchy '70s soundtrack, this film is bound to entertain and leave audiences with a smile. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the delightful sounds and laughter that "Dick" has to offer.

Remember, you can play and download these sounds here, reliving the '70s to fully immerse yourself in the joyous world of "Dick."

A documentation. Like a piece of paper
A dozen? The poppy kind.
According to the President.
And I really dug the way you used fantasy..
Are you all right?
Are you interested in the story or not?
Aren't you Haldeman's son?
As far as you're concerned, I have no identity at all.
At 12.:30 Paris time today...
Because I live in the Watergate..
Betsy, what're you doing?
But the old drugs aren't working.
But the President ate those.
But when you do..
Code yellow, central corridor.
Come on
Dick just disgusts me now
Did we meet before or not?
Do you know anything about it?
Do you remember me?
Doesn't anybody realize that Kung Fu isn't Chinese?
Don't you think it's more important what's going on here?
Down, down!
For our own protection?
Give me those.
Go on, Arlene
Got the cookies?
He doesn't even look Chinese. He looks like the mailman
He's trying to drive me insane.
Here's me as his wife
Hey, Checkers. Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Rose
His beautiful, darling daughter
How high?
How old are you?
How will we get into the White House?
I don't think there is a Deep Throat. I think you made it up.
I hate you.
I have an idea
I honestly love you
I know where it could be gotten.
I know you.
I like your hair. It's really dry look
I love you
I love you
I might be willing to take the risk on these other names..
I probably shouldn't be telling you this because of national security...
I realized one day...
I remember when..
I should give that a listen
I want to have a little private chat with you
I was wondering if you had that package ready for me...
I'd say these people are gonna cost a million dollars...
I'll be a monkey's uncle...
I'm gonna live
I'm having so much fun already
I'm John Dean, Chief White House Counsel.
I'm sorry, Bob
I've gotta tell you, I haven't felt this way in
If this is about that Watergate nonsense..
If we publish that, we could nail him.
In fact, they're frozen again
Is that your combined ages?
Isn't it against the law to cut up the flag?
It goes like this:
It's Fat Freddy
It's happening. It's happening. It's real, man.
It's not right.
It's on the label of every can, lamebrain
It's personal
Kennedy and Johnson had dogs that liked them. That's the problem.
Kiss me.
Ladies, this way.
Larry's a freak and all...
Last night, five men were arrested in the Democratic Committee office..
Let me know what you think.
Let me tell you something!
Let's go
Let's go, Checkers. Come on
Make it 8:30.
Maybe I ought to fire you!
My dad's an arms manufacturer.
No way, JosÈ!
No, we always do him
Not too good.
Now your TV dinners are ice cold
Number one: I love you.
Of course it will.
Oh, I mean, poo poo.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, thank you!
Okay, I'm ready.
Okay, what now?
Or it could be even worse.
Prank phone calls?
Second, I was under the impression that I would be the only guest tonight.
She said it upset her too much, so she threw everything away
Stupid kids.
Sure. Very good.
Thanks, no.
That's because you couldn't go right
That's funny...
The Committee to Re elect the President.
The dog ate it
The gemstone is glistening
The Joint Chiefs of Staff
There isn't some deep feeling..
There's no need to be snotty
They hung up
This is Betsy and Arlene
Throughout the long and difficult period of Watergate...
Unless you wanna keep the war going, so you can have Larry's room.
Up yours, man!
Vice President Ford will be sworn in at that hour...
Wait a minute, I know you.
Want to make out?
We are stupid teenage girls
We both are.
We can go shopping after we meet them
We need to know some names from that list you had
We will return to school...
We've been too permissive with you, young man.
Well, hello, Dolly
Well, not really.
What are you doing here?
What are your names?
What do you mean?
What is it, Bob?
What kind of things?
What the ?
What's going on here?
What's the deal with that Watergate thing?
What's the matter?
Where'd you get the recipe? It was stolen.
Which means you mustn't say a thing..
Who are they?
Who is Deep Throat?
Who is he talking to on this tape?
Who is...
Who the hell are you?
Who's this?
Why don't you go to Canada like Mom says?
Yeah, well, first of all..
Yes, but you can't have any.
You act like you like him..
You all right?
You know what I think?
You know why I love Bobby?
You know, you guys are getting pretty old now.
You're so stupid.
You're the smartest person I know
Your brother's not that bad. Not that I like him.
And Betsy's brother just got drafted. He's maintaining
Can I carry the Charmin? Yep, but no squeezing.
Evening, Mr. Whipple. Evening.
Excellent. Good, good
Go! Just go with it!
Looks cool! Thanks!
Of America. Of America..
Oh, my God! It's okay
What are you looking at? Nothing.
What was he doing at the White House? I don't know.
What? Come on.
Yeah. I guess
... of Presidential Counsel John Dean....
... over the next two years.
...and he doesn't have time to see any old person
...but everybody talks about Mac Washington because he got killed there.
...but not on Haldeman
...have asked us who Deep Throat is, so.... the cafeteria.
...just like Club Med.
...l must put the interest of America first.
...l've met someone
...on nuclear weapons of mass destruction
...that I think best describes the way I feel about you
...the President?
...we're gonna find them
...were that age.
...when I come out after lunch.
...when you think of your President..
...who are trying to disgrace the President
" Dear Bobb...