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Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season 1

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season 1

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, also known as ATHF, is an iconic animated television series that first premiered in the year 2000. Created by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, the show quickly gained a dedicated fanbase with its absurd humor, irreverent style, and bizarre storylines.

The main cast of Aqua Teen Hunger Force consists of three anthropomorphic fast-food items living together as roommates in South Jersey. Frylock, a floating box of french fries with superpowers, leads the group with his intelligence and calm demeanor. Meatwad, a childlike meatball with the ability to shape-shift, adds a childlike innocence to the mix. Lastly, Master Shake, a self-centered milkshake, often acts as the troublemaker of the group.

Throughout the first season, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force finds themselves entangled in a variety of wacky adventures and encounters with strange characters. From dealing with aliens disguised as hippies to taking on the sinister Dr. Weird and his robotic assistant, Steve, the trio's chaotic escapades never fail to entertain.

Among the recurring characters of the show are Carl Brutananadilewski, their grumpy and easily annoyed neighbor, and the Mooninites, Ignignokt and Err. These hilariously mischievous moon creatures often manipulate and deceive the Aqua Teen Hunger Force for their own amusement.

One of the distinctive features of the show is its unique and often psychedelic animation style. The artwork is characterized by abstract and distorted imagery, complete with vibrant colors that perfectly complement the show's absurd nature. Accompanying the visuals is an eclectic mix of music that ranges from experimental electronic tracks to catchy hip-hop beats.

As the popularity of Aqua Teen Hunger Force grew, so did its soundtrack. The show became known for its memorable bumpers—short, entertaining interstitial segments that aired between commercial breaks. These bumpers often featured original songs, humorous skits, or random clips that added to the show's offbeat charm. Fans of the show can relive these tunes and sounds by playing and downloading them from various sources online.

The success of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's first season led to a long and successful run with a total of eleven seasons and a feature film titled "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters," released in 2007. Throughout its tenure, the show continued to push boundaries, become a cult classic, and gain a loyal following.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, with its sharp wit and absurdist humor, remains a beloved animated series that has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Its unique characters, unforgettable soundtracks, and peculiar storylines have solidified its place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

So, if you're craving a dose of bizarre and hilarious entertainment, join Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake for their wild escapades in Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And remember, you can play and download these sounds here, ensuring hours of laughter and nonsensical fun.

A car cannot be killed!
A large quantity of hair growth formula is missing from this counter.
A woman, a meteor, whatever.
All I ever try to do is make him smile and sing around him
All right, I'm gonna give this rainbow thing another 5 minutes.
And dance around him and he just lays into me.
And gumdrops, and licorice sunsets, and fuzzy gumdrop bears,
And I'm gonna go over there and see if they can squeeze me in for a perm.
And if it don't show up quick...
And if you set the alarm and get everyone of us in trouble
And please say soon, because I am bored.
And so, this will remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of our times.
And spray him in the eyes because thats how it happened to me!
And step inside the rainbow and I'd get some gold.
And sugar coated chocolate gumdrop land.
And that is where my manager lives. And my agent. Ok?
And the laptop, and the e mails, and the rainbow machine?
And then you got the gold, so where's the gold? Where is it?
And then you're using this rainbow machine to mug people.
And we can take their stuff?
And we're going to spend it on what?
And when we find Shake, we'll find our culprits.
And you said it didn't matter.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force assemble!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force assemble!
At least they have diamonds.
Aw, for the freaking I just found it this way! I just walked out here for freaking sake!
Aw, look at this now, I don't see crap in there.
Before he has time to take it back.
But that hasn't happened yet.
But when I get back, this rabbits going down.
But you're swimming right now
Carl doesn't know! We're the detectives.
Carl, are you alright?
Carl, those green guys, turns out they didn't do it.
Carl. It's ok. It's cool man. I'm a detective.
Chicks? We're here to solve a mystery, Shake!
Clear the crime scene and let me think!
Come get the things I bought for you while they're nice!
Come on, baby. Come behind the tree and get some sugar!
Come on, we're done.
Come on! Go! Will you just go?!
Come on! Today.
Cuz that's all I need to hear. Come on, they didn't do it.
Dancing is forbidden. It is mystery time we have a case to solve.
Did you see that?
Dingle, engage the rainbow machine!
Do it Frylock, because I said so!
Do no point that fry thing at me. Aw, geez...
Do not move or say anything.
Don't go in my pool.
Doo doo dee doo. Doo doo dee doo.
Everybody likes dancing, Frylock!
Excellent. Another victim falls prey to my brilliant e mail plan.
Fine! Aqua Teens assemble cause Frylock baby has to have it!
Flargen, where's it gonna land?
Flargin, he doesn't really look like he has any money...
Flip flops? What is this!?
For rainbows are made of happy thoughts, and dreams, and chocolate unicorns,
Forward this to 20 people or we will burn your brain from the inside.
Frylock, burn the rabbit down.
Frylock, find out what kind of acid dissolves meat.
Frylock, send Carl to work!
Frylock, were you?
Gentlemen, I have created... this thing.
Gentlemen. Vegetables have threaten man for generations.
Get away from that, I call that one. That pile's mine as well.
Get away from that, I call that one. That pile's mine as well.
Get out of my freaking pool!
Get rid of him!
Go down to the park and step into the rainbow and you'll be rich with gold!
Go to the bank.
God! That'll take a thousand hours!
Gold? Come on! Let's go get the gold!
Good going, Meatwad. You've tamed him with your greasy dance of joy.
Good morning, Carl. How's it going?
Good Morning, Frylock, how you doing?
Good Morning, Meatwad.
Good question. I told you we needed to be doing this in Antwerp, Flargin.
Hang on, hang on a second, Meatwad.
Have you gotten any estimates?
He doesn't even have pockets. Look, he's wearing sweatpants.
He told me to get in the freezer 'cause there was a carnival in there.
Here. Take the meat bridge. It's right here.
Hey there, where's the gold there?
Hey, broad, let's date! Come look behind the tree, sweetie baby!
Hey, it's going down.
Hey! hey! hey!
Hmm, it sounds like some sort of internet pyramid mugging scheme.
How close are we to avenging the death of Carl's car
How did you get back there? That's for sales persons only.
How ya doin there, bozo. Give me the gold.
I am the lord of illusions.
I don't think we need to do that. He's just dancing.
I done told you, I work out of the home. Now stop with the freak beam!
I found it.
I got freezer burn and I got mushed up against that chicken...
I got this e mail to go to the park
I have called this meeting to say that downtown is no longer safe.
I have not called for you, Frylock. What are you doing here?
I have obtained funds to solve this vegetable nightmare.
I know this game. This is how they get you.
I know, the mystery of where the women are, right?
I know.
I leave for 45 minutes and this is what happens?
I like the length. Makes me look a little wild.
I live here.
I need to go back to the lab.
I scheduled this day off over two weeks ago. I made a memo.
I thought you said a woman did it.
I wanna get back there. Get me back there.
I was not put on this earth to listen to meat.
I will be the one asking the questions.
I wonder who killed Carl's car.
I work out of the home.
I'm about to cannonball What is THIS?
I'm analyzing the scent.
I'm beatiful!
I'm starting to get a cramp.
In the filter, and then beavers would come and eat me
Indigo is right across the street from here. Ok?
Is it real gold? Because it's leaving like a little greenish streak on my lid.
Is just attracting a bunch of goobers.
Isn't that something to be very proud of.
It has nothing to do with this! What's the matter with you.
It is the scent of jealousy. Clearly.
It smells to me like perfume.
It was murdered by someone who is jealous of Carl's ability to drive.
It works! I am one can short of a 6 pack.
It's a perfume counter! Obviously, a woman did it! Now let's go!
It's clear to me that meteors have destroyed Carl's car.
It's not just for shoes! It's... it's...
Jealousy is the motivation! Wake the Meatwad!
Just save it for the judge bec... Is that gold? It IS gold!
Keep going the way you're going. Oh, yeah. Keep going. Brilliant.
Keep pressing it. Keep pressing it!
Let's do it tomorrow. It's supposed to snow tomorrow.
Let's go! Let's go! He's gonna kill us!
Let's go. They don't have nothing. It's like a flea market threw up in there.
Look at my freaking car. It is crushed to bejesus and back.
Look here, gnome, I'll save you the trouble. Screw this. I'm outta here.
Look it up on the internet.
Look Meatwad. This is Carl's pool, not yours.
Look, I have a brain. I just took it out so it wouldn't get wet.
Look, I told you when we met that I was not a leprechaun,
Look, I want to go back to ball shape. I don't like being a man.
Look, I'm a meat bouy.
Look, that rabbit is the thing that killed Carl's car and we need to stop it.
Look, that's the rainbow from Carl's e mail!
Look, we did not do it!
Look, you go find him. He don't yell at you.
Make us one from the sky. I command it!
Man, everybody knows meat don't sleep!
Man, who would be stupid enough to check this out?
Man, your car is messed up. How are you going to get to work, Carl?
Master Shake said it would dissolve me, and then I would get clogged
Maybe now...
Meat bridge? No.
Meteors did it! That'll be 20 dollars.
My fry dar is picking up some very small brain activity.
My Frydar is picking up an unusual scent off Carl's car.
My hair heater!
No way in hell!
No! Don't do that!
No. We'll do it now.
Normal?! You're not even Irish!
Now bring me my large french perfume
Now come over here and slip on it if you dare, rabbit.
Now you feel pretty don't you?
Now you know too much! Turn on the machine!
Oh good, you're back. Tell me you got those little green guys.
Oh you like it? It's new.
Oh, look at me Frylock! I'm beautiful.
Oh, no!
Oh, really?
Oh, yeah. Good morning to you there, Mr. food monster, this is hows it's going.
Oh! The dream house we've always dreamed about!
Ok. Heres the plan.
Ok. That'll be 20 dollars.
Oooh. Hey, Frylock look at this!
Or a job or a wallet.
Or we could just get a new roomate.
Ow my hip! My hip...
Phew, this sure is relaxing, Frylock.
Polished up before the night clubs open.
Quickly Carl, the ray is upon you. Where do you work?
Really, that is awful. Let's go get some ice cream.
Rich beyond my wildest imagination.
Seems kinda stupid doing this whole thing for shoes.
Seriously, I do command it.
Shake aren't you even curious about the hole in the wall,
Shake, did you see that?
Shake, we need to go down to the park and find out what's going on.
Shake. You know you don't have a bathroom, baby
Shake... Power... Activate!
SHHH! I'm trying to sleep,
Shouldn't we get going on this mystery?
Shut your deformed mouth, Meatwad, before I nail it shut.
Slow down, Meatwad! You'll get us all killed!
So in short, we need to pick some new restaurants and night clubs
So that the real rainbow will come and...
So we need to get back so I can get this baby
So what you're saying is this is a mystery and we gotta go solve it, right?
So you're the ones sending all those e mails,
So, all we need to do is dream and a rainbow will come out and capture people
So, what now, Shake?
Some little guy kicked my head in and took my chain.
Soon, we will have enough treasure to rule all of New Jersey.
Stand back and I shall destroy him!
Stay out of my pool!
That Afro pick? Yes! And it's mine. I called it! Get away!