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Home > Master Shake - Aqua Team...
Absolutely. We are conveniently located adjacent to Alabama. What else?
Ah well.
All you concern yourself with is kill, kill, kill. You got it? None of the side crap because it's throwing you off. And who's going to stop you anyway? You're immortal.
Alright, but you know the drizzle When he was lying When he had a leather kid, he was written by his feisty worm in a science lab accident at Radioactive Stuff. I don't know what happened, but I sw...
Alright, I'm, you know, you guys take the fun out of living.
Am I what? Am I speaking? Am I talking great to you?
And I want as little to do with you as possible.
And then who's gonna call Little Mama Joe and tell her that her boy ain't coming home cause someday he was asleep on guard duty?
And who are you supposed to be?
And you're gonna plug him in?
Are you there?
Baking aside, this is the best thing ever sandwich I've ever had in my life.
Because The thing is, I don't like crust on the bread now. A lot of people do, but not me. I usually cut it off right at the beginning.
Before you go flying off the handle judging things you don't know anything about.
Bull crap.
Bull crap.
But we need money.
Butt load.
By efficient for compliments, you know, that's the horrible personality.
Carlton High What's up?
Come on, let's go swimming.
Come on.
Damn it. No, no.
Do you ever have anything good to say?
Do you know how many birthdays there are a year?
Do you know what time it is? Huh? It's 2:30 in the afternoon and people are trying to sleep.
Don't encourage him.
Don't shame me down with your manners.
Don't you touch girls. They're in mint condition and they're gonna stay that way.
Dude, pal, That's where you should be, because you're my dude, Sal.
Especially if it's hard.
God, you're gay.
He's angry with you, alright? I remember him telling me that.
Hello, this is Shaka.
Here's a taste.
Here's what you do.
Hey check this out.
Hey, how you doing?
Hey, it's me, Shake.
Hey, pretty sandwich.
Hey, that is great.
Hey, you're dumb.
Hi, fella.
How bad could it possibly be?
How come no bacon?
How many years are you?
How much can a horse eat?
How'd you like Mr. Sticks? It was a real treat, Leslie.
I am responsible for the paradigm shift in birthdays and how they will be viewed in the following centuries.
I ate the sandwich.
I created a stapler and a pound of human hair.
I didn't say butt load. I said ask load.
I don't even know how to say it's the stop. Try it once. No, forget it. You know what? You're gonna try it and then you get a screwed in name up and then it's gonna sound disgusting. I won't even w...
I don't know what to tell you.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know. All that rap is it clicks and whistles.
I don't know. I don't know.
I don't need a stupid sandwich.
I don't need it.
I don't wanna see that.
I gave your life.
I have an idea.
I haven't paid taxes in six years.
I know 3 gallons, 3 gallons. Hoop it in do.
I know how to throw. Down dude. And I almost said throw up, but I didn't.
I know that guy.
I know that I could have told you that out on the lawn.
I know what I said.
I know.
I like giving you all day.
I said it.
I thank you.
I think what you need is to shut up. But it's gonna be hell week. I'll roll up into one night all up in here.
I want to be a part of you. I wish we could sow ourselves together.
I will pee all over my pants, and then who's gonna end up looking bad, huh?
I will say this.
I wonder who this is.
I'm a guest in this home.
I'm cool.
I'm going back to bed.
I'm having to improvise over here.
I'm listening. Just because I'm not looking at you doesn't mean I'm not listening.
I'm not backing down on this either.
I'm not getting busted by a sandwich.
I'm sorry, did I not bury you in the backyard?
Is this really about money? I thought it was about the love.
It's a girl magazine.
It's a sandwich who pieces of bread and some meat, and it doesn't even have bacon on it.
It's gone.
It's spaghetti time. Ohh boy. Spaghetti huh?
It's ugly as hell.
It's your chance to play God.
Just like a woman.
Light and Feasts Island Pansy, which is your new name until you earn the right to kill.
Like I should not walk, so a child may live.
Like I'm living with a pack of freaking animals.
Listen this This is totally not a big deal.
Look at your own girl one day.
Mail call.
Me kids love pizza.
My old man boobs. My boobs. Yeah, my whole boobs all day too.
My sounded cooler last week.
Naked, I might add.
No, I won't.
No, no.
Nobody wants to see that. What are you trying to do, kill me?
Number one in the hood, Jay?
Obviously it can, because that's what I did.
Of course it does.
Of course it's your birthday.
Oh my God.
Ohh cars and cars when you order it, you big fat lady.
Ohh come on you guys just jealous.
Ohh God. Always with the negatives. Like a big zero and that's why you're not my main man.
Ohh no.
Ohh yeah, I'm sorry, geez.
Ohh yeah.
Ohh, come on.
Ohh, good one. Never heard that one before. Why? No actual burn?
Ohh, you're right. I'm very sorry.
OK, I'll give it to you.
OK, let's see here. There's some soy sauce. Whoa. There's some plumbers putty and a burning candle, head butted. Do you find?
Piece of crap.
Poop did and do.
Prepare to be immortal.
Probably maybe something you did to anger God.
Right, of course you do. You know what I'm saying?
Say it.
Seriously though, I'd be pissed.
Sex with animals. There's no time, man.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up. You don't know. You just stay here and guide my Battlefield Earth Cups.
Shut up. You don't know. You just stay here and guide my Battlefield Earth Cups.
So tell me, are you the fat Elvis?
So tired of people in the private sector? Look, every business has an initial investment, OK?
So two men.
Somebody wants to get a little piece of electrified fluorescent lighting.
Something's gotta happen. Why won't you get pissed off?
Thank you.
Thanks, Thanks for ruining my lunch, which is gone by the way.
That's what I'm talking about, baby.
The Highlander was a documentary and the events happened in real time.
The pile of clothes in the hallway has worked fine for us for years.
The real spaghetti got wet when I was boiling it, so. It's in the dryer.
There are hundreds. Literally. 100.
There's a snake.
These are the same exact spots where you wanted me to plant those disgusting Azalea bushes.
This girl? Put on your ballerina shoes and get the rest of the outfit. Be who you really are, Doctor Chicago. Now you suck.
This is Shake.
This treasure under all these exes.
Victory is mine.
We get it tricked out, my friend Turbo.
Well then.
Well, I guess I ate it.
Well, maybe I will.
Well, mostly I was dealing with. The maid who answers the phone at his house, but I have told Consuela several times.
Well, that sucked, little man.
Well, that's emotion overtaking your nervous system.
Well, the phones broken.
Well, yeah, we're talking about wicked, poisonous scorpions.
Well, you are about not to have a mouse, and I mean it. I rinse it off.
What are you doing here?
What could we have here?
What did I am Marias?
What is this?
What the hell are you talking about?
What's your point?
Who am I talking to because I don't know you?
Who are you?
Who's laughing now, bitch?
Why everything gotta be a federal case with you?
Will you please calm down?
Yeah, I know. I'm not dumb. I'm just making conversation with you.
Yeah, that got here alright.
Yeah, that's what I talk about.
Yeah, the famous one.
Yeah, you heard what I said.
Yeah, you heard what I said. I said it.
Yeah. Is that what you're saying?
Yeah. Thanks for nothing.
You are so wasted last night it was sick.
You call this a sandwich. You don't have bacon on it.
You can't have birth without death. It's the duplicitous edge which we all walk upon.
You do know where the demon food store is, right?
You gonna show me some love?
You have no regard for human life, most especially women, because they have the organs that you wish that you had, so you want to make a suit from them.
You know that means, don't you? Somebody's a little bit curious.
You know what needs to be done.
You know, like some crazy nut jazz broad. Much to slip me in. One of them date drugs gotten me loaded, had her way with me. Surprise of I'm too attractive to women. I know it makes you mad.
You know, you're like a bomb. Everybody's laughing, have a good time. Then you show up. Boom, everything's dead.
You make our house bleed right now.
You put that right back upstairs.
You shall never do that again, ever.
You want something to eat? I can go make you something in our haunted kitchen.
You wish You wish I never did this?
You'll be sleep when you go up in frames, Baraga.
You're done.
You're full blown gay.
You're gonna let this guy scare you?