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Rex Power Colt Sounds: Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon

Rex Power Colt Sounds: Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon

The sound of Rex Power Colt's voice echoes through the game, commanding attention with his authoritative tone. "Rex Colt., You hear?" The blend of urgency and confidence in his voice sets the stage for the intense battles that will follow. But there are moments when even Rex is caught off guard, exclaiming, "What the fuck? How does this make any sense?" His disbelief adds a touch of humor to the chaos unfolding around him.

As the enemies continue to swarm, Rex remains unfazed, coolly remarking, "Yeah. Not a problem." But as the numbers grow, his bravado slips, questioning, "Jesus, how many are there?" In the face of overwhelming odds, he is forced to strategize, asking, "What's the plan?" The sounds of gunfire and explosions intensify, punctuated by Rex's grunts of effort as he dispatches his foes with lethal precision.

Amidst the carnage, Rex is faced with bizarre and unexpected challenges, leading him to question, "How the hell does that happen?" and firmly declare, "No way。" The intensity of the moment is captured in his terse Japanese exclamation, "フォー。" The sounds of battle continue to rage as Rex's determination drives him forward, declaring, "Looks like I got a few more guys to kill."

As Rex navigates the treacherous world of Blood Dragon, he encounters allies and adversaries alike. The gruff voice of Lt. Sloan offers guidance, while Rex's impatience with tutorials is evident as he grumbles, "I fucking hate tutorials and this one is terrible." His focus remains unwavering, dismissing distractions with a curt, "I don't care, just as long as I get to shoot shit." The tension mounts as Rex faces off against formidable foes, his marksmanship put to the ultimate test.

The sounds of the battlefield crescendo as Rex battles his way towards the heart of the enemy stronghold. The chaos is interspersed with moments of calm, as Rex contemplates his next move, murmuring, "Sounds like a plan." The adrenaline-fueled rush of combat is palpable, as Rex's enemies fall before him, their cries of pain and terror blending with the sounds of his weapons.

You can play and download these sounds here.

Ah, for fuck's sake.
And this one is terrible.
Are you kidding me?
Are you OK?
Blah blah blah.
Chun chun chun! Dunnunnun dunnunnun dunnunun.
For fuck's sake, shut up.
Hang on.
Hello gorgeous.
Holy shit.
How do I get in?
How does this make any sense?
How slow is this God damn elevator?
How the hell does that happen?
How the hell is this a mission?
Humming 2
I don't care, just as long as I get to shoot shit.
I don't care.
I don't think I want to know.
I found some kind of ancient, mystical fucking magic door.
I fucking hate tutorials and this one is terrible.
I hate you.
I hope I don't have to collect any fucking feathers.
I hope I don't have to collect any fucking flags.
I know
I swore an oath to a special lady.
I think I'll take you out for a spin.
I'm gonna break every bone in your goddamn body.
I'm gonna collect your head and put it on my wall.
I'm gonna have me some fun.
I'm just your everyday U.S. military mark for Cyber Commando.
I'm sorry, Sir.
If guns make me safe, bigger guns make me safer.
Is that a joke?
It's gotta be a mistake.
It's moving into position, Lieutenant. I'll cover you.
It's not.
Jesus, how many are there?
Knock. Knock.
Lady Liberty.
Let's just get to the mainframe and figure out what the hell is going on.
Lieutenant TT Brown.
Looks like I got a few more guys to kill.
No way。
Not a problem.
Now I gotta read shit.
Oh, baby.
Oh, come on.
Oh, Mama.
Oh, oh, nasty.
Open the laser shield thingy so those Dragons can come in.
Rex Cole.
Screaming 2
Screaming 4
Sergeant Rex Power, Cole.
Shut the fuck up.
So I collect shit to unlock shit, and then I get shit. Got it.
Someone screwing with me?
Sounds like a plan.
Tell me what to do?
That's impossible.
Then get out.
This is not cool.
What am I supposed to do?
What are you talking about?
What do you know about this place?
What the fuck am I doing?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the hell is this?
What the hell was that?
What the hell?
What's the plan?
What's up with all the blue goo goo?
Whatsapp ?
Where arep。
Where the hell is this thing so slow?
Where you been all my life?
Who is this?
Whoever thought this was fun, I'm gonna collect your head and put it on my wall.
Why didn't you tell us this was a mega force?
With to point。
Work faster.
Yeah 2
You fucking asshole.
You guessed wrong. Dead wrong.
You hear?
You know, I'm starting to actually like this.
You play video games.
You play.
You're crazy.
Your Mega force is an Omega force.
10 million credits to rebuild me and I'm doing this shit.