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Murder, She Wrote (1984) - Season 1

Murder, She Wrote (1984) - Season 1

Murder, She Wrote is a classic American television series that captivated audiences with its intriguing mysteries and heartfelt storytelling. The show first premiered in 1984, and its first season left an indelible mark on television history.

Set in the picturesque town of Cabot Cove, Maine, Murder, She Wrote follows the adventures of amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher, played exceptionally by the talented Angela Lansbury. Jessica is a widowed English teacher turned successful mystery novelist who becomes entangled in real-life murder cases. With her sharp mind, keen intuition, and knack for uncovering clues, Jessica unravels the truth behind the crimes that occur in her seemingly idyllic hometown.

The first season of Murder, She Wrote captivated audiences with its well-crafted storylines and engaging characters. Joining Angela Lansbury in this thrilling series are talented actors like William Windom as Dr. Seth Hazlitt, Tom Bosley as Sheriff Amos Tupper, and Michael Horton as Jessica's nephew, Grady Fletcher. Together, they form a brilliant ensemble that brings each episode to life.

The show's success can be attributed to its unique blend of mystery, drama, and gentle humor. Each episode presents audiences with a complex murder case that keeps them guessing until the very end. Whether it's a suspicious death in a small-town café or an eerie murder aboard a luxury cruise ship, Murder, She Wrote never fails to deliver captivating stories that leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The appeal of Murder, She Wrote lies not only in its gripping mysteries but also in its relatable characters and their genuine interactions. Jessica Fletcher's charisma and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life make her a beloved character. Viewers are drawn to her astute observations and unwavering determination to seek justice for the victims.

If you're a fan of Murder, She Wrote or simply want to dive into the timeless world of captivating mysteries, you can still enjoy the soundtracks from the first season. With our website, you can play and download these enchanting sounds that bring back the nostalgia of this iconic show. Immerse yourself in the melodic tunes that accompanied Jessica Fletcher's investigations and relive the thrilling moments that made Murder, She Wrote an unforgettable television series.

So, grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and indulge in the captivating mysteries of Murder, She Wrote - Season 1. Available for your enjoyment, you can now embark on a journey that combines suspense, drama, and the enduring legacy of this iconic show.

A 97% occupancy rate.
A background investigation on a dame named Priscilla Daniels.
A bad rap from Sam Garver could finish either one of them.
A better name would be mufflers. You can't completely silence a gun. There's always some noise.
A Broadway show?
A broken ampule.
A burglar came in.
A cat? I must be losin' my mind.
A closer friend?
A couple of hours ago, we were out sunning on the deck.
A couple of hundred yards along a rocky path to leave the beach.
A daring young lady who took it all off on the flying t****ze.
A day hasn't gone by that I haven't thought of revenging her death.
A defenseless widow.
A device I rigged up so you can monitor yourself while you ride.
A downward trajectory.
A dozen more cancellations already this morning.
A dozen times over the last couple of years.
A drug induced attack, that simulated a heart seizure.
A few minutes later, the boyfriend saw another man going inside.
A few months ago, she came to me looking for a job.
A few months ago, we were involved in an auto accident. She was drunk. It was her fault.
A football team?
A fortuitous turn of events. Couldn't have worked out better if we'd planned it.
A fourth candidate who's not on the passenger list...
A freshly fired pistol in his right hand.
A friend of a friend of a friend used to work with Zack Bernard.
A friend of yours was hurt.
A genius.
A gold button with a very interesting design. Only I didn't lose it. I found it.
A grave error. Oh, please, no!
A great big cookie jar they can just dip their mitts into...
A guy gets out. He walks up to me. I can't see his face. His headlights are right in my eyes.
A ha! What's that?
A heel of a shoe wedged into the rocks down by the beach.
A hundred dollars!
A hundred million dollars is a whale of a motive.
A hypothesis...
A late model dark blue sedan?
A left handed smoker.
A little added something from Ben Coleman to say, "Thank you, New Orleans!"
A little checking confirmed my hunch.
A little Chopin, huh? [Belle] Oh.
A little more coffee for the lady, and then bring me a check, if you will.
A little?
A lot of cash withdrawals in the last couple of months. They total $85,000.
A lot of these guys, they think a seat in Congress is like a free ride,
A lot together.
A major piece.
A man who'd rather frighten aphids than kill them?
A man with Kellijian's power and money...
A man'd be a fool to sell a gold mine like this, right, Barbara?
A mean, pitiful wreck of a man.
A memory lock, if you will.
A might too gabby for my taste.
A minute and 30 seconds left on the clock,
A movie from that piece of commercial trash you're holding.
A nationally known firm involved in the packaging of foodstuffs. Why is he reading his speech?
A new Diego Santana painting? That's a very handsome gift.
A one way airline ticket out of the country.
A painting by a living artist is one thing.
A painting by a living artist is one thing.
A panoply of blood and gore, chills and thrills,
A party? That's a brilliant idea.
A perfect recipe for a murder of passion.
A personal services contract, which is now null and void. That's right.
A pet name. At least, that's what I thought I heard.
A place where I could work and commune with my God.
A pleasure, Jessica. I'm constantly delighted by your books.
A plot from one of your... dreadful books.
A psychiatrist? No, that's not necessary.
A quick check with the Soviet Consulate revealed that Leo Peterson of Cabot Cove, Maine,
A real brain. Can't figure what he's doing working around here though.
A real sailor would've tied a square knot.
A relative? No, but he sure would like to be.
A sailor has to know how to take care of himself and his mates.
A secretary? Oh, Mrs. Fletcher, I'd be delighted to help.
A shadowy figure. A quick glimpse as I leaped out of the way.
A Sheri Diamond.
A single man at the ballet, with an accent no less, would be much too conspicuous.
A stimulating relationship ending before it's had a chance to begin?
A stranger? Cora, he's lived in Cabot Cove for six years.
A stupid mistake on my part. Good bye.
A sword concealed in a shaft.
A thousand bucks a day and I'm fine.
A thousand bucks a day, and I'm fine.
A trance?
A t****ze act? What kind of a t****ze act?
A trumpet player with a group that Kramer's got tourin' the Orient...
A very unhappy man. Oh, I'm sorry.
A wasteful, extravagant shame.
A watch.
A week ago, a private detective came nosing around the campus asking a lot of questions.
A yah.
A yah. I like these local buses.
A young woman is married to a very violent and jealous young man.
Aah, same to you, fella!
Aaron Kramer? Lady, that man can't get you... Aaron tries.
Aaron Kramer? These are federal officers.
Aaron wanted to see him.
Aaron. Before he told anybody...
About 20 minutes, ago he and Miss Nan started heading out for the church.
About a crooked political campaign in Valentine's home state.
About a dozen years ago. [Chuckles]
About a year ago he and Nan were engaged, and he just walked out of her life.
About a zillion of 'em... you remember? Well, of course I do.
About last night?
About putting one over on Milo Valentine.
About six months ago in New York City, which is where Howard comes from, I believe.
About the job. Oh. Oh!
About the kid. Yeah.
About this telex, did you check it out?
About what? I wish I knew.
About what? My umbrella.
About you, me, our marriage. What did he learn?
Absolutely, and thank you.
Absolutely, Dan. Absolutely.
According to the director, they left together soon after they heard the police siren.
According to witnesses, you and Post had a fight at the cocktail party.
Accusin' one thing, winning's another.
Act? What kind of act?
Actress Patti Bristol, remains in critical condition.
Actually confessing to shooting him,
Actually what I had in mind was a remembrance of my marriage.
Actually witness a murder and can't tell me a thing.
Actually, I just jog usually.
Actually, I thought that Morley was out in Hollywood,
Actually, I was hoping that he had mine.
Actually, I was looking for Miss Barbara Stevenson. She works in the business office.
Actually, I was wondering, would it take long to mount those lenses in different frames?
Actually, it belongs to my doorman, and I want to return it to him.
Actually, it's going to be a very simple wedding, intimate.
Actually, it's not that bad. It's a beginner's story about a teenage girl...
Actually, it's quite to the contrary.
Actually, Miguel is the expert.
Actually, my fifth wedding anniversary's this Friday.
Actually, no one's read it yet. That's the only copy.
Actually, no.
Actually, she was more than my associate.
Actually, that isn't true, Barry.
Actually, uh, no. It's a pencil sketch.
Admirable. But I'm not sure what there is to do around here.
Adrian Winslow, Lucinda Lark and many others.
Adrian Winslow, the author.
Advertising worth seven figures that don't start with no measly "one."
After all, the the attacker could only have been me, Belle, Elaine McComber,
After everybody else was gone, he went to the den.
After everything she'd put up with.
After his speech they had a drawing for the big TV set?
After I've sifted through the testimony and had a chance to make up my own mind.
After Laurie and Horatio fought and she left, Carlson showed up.
After Marta's death, we were sure that the police would be looking for suspects,
After Miguel's mother died... Liana, my first wife...
After our visit to the hospital, I have got another stop to make.
After the cocktail party.
After the party to discuss my future.
After what I'd been through, I figured I deserved it. At least, that's what I thought until I talked to him.
After you were alone, you changed the reed.
After you've gone to the top riding on her coattails.
Afternoon, Eddie! Oh, Mr. Hawley.
Afternoon, folks. This is the local bus to Boston.
Afternoon, ma'am. Help you with your luggage?
Again, thank you all for giving your best...
Again, the latest word from West Side Hospital is that the victim,
Against the wall. Hands flat. Feet back.
Agnes, I'm sorry. I can't talk right now. I am in the middle of a crucial chapter.
Agua. Thank you. [Laughs]
Ah, but that remains to be seen, doesn't it?
Ah, but unlike you and Sir John,
Ah, come on, fellas.
Ah, come, come, Professor. It's a little give and take.
Ah, ears like an elephant.
Ah, he won't talk about it.
Ah, here we are.
Ah, here you are. [Speaking Chinese]
Ah, here's something. "During the thieves' escape attempt,
Ah, I'd be delighted. Good.
Ah, ladies. Good evening. Hi. Miss Carroll and Miss Raymond.
Ah, let me see... today's lecture.
Ah, Miss Katska, and Mr. Fleming.
Ah, see? I know you better than that.
Ah, signora, excuse. Oh, Ramon, really. We're very busy right now.
Ah, that's very nice. Thanks.
Ah, that's your privilege. May I look at your file, please?
Ah, the phone company, that's security.
Ah, well, no matter. Uh, you two wander along without me.
Ah, what difference does it make? My passing career's finished anyway.
Ah, why should I complain? I could have gone to work for the phone company.
Ah, yes. Table 31. Ah, listen.
Ah, you get a little old, get a little heavy,
Ah, you're a dear.
Ah! It seems the last of my guests have arrived.
Ah. Come with me, Jessica.
Ah. He was equipment manager. I was a player.
Ah. It's time to call New York.
Ah. No good. Phone's still out.
Ah. She is incredible.
Ah. That's okay. Thanks, Katie.
Ah. Then he's in breach of contract.
Ah. We reached the same conclusion.
Ah. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Ah. Well, I'm so happy for them and for you.
Ah... Look, I'll explain later.
Ah... Poetic.
Aha! [Chuckles]
Aha. His overcoat and the book.
Aha. Well, that's my office persona.
Aimed at the now woman trying to cope in a man's world.
Ain't gonna be a part of nothin'. Eubie, we're right in the middle of settling it now.
Ain't nobody can say that Ben Coleman didn't pay his dues.
Ain't you got no place to go?
Al, we gotta talk.
Alan Collyer. I'm an intern at Queen of Mercy.